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Kenmore Sears refrigerator Owner's Manual

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• • KetllmoFo
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• Safety Instructions
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• Energy-Saving
Tips ........................
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o Vacation and Moving Precautions
• Warranty
Back Cover
Please record the model number, serial number and date you purchased your Kenmore refrigerator
the spaces below° See pages B and 9 for model and serial number ]ocation_
Model Number
Serial Number
Dale of Purchase
SEARS. ROEBUCK AND CO., Chicago, IL 60684 U.SoA.



Summary of Contents for Kenmore Sears refrigerator

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    .... • Warranty ....... Back Cover Please record the model number, serial number and date you purchased your Kenmore refrigerator the spaces below° See pages B and 9 for model and serial number ]ocation_ Model Number Serial Number Dale of Purchase SEARS.
  • Page 2: Grounding Requirements

    IMPORTANT SAFETY mNSTRUCTIONS Read aH instructions before using o Don't refreeze frozen foods which have _hUsappffance. thawed completely. The United States Department Agriculture in Home and Garden Bulletin No. 69 says: WARNgNG-- When using this appliance, always ", °You may safely refreeze frozen foods that have exercise basic safety precautions, including thawed...
  • Page 3: Starting The Refrigerator

    Starting the Refrigerator Location Use of adapter plug = Install the refrigerator on a floor strong enough to Because of potential safety hazards under certain conditions, we strongly recommend against use of support it when it is fully loaded.. an adapter ptug,.
  • Page 4: Adjusting The Controls

    Adiusting the Controls When you stop turning the household thermostat COLDER NORM COLD OFF COLD NORM COLDER down at night, move the refrigerator temperature controls back to their regular settings. FREEZER CONTROL FRESH FOOD CONTROL Food Storage Suggestions Two controls let you regulate the temperature in the...
  • Page 5 Food Storage Suggestions Tips on freezing foods Suggested Storage Times There are three essential requirements for efficient DAYS MONTHS home freezing. REFRIGERATOR FREEZER 1. Initial quality. Freeze only top-quality foods_ Eating quality drops after time shown Freezing retains quality and flavor; it cannot improve 35 °...
  • Page 6 Shelves and Storage Drawers Handi Store Adjustable Shelves This removable tilt-out Shelves in the fresh food compartment bin on the fresh food adjustable° enabling you to make efficient shelf compartment door has arrangements_ been designed for To remove a shelf: convenient storage of Tilt the shelf up at front,...
  • Page 7 Meats 'R Vegetables Drawer Deep Shelves on Freezer Compartment Door The convertible meat drawer has its own cold air Detachable shelf extenders deepen and enclose duct to allow a stream of cold air from the freezer three fixed door shelves, providing more storage compartment to flow around the drawer_...
  • Page 8: Features

    Features "i'EM PERATUR_ CONTROLS Sat both co,_t_'ols st "NORM:' They moy need Door .Cloys open while b{n }.€in pK_vfdos easy O_:COss to do_ty producl_ adiusfln g fat_'_ SOlopO_O 4 ICE ACCESS DOOR LABEL Liftit1oturn l_*_moker on or off,or Iol_r_ol _co c_bo_ Information you {Iwahl to know Isright on the...
  • Page 9: Ice & Chilled Water Dispenser

    Automatic lcemaker and ice & Chilled Water Dispenser o To help keep bHs of ice from being sprayed See separate Water Line Installation Requirements included in both the literature pack and on the back beyond the glass, place glass close to ice chute-- but not so close that it blocks outcoming ice.
  • Page 10 Once your icemaker is in operation, throw Dispensed water is chilled, not iced. For colder water, simply add ice before dispensing water, away the first few batches of ice cubes. This will flush away any impurities in the water line. Do the To stop dispensing, release pressure from cradle same thing after vacations...
  • Page 11: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Outside Change the box every three months. In addition, put an open box of baking soda in the freezer to absorb The water and ice dispenser spill shelf should be stale freezer odors° wiped dry immediately to prevent spotting_ Water left on the shelf may leave deposits that you can Do not wash any plastic parts from your remove by soaking...
  • Page 12 Behind Refrigerator 8. If tape holds bottom drawer cover to drawer supports, remove the taper Pull drawer partway out. Take care moving your refrigerator away from the Reach in, push the rear of the glass up and, at the watt. All types of floor coverings can be damaged, same time, back, until it clears front-corner retainers.
  • Page 13: Before You Call For Service

    Before You Call for Service Vibration or rattling Savetime and money. Check this list of causes of minor operating problems you can correct yourselL If refrigerator vibrates, more than likely it is not resting solidly on the floor, The front roller screwsneed adjusting; Refrigerator does not operate or floor isweak or uneven_Referto page 3.
  • Page 14 Cube dispenser does not work. Refrigerator has odor o No ice cubes_Remove storage container, If cubes are frozen to * Foodwith strong odors should be tightly covered. wire arm, remove cubes o Checkfor spoiled food. o No icecubes Icemaker or water supply turnedoff a Interiorneedscleaning.
  • Page 15 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Depto 731CR-W, Sears Tower, Chicago, IL 60684 SEARS SERVICEIS AT YOUR SERVICE ADD TO THE VALUE OF YOUR KENMORE, Your Kenmore has added value when you consider...