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GE 2-9865 Manual

Digital answerer


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Digital Answerer
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  • Page 1 ® 2-9865 Digital Answerer We bring good things to life.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION Your GE digital answerer is designed to give you flexibility in use and high quality performance. Please take a few minutes to read through this instruction manual in order to get the most from your answerer. TABLE OFCONTENTS PARTS CH_'XJJST ........
  • Page 3: Parts Ch_'Xjjst

    BEFORE YOUBEGIN PARTSCHECKLIST Make sure your package includes the following items: ..• Answerer Power adapter Telephone llne cord MOI)ULAR JAC, K REQUIREMENTS You need an RJ11 type modular jack, which is the most com- mon type of phone jack and might look like the one pictured here.
  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTALLATION Plug one end of the telephone line cord into the ° jack marked TO WALL OUTLET on the back of the answerer. Plug the other end into a modular wall jack. 2. Connect the telephone line cord from your telephone into the FROM TELEPHONE jack on the back of the answerer.
  • Page 5: Battery Backup

    BATTERY BACKUP In the event of a power loss, the 9wolt battery backup enables the answerer to retain messages stored in memory. To install the battery: Open the battery compartment door on the bottom of the unit with a screwdriver other flat-edged instrument.
  • Page 6: Setup

    SE'll.TP RECORV C O rGO G ANNO C Before using your new answerer, you should record an outgoing announcement, the announcement callers hear when your answering system answers a call. If you don't record an outgoing announcement, callers just hear a beep when they call. When recording the announcement you should be about 6 inches from the unit.
  • Page 7: Recording The Outgoing Announcement Adjusting The Volume Answ_Rb_ O Peration

    ANSWERER OPERATION MESSAGES ANNOUNCE button indicator light MESSAGES INDICATOR LIGHT MESSAGES indicator is on -- Answerer is on and there are no messages. MESSAGES indicator is flashing -- Number of flashes indicates number of messages. MESSAGES indicator is off- Answerer is off, but you might still have messages. MESSAGES indicator is flashing rapidly -- Outgoing announcement is invalid or memory is full.
  • Page 8: Toll Saver

    Tou., SAv_ Your digital answering machine will answer a call after 2 rings when there are new messages and after 5 rings when there aren't any new messages. Toll saver means you can call your roach(he from another phone to check messages, If your machine doesn't pick up after the second ring, you can hang up and avoid the loft charge.
  • Page 9: Playingmessages

    PL'. Na The MESSAGES indicator light flashes when a message has been left on the answerer. When the answerer has recorded multiple messages, the MESSAGES indicator light flashes once for each message, pauses, and then repeats. • To play messages: press and release PLAY/STOR To stop playback: press and release PLAY/STOP again.
  • Page 10: Erasingmessages

    When the answerer isn't playing messages, press and hold ERASE until you hear a beep. You can retrieve messages erased this way by pressing PLAY/STOP-- but only if you haven't used any other answerer functions after erasing the messages. Note: If you hear several high-pitched beeps, your answerer has not erased the messages because some of them or all of them have not been played.
  • Page 11: Turning Answerer On And Off

    TURNING THE ANSWERER ON AND OFF When you set up your answerer, the unit turns on automatically and the ANSWER ON indicator lights. To turn the answerer off, press the ANSWER ON button and release it immediately after the second heap. When the answerer is off, it answers calls after 10 rings but doesn't play the outgoing announcement.
  • Page 12: Remote A Ccess

    REMOTEACC S • You can accessyour answerer from any touch-tone phone by entering the 3-digit security code (located on "the bottom of the unit) after you hear the outgoing announce- ment. Be aware that remote functions do not work with rotary or push button pulse- dialing phones.
  • Page 13: Remote Coves

    Play messages Dial phone number of the answerer. Repeat current message [] (dunng message p/ayback) Press any key to bypass Play previous message your outgoing announce- (during messageplayback) ment. Skip to next message Enter 3-digit security code (dunng message playblck) Erase message after the beep.
  • Page 14 Play messages Dial phone number of the answerer. Repeat current message Press any key to bypass (during message playback) Play previous message your outgoing announce- (during message playback) ment. Skip to next message (during message playback) Enter 3-digit security code Erase message after the beep.
  • Page 15: General Productcare

    GENERAL PRODUCT CAPE To keepyour answererworkingand lookinggood,followtheseguidelines: • Avoid puttingit nearheatingappliancesand devicesthat generateelectrical n oise(for example,motors orfluorescent lamps). • DO NOT exposeto directsunlightor moisture. • Avoid droppinganswererand/orotherroughtreatment. • Cleanwith a softcloth. • Never usea strong cleaningagent or abrasivepowderbecause this will damagethe finish. •...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting Tips

    TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS Problem Explanation/Solution • Make sure answerer is turned on (p. 9). Doesn't answer, or answers on 10th rmg • Memory is full, erase some messages (p. 8). • Check AC power and phone line connections. Incoming messages • Was an extension phone picked up? are incomplete •...
  • Page 17 TROUBLF_.SHOOTING TIPS Problem Explanation/Solution Answerer doesn't work • Unplug power cord from the back of the unit and plug it back in to reset the answerer, Can't hear messages • Adjust volume control on side of unit. BATTERYLOW indicator • Install a fresh 9-volt alkaline battery. is flashing Messages indicator •...
  • Page 18: Fcc Information

    FCC R G STRATION I OR T ON Your GI: telephone equipment is registeredwith the FederalCommunicationsCommissionand is in COmPliance with parts 15 and 68, FCCRulesand Regulations. 1 Notifioadon to the Local Telephone Company On the bottom of this equipment isa label indicating,among other information,the FCCRegistrationnumberand RingerEquivalenceNumber (REN)for the equipment.You must, upon request, providethis informationto your telephone company.
  • Page 19 INTERFERF_CE INFORMATION Th s device complieswith Part 15 of the FCC Rules.Operationis subjectto the fo!lowingtwo conditions:(1) ..This device may not causeharmful interference;and(2) This aevicamust acceptany tntenerencereceivea, ncmong interferencethat may cause undesiredoperation, Th s equpment has beentested and foundto comply with the limits for a ClassB digital device, pursuantto Part15 of the FCCRules.These limits am designedto provide reasonableprotectionagainst harmfulinterferencein e residential installation.
  • Page 20: Limited Warranty

    When you are recording your outgoing announcement (greeting), continue to hold the ANNOUNCE button for at least 1 second after you finish speaking in order for the entire announcement to be recorded. "Recording the Outgoing Announcement" on page 4 of your instruction manual complete instructions.
  • Page 21 PWanychargea billed toyoubytheExdlangeCanterfor yoar wammty u _rvlca notcoveredbythe warmmy. Anydefectin materialsorworkmanship. A n_v or refurbished unitwillbeshipped to youprepaid For _w king aft_ ,/owrixm:hm_ freight. year, Wh_ yem.wornmty does m_h_r: (Thewarranty periodforremalunitsbegins withthefirstrental Customer instruction. (Your Owner's Manual p rovides or45 daysfromdateofshipment tothe rental f irm,whichever information regarding o perating insuuction_ anduser COmeS f ,rst.) control.Foreddi_onalinformation, askyourdealer.)
  • Page 22 _ 'moMsow coNsummB.sclrlm_Ics Model 2-9865 347A832.2-0Q01(Rev. 0 E/S) O.^^.P.O.Box 1976.Indianapolis, I N46206 96-30 __Jo Jnom sonConsu metElectronics,ln¢. Printed in USA. Trademark(s)®Registered PIN482 -- LTO 10 -- 00000...

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