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Performance Air Flow System; Temperature Controls - GE Side-by-Side Stainless Steel Free-Standing Refrigerators Owner's Manual

Side-by-side stainless steel free-standing refrigerators
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To change the temperature, press and release
light will come on and the display will show the
set temperature. To change the temperature,
tap either the
pad until the desired temperature is displayed.
Fresh food temperatures can be adjusted
between 34°F and 44°F and the freezer
temperatures can be adjusted between
-6°F and +6°F.
Once the desired temperature has been set,
the temperature display will return to the
actual fresh food and freezer temperatures
after 5 seconds. Several adjustments may be
required. Each time you adjust controls,
allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach
the temperature you have set.
The Performance Air-Flow System is designed
to maximize temperature control in the fresh
Air Flow
food and freezer compartments. This unique
special feature consists of the Air Tower along
the top and back walls of the fresh food
compartment and the Air Tunnel on the
bottom portion of the freezer rear wall.
Placing food in front of the louvers on these
components will not affect performance.
The temperature controls are preset in the factory at 37°F for the
fresh food compartment and 0°F for the freezer compartment. Allow
24 hours for the temperature to stabilize to the preset recommended
The temperature controls can display both the SET temperature
as well as the actual temperature in the fresh food and freezer
compartments. The actual temperature may vary slightly from the
SET temperature based on usage and operating environment.
Setting either or both controls to OFF stops cooling in both the freezer
and fresh food compartments, but does not shut off electrical power
to the refrigerator.
NOTE: The refrigerator is shipped with protective film covering the
temperature controls. If this film was not removed during installation,
remove it now.
(warmer) or
(colder) pad. The SET
(warmer) or
Operating Instructions
To turn the cooling system off, tap the
(warmer) pad for either the fresh food
compartment or the freezer until the display
shows OFF. To turn the unit back on, press the
(colder) pad for either the fresh food
compartment or freezer. The SET light will
illuminate on the side you selected. Then press
(colder) pad again (on the side where
the SET light is illuminated) and it will go to
the preset points of 0°F for the freezer and
37°F for the fresh food compartment.
Although the Air Tower and the Air Tunnel
can be removed, doing so will affect
temperature performance. (For removal
instructions, on-line, 24 hours a day, contact
us at or call 800.444.1845. In Canada,
call us at 1.888.880.3030.)
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Table of Contents

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