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Ice And Water Dispenser - GE Side-by-Side Stainless Steel Free-Standing Refrigerators Owner's Manual

Side-by-side stainless steel free-standing refrigerators
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Using the
Press the glass gently against the top of the
dispenser cradle.
The spill shelf is not self-draining. To reduce
water spotting, the shelf and its grille should
be cleaned regularly.
NOTE: If no water is dispensed when the refrigerator
is first installed, there may be air in the water line
system. Press the dispenser arm for at least 2 minutes
to remove trapped air from the water line and to fill
the water system. To flush out impurities in the water
line, throw away the first 6 glassfuls of water.
Locking the Dispenser
Dispenser Light
• Do not add ice from trays or bags to
facts about
the dispenser
• Avoid overfilling glass with ice and use of
• Beverages and foods should not be
pad for 3 seconds to lock the
dispenser and control panel.
To unlock, press and hold the
pad again for 3 seconds.
This pad turns the night light
in the dispenser on and off.
The light also comes on when
the dispenser cradle is pressed.
If this light burns out, it should
be replaced with a 6 watt 12V
maximum bulb.
the storage drawer. It may not crush or
dispense well.
narrow glasses. Backed-up ice can jam the
chute or cause the door in the chute to
freeze shut. If ice is blocking the chute,
poke it through with a wooden spoon.
quick-chilled in the ice storage drawer.
Cans, bottles or food packages in the
storage drawer may cause the icemaker
or auger to jam.

Ice and Water Dispenser

Stainless Steel Refrigerator
other objects into the ice crusher discharge opening.
les doigts ou d'autres objets dans l'ouverture du
Spill Shelf
Quick Ice
When you need ice in a hurry,
press this pad to speed up ice
production. This will increase
ice production for the following
48 hours or until you press the
pad again.
Door Alarm
To set the alarm, press this pad
until the indicator light comes on.
This alarm will sound if either
door is open for more than
3 minutes. The light goes out
and the beeping stops when you
close the door.
• To keep dispensed ice from missing the glass,
put the glass close to, but not touching, the
dispenser opening.
• Some crushed ice may be dispensed even
though you selected CUBED ICE. This
happens occasionally when a few cubes
accidentally get directed to the crusher.
• After crushed ice is dispensed, some water
may drip from the chute.
• Sometimes a small mound of snow will form
on the door in the ice chute. This condition
is normal and usually occurs when you have
dispensed crushed ice repeatedly. The snow
will eventually evaporate.
Never put fingers or any
Ne mettez jamais


Table of Contents

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