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Roubleshooting Ips; Roubleshooting T Ips - GE 2-9868 User Manual

Digital answerer
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Table of Contents
Doesn't answer, or answers on 10th ring
Incoming messages are incomplete
Won't respond to remote commands
Answerer doesn't work
Can't hear messages
Unit announces "Battery Low"
Can't restart message
Messages indicator flashes rapidly
Battery good but messages were lost
Greeting continues to play even after
an extension phone is picked up
• Make sure answerer is turned on.
• Memory is full, erase some messages.
• Check AC power and phone line connections.
• Was an extension phone picked up?
• The caller left a message that is longer than the
message length you set during setup.
• Memory is full.
• You accidentally pressed ALL or NEW when
you were playing the messages.
• Must use touch-tone phone.
• Must enter correct security code.
• Did unit hang up? If you take no action for a
period of time, it automatically hangs up.
• Unplug power cord from the electrical outlet
and plug it back in to reset the answerer. If that
doesn't work, unplug the power cord from the
back of the unit and plug it back in. This is a
complete reset.
• Adjust volume control.
• Install a new 9-volt alkaline battery.
• You must play message for at least 5 seconds
before pressing REVIEW button.
• Memory is full. Erase messages.
• Was the AC power supply unplugged from back
of unit?
• This is normal operation. Auto disconnect is
delayed for 2 seconds after the unit answers a
call. If you are near the unit, press ALL or NEW
to stop the greeting.

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Table of Contents

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