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Before You Call For Service - Kenmore Sears 70141 Owner's Manual

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Before You CaN for Service
Save time andmoney_ C heck this list of causes of minoroperating
problems you cancorrectyourseff
Refrigerator does notoperate
eMaybe indefrostcyclewhenmotordoesnotoperatefor about35
oTemperature c ontrolin OFF position
oIf interiorlight isnoton,refrigeratormaynotbepluggedin atwalt
• ff p_ug is secure andrefrigerator fansto operate, p lug lampor small
appliance intosameoutlettodetermine if thereis trippedcircuit
breakeror burnedoutfuse
Motoroperatesfor tong periods
• Modern refrigerators with morestorage space anda _arger f reezer
compartment requiremoreoperatingtime
• Normalwhenrefrigerator is first delivered to yourhome--usually
requires 24hourstocompletely cool d own
oLarge amounts of foodplacedin refrigeratortobe cooledor frozen
',Hotweather-frequent dooropenings.
e Door)eft open
• Temperature c ontrolsare settoocold.Refer to page4.
o Condenser needscleaning.Refer t o page10.
TIPS on page10.
Motor starts& stopsfrequently
andstops motor to maintain
temperatures. Thisisnormaf.
Vibrationor rattling
• If refrigerator vibrates,morethanlikely it isnot restingsolidlyonthe
floor,Thefront roller screws needadiusting,or floor isweakor uneven.
Refer t o page3,
'JIf dishes vibrateon shelves, t ry mo,_ing t hem Stight v ibrationis
oThehiqhspeedcompressor motorrequiredto maintainnearzero
temperatures i n thelargefreezercompartment mayproduceh gher
soundlevelsthanyourold refrigerator
. Normat{onair flow--onefan blows coldair throughtherefrigerator
andfreezercompartments-another f an coolsthecompressor motor,
. These I'40RMAL s ounds win alsobeheardfromtimeto time:
-Defrost t imerswitch clicksat defrost,
-Temperature c ontrolclicks ONor OFF.
-Refrigerant boilingor gurgling.
-Crackingor popping o f coolingcoilscausedbyexpansion and
contraction duringdefrostandrefrigerationfollowing d efrost,
-Ice cubes droppingintolhe bin andwaterrunningin pipesas
Hotair from bottomofrefrigerator
oNormalair flowcoolingmotor, in therefrigeration process, it is
normalthat heatbeexpelledin theareaunderthe refrigerator, S ome
floorcoverings will discolorat thesenormalandsafeoperating
temperatures, Your floor covering suppliershouldbeconsultedif
youobjectto thisdiscobration
Foods dry out
oFoods notcovered, w rappedor sealed properly
Fresh foodor freezer compartment t emperature too warm
oTemperature controF notsetcoldenough. Refer t opage 4.
* Warm weather-frequent d oor openings_
* Doorleft openfor longtime.
, Package maybe holdingdoor openor blocking air ductinfreezer
Frostor icecrystals on frozenfood
"Door mayhavebeenleftaiar or package holdingdoor open.
, Toofrequent or toofangdoor openings.
QFrost w ithin package isnormal.
* Doormayhavebeenleft ajar,
* Turntemperature of freezercompartment colder
Icecubes haveodor/taste
oOld cubes need tobediscarded.
* Icestorage bin needstobe emptiedor washed.
* Unsealed packages inrefrigeratorand/or freezer c ompartments m ay
be transmitting odor/taste t o icecubes,
oInteriorof refrigeratorneeds cleaning. R ater t o page10.
Automatic icemakerdoesnot work
oIcemaker fee}orarmin OFF (up)position.
o Water supply turned off or notconnected,
. Freezer c ompartment toowarm.
* Cubes t oosmall-water shutoffvalveconnecting refrigeratorto home
waterline maybe clogged.
oSometimes c ubes fuseto thesideof theicemoldandhold thefeeler
armintheOFF (up)position,Remove t hisicetorestarttheicemaker.
oPiledupcubesinstorage bin maycause icemakertoshutoff
prematu'rely, Withicemakerfeelerarmin OFF (up)position,leve_
cubes inbin byhand.
oWhenreaching forcubes byhand,youmayhavepushedthefeeler
armintotheOFF (up)positionby mistoke_
Moistureformsonoutsideof refrigerator
oNotunusual d uring periods o fhighhumidity,
oMove Energy S averSwitch tothe right(seepage.4),
Moisturecollects inside
oToofrequent or toolongdooropenings_
* inhumidweather, air carriesmoisture i ntorefrigerator when doors
oFood withstrong odorsshouldbetightly covere&
oCheck forspoiled food,
, Interiorneeds cleaning.Refer t opage10_
e Keep openboxofbakingsoda in refrigerator:replaceevery three
Interiorlight doesnot work
oNopower a t outleL
aLightbulbneedsreplacing.See page11.