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Bosch Carephone 62 User Manual

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Carephone 62
CRS-H62M-GB | F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11
User Manual


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Bosch Carephone 62

  • Page 1 Carephone 62 CRS-H62M-GB | F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11 User Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Device acknowledgments 4.6.1 Light signals 4.6.2 Local voice announcements from the unit 4.6.3 Error messages Installation Installation recommendations Placing the Carephone 62 Connecting the Carephone 62 5.3.1 PSTN or GSM connection 5.3.2 IP connection 5.3.3 VoIP connection 5.3.4 Connection configuration...
  • Page 4 | Table of Contents Carephone 62 6.2.3 Key functions during keyboard programming 6.2.4 Programming steps 6.2.5 Special key functions Test mode Additional Devices Wireless transmitters Wireless detectors Wired peripherals Microphone and loudspeaker connection microSD memory card 7.5.1 Installing the microSD memory card 7.5.2...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    230 V AC/50 Hz power outlet with a 10 A fuse. – Do not install the Carephone 62 in the proximity of DECT/ GSM telephones, TV sets, large metal objects, microwave appliances or radio telephones. This will impair the reception of signals from the wireless transmitter.
  • Page 6: Features

    The person requiring assistance activates a call by pressing a button on the Carephone 62 or by using a wireless transmitter. This action establishes a voice connection between the person requiring assistance and the call receiver.
  • Page 7: Scope Of Delivery

    Carephone 62 Kurzprogrammieranleitung Quick Programming Guide Guide de paramétrage rapide Verkorte Programmering Carephone 62 including a rechargeable backup battery Wireless transmitter (battery included), with necklace and bracelet accessories Power supply unit Phone or network cable, optionally with a country-specific telephone plug...
  • Page 8: Product Description

    | Product Description Carephone 62 Product Description Unit Description Red emergency call button Cancel / Action button Sign in / sign out button Daily button Emergency call button If you require help, press the red emergency call button to initiate a call.
  • Page 9: Cancel / Action Button (S Button)

    Action button: Direct call The Action button can be used to make a direct call. When the Action button is pressed, the Carephone 62 makes one single call to an analog telephone destination. In case of a call sent by a direct call, the alarm can also be cancelled after the pre- alarm.
  • Page 10: Daily Button

    | Product Description Carephone 62 Daily button The Carephone 62 has a built-in activity monitor, which ensures that an emergency call is made automatically if the daily button is not pressed within a preset period of time. The lamp on the daily button lights up when it should be pressed.
  • Page 11: Device Acknowledgments

    Carephone 62 Product Description | en Device acknowledgments 4.6.1 Light signals The Carephone 62 has four indicator lamps that display the status of the unit. The symbols have the following meaning: Lamp shines bright Lamp shines dull Lamp blinks (0.5 s) Lamp blinks fast (0.5 s)
  • Page 12: Local Voice Announcements From The Unit

    | Product Description Carephone 62 Status Description or Action Yellow Green Blue Call activated If the call not acknowledged, a new call is sent. Call back waiting Pressing Action button time acknowledges the alarm Signed out, The sign in / sign out...
  • Page 13: Error Messages

    4.6.3 Error messages The following error messages are announced locally by the Carephone 62. When the Carephone 62 is in synthetic speech disabled mode, the error messages are announced by sound signals only. Voice Synthetic speech Meaning and Action needed...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Placing the Carephone 62 Placing on a surface The Carephone 62 is designed for use at home. Many items of furniture are coated with a variety of paints, varnishes and plastics. The feet of the Carephone 62 may leave marks on furniture as a result of chemical processes.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Carephone 62

    Installation | en Wall mounting You can set the Carephone 62 to the wall either using a wall bracket that can be ordered as an accessory, or you can fix the unit directly to the wall without a bracket. The wall bracket stabilizes the Carephone 62 and makes installation easier.
  • Page 16: Ip Connection

    With a private branch exchange (PABX) there is no guarantee that a phone call will be interrupted by the emergency call. Deinstallation To switch off the Carephone 62 and the backup battery, remove the power plug from the unit. NOTICE! If you remove the power plug from your power outlet, the unit announces "power failure".
  • Page 17: Programming

    Carephone 62 Programming | en Programming Before you program the Carephone 62 you must be familiar with all of the unit's functions. Programming is specifically intended for trained users. NOTICE! Correct programming of the Carephone 62 is important for the full function of the unit.
  • Page 18: Programming Procedure

    On the keyboard, enter the programming step you wish to change. The steps can be carried out in any order. Enter the new setting as required. Press C to confirm your entries. The Carephone 62 automatically goes to the next programming step or substep.
  • Page 19: Key Functions During Keyboard Programming

    0 to 9 Enter the programming data. The Carephone 62 announces the programming step’s number and current setting. Reset the Carephone 62. It will then emit a beep. All pending alarms/calls are cancelled and the Carephone 62 reboots. 6.2.4 Programming steps Programming the Carephone 62 consists of individual steps, numbered 01 to 99.
  • Page 20 When an emergency call is sent and if the call to the first call number is not successful, the Carephone 62 will try the next numbers in the sequence 11 to 10. If the last number has been dialed unsuccessfully, the unit starts with the first number again and continues until it sends an emergency call successfully.
  • Page 21 23 Waiting time for repeated emergency call An emergency call is repeated to check the arrival of staff until it is acknowledged by pressing the Action button on the Carephone 62, or the repeated call is disabled by the monitoring centre. The emergency call is repeated when the defined waiting time is exceeded.
  • Page 22 Carephone 62 to forward the current call to a new destination using a specified protocol. This step is used to allow the Carephone 62 to use the specified protocol, or to force it to use telephone protocol. This function is only possible with protocols RB2000E (target 0), CPC (target 3) and RBIP (target 9).
  • Page 23 Carephone 62 Programming | en 33 Speak / Listen command audible You can choose to hear the commands when the Carephone switches between speak and listen in half-duplex mode. – 0 = not audible, 1 = audible. Default value is 1.
  • Page 24 It is possible to link an alarm type to specific call numbers. Each programming step refers to a certain alarm type. – 50: wireless transmitter (emergency call with a wireless transmitter) – 51: emergency call (with the Carephone 62) – 52: fire / intrusion – 53: repeated emergency call and local confirmation –...
  • Page 25 – 2 = loudspeaker on from 7:00 to 21:00 Setting 2 is only available when the Carephone 62 is connected to a monitoring centre that regularly gives real-time clock updates to the unit. Check with your monitoring centre. Default value is 1.
  • Page 26 You can program the interval between automatic test calls from the Carephone 62 to the monitoring centre in days. In addition, there is a test call after power up or leaving programming mode, as well as a test call per randomization.
  • Page 27 0 = off, 1 = on. Default value is 0. 75 Individual PIN code The Carephone 62 is delivered with the factory setting 246810 for the PIN code. It is recommended not to change this code. If you need to change this code, take care to write it down to find it easily.
  • Page 28 Registered wireless transmitters can be programmed to trigger different alarm functions, e.g. a fire alarm. First, register the wireless transmitters on the Carephone 62: refer to programming steps 90-99. To assign a function to the wireless transmitter 91, select programming step 81.
  • Page 29: Special Key Functions

    Selection 91 (erasing the previous code number). NOTICE! If you try to register again a wireless transmitter with the same code number, the Carephone 62 announces "failure". Easy wireless transmitter registering with top-cover installed – Press buttons <Yellow> <Green> together for at least two seconds.
  • Page 30: Test Mode

    The device acknowledges by announcing "Setup activated" and enters the incoming remote programming mode. Test mode You can set the Carephone 62 into test mode. Pressing the wireless transmitter or the emergency call button generates an acoustical signal without starting an alarm.
  • Page 31: Additional Devices

    Additional Devices | en Additional Devices Wireless transmitters The wireless transmitter that is supplied with the Carephone 62 is designed to make emergency calls and allows you to move around your home within radio range. Always carry the wireless transmitter with you when you are at home.
  • Page 32: Wired Peripherals

    Carephone 62 Wired peripherals A socket to connect an external input is provided on the back of the Carephone 62. The relay output and an external device are connected using a cord with an RJ45 plug. NOTICE! Before you install and connect an external wired device, disconnect the Carephone 62 from the telephone line and power supply.
  • Page 33: Microphone And Loudspeaker Connection

    Fasten the cables into the channels on the battery pack cover. microSD memory card The Carephone 62 can be equipped with a microSD memory card to perform a fast and easy programming. First, install the microSD memory card.
  • Page 34: Installing The Microsd Memory Card

    When inserting or removing the microSD memory card, make sure that the power supply unit is disconnected from the socket on the back of the Carephone 62. See Section 5.3.1 PSTN or GSM connection, page 15, socket number 2. Remove the plug of the power supply unit from the socket on the Carephone 62.
  • Page 35 Section 7.5.2 Programming with the microSD memory card, page 36. When you are finished and wish to remove the microSD memory card, remove the plug of the power supply unit from the socket on the Carephone 62. Bosch Security Systems User Manual F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11...
  • Page 36: Programming With The Microsd Memory Card

    NOTICE! Before programming with the microSD memory card, make sure that the Carephone 62 is connected to the mains with the power supply unit. Press the key combination of your choice and the unit will perform the function associated to it.
  • Page 37 Carephone 62 Additional Devices | en Write settings from the Carephone 62 to the microSD memory card: Function Press together for at least 2 seconds: Write factory settings P, D and 1 Write user settings P, D and 2 Write the event history: the last...
  • Page 38: Operation

    Operation Emergency Call to a Monitoring Centre How the emergency call is processed at the monitoring centre Initiate an emergency call with the Carephone 62 or the wireless transmitter. The emergency call is sent. An operator at the monitoring centre takes your call.
  • Page 39 8 & 0 Cancel the repeated call function for the call by pressing 8 then 0. Reject the call and terminate. The Carephone 62 dials the next number on the list. Remote activation of the relay output, only when programming step 72 is set to 6, see Section 6.2.4 Programming steps, page 19.
  • Page 40: Taking Phone Calls

    | Operation Carephone 62 Taking Phone Calls The Carephone 62 can be programmed so that you can take phone calls using the emergency call button on the unit or using the wireless transmitter. The programming step 61 must not be set to 0.
  • Page 41: Maintenance

    – Regularly check the cords for damage. Cleaning – Regularly clean the surface of the Carephone 62 with a soft cloth. If required, dampen the cloth lightly with a pH- neutral cleaning product. – Do not spray cleaning product onto the unit housing.
  • Page 42: Replacing The Backup Battery

    | Maintenance Carephone 62 Replacing the backup battery The backup battery of the Carephone 62 has a limited operating life and should be replaced after 3 years. To replace the battery: Disconnect the power cord from the unit. Disconnect the plug of the backup battery from the Carephone.
  • Page 43 Carephone 62 Maintenance | en Open the battery pack cover. Lever off the battery with a screwdriver and release it from the two braces. Pull it out gently from its location. Bosch Security Systems User Manual F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11...
  • Page 44 | Maintenance Carephone 62 Place the new battery with one brace engaged. Push the side of the new battery over the other brace until it is clipped. Push on the end of the new battery to place it precisely into its location.
  • Page 45 Carephone 62 Maintenance | en Connect the plug of the backup battery into the socket. The plug can be reversed. 10. Close the battery pack cover. NOTICE! In order to reach the maximum battery capacity, the battery has to be discharged and re-charged 2 to 3 times before first use.
  • Page 46: A Appendix

    | Carephone 62 Appendix Technical specifications Dimensions (H x W x D) 55 x 160 x 230 mm Weight approximately 0.7 kg Permissible temperature operation: +5°C to +40°C storage: - 20°C to +60 °C Humidity Switched-mode power Adapter 230 V primary, 7.5 V secondary...
  • Page 47 Carephone 62 | en Volume settings 8 levels Voice message Recordable Hands-free range > 5 m Available languages German, Dutch, French, English, Spanish Accessibility synthetic speech disabled mode User guidance Voice output and LED indication Programming integrated keyboard, possibilities serial connection with a PC,...
  • Page 48: A.2 Conformity

    Conformity All connected parts must meet the electric strength of TNV3, EN 60950. The Carephone 62 is designed for operation on the public analog telephone network and ethernet network. The wireless transmitter that is supplied with the unit uses the frequency specially reserved for social alarm calls in Europe.
  • Page 49: A.4 Drilling Template

    Carephone 62 | en Drilling template The drilling template can be used if this document is printed to the correct scale: DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm). Bosch Security Systems User Manual F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11...
  • Page 50 | Carephone 62 This page is left intentionally blank. F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11 User Manual Bosch Security Systems...
  • Page 51 Carephone 62 | en This page is left intentionally blank. Bosch Security Systems User Manual F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11...
  • Page 52: A.5 Programming Tables

    | Carephone 62 Programming tables F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11 User Manual Bosch Security Systems...
  • Page 53 Carephone 62 | en Bosch Security Systems User Manual F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11...
  • Page 54 | Carephone 62 This page is left intentionally blank. F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11 User Manual Bosch Security Systems...
  • Page 55: Index

    Activate output 26 Registering wireless transmitters 28 Activity monitor 23 Remote programming 30 Alarm type links 24 Reset the Carephone 62 29 Assign input 27 Assigning wireless transmitters 28 Service call 9 Automatic test call interval 26 Setup reset 29...
  • Page 56 | Index Carephone 62 F.01U.141.162 | V3 | 2012.11 User Manual Bosch Security Systems...
  • Page 60 Bosch Security Systems Robert-Bosch-Ring 5 85630 Grasbrunn Germany © Bosch Security Systems, 2012...