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Automatic Icemaker - GE Side-by-Side Stainless Steel Free-Standing Refrigerators Owner's Manual

Side-by-side stainless steel free-standing refrigerators
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NOTE: A newly installed refrigerator may take 12 to 24 hours to begin making ice.
The icemaker will produce seven cubes
per cycle—approximately 100–130 cubes
in a 24-hour period, depending on freezer
compartment temperature, room temperature,
number of door openings and other use
If the refrigerator is operated before the water
connection is made to the icemaker, set the
power switch in the O (off) position.
When the refrigerator has been connected to
the water supply, set the power switch to the
l (on) position.
The icemaker will fill with water when it cools to
15°F (–10°C). A newly installed refrigerator may
take 12 to 24 hours to begin making ice cubes.
You will hear a buzzing sound each time the
icemaker fills with water.
Throw away the first few batches of ice to allow
the water line to clear.
Be sure nothing interferes with the sweep of
the feeler arm.
When the bin fills to the level of the feeler arm,
the icemaker will stop producing ice. It is
normal for several cubes to be joined together.
If ice is not used frequently, old ice cubes will
become cloudy, taste stale and shrink.
Special notes:
• Dispenser models have a tilt-out ice bin.
• To restore your ice level from an empty
1 12 hours after the first batch of ice has
2 After an additional 6 hours, dispense
These steps will restore your ice level in the
shortest amount of time.
NOTE: In homes with lower-than-average water
pressure, you may hear the icemaker cycle multiple
times when making one batch of ice.
The bin can be tilted out as shown in the
illustrations, and it will hold itself up while
you take ice out or turn the icemaker power
switch on and off. Be sure to put the bin
back in place before closing the door.
bucket stage, the following steps are
fallen into the bin, dispense 3 to 4 cubes.
3 to 4 cubes again.

Automatic Icemaker

Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Power Switch
Feeler Arm
Power Light
To access ice or reach
the power switch:
1 Lift the bin, then pull it forward
until the bin stops.
2 Lower the bin to access ice or
reach the power switch.
NOTE: In order to take full
advantage of the tilt-out ice bin,
only store items on the shelf below
the ice bin that are no taller than
the lowest point on the bin.


Table of Contents

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