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27" and 30"
Wall Oven
ZEK938 - 27" Single Wall Oven
ZEK958 - 27" Double Wall Oven
ZET938 - 30" Single Wall Oven
ZET958 - 30" Double Wall Oven
We bring good things to life.


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  • Page 1

    Owner's Manual 27" and 30" Convection Wall Oven ZEK938 - 27" Single Wall Oven ZEK958 - 27" Double Wall Oven ZET938 - 30" Single Wall Oven ZET958 - 30" Double Wall Oven Monogram:_ We bring good things to life.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Consumer Information I, D Ill Oven Introduction Your Mmmgram wall oven makes an eloquent statement of style, convenience kitchen planning flexibility. Whether chose it tot its purity of design, assiduous attention to detail-- Monogram or tot both of these reasons--you'll find that your...

  • Page 3

    Manager, Customer Relations We're proud of our service want to be GE Appliances pleased. If for some reason happy Appliance Park with service receive, here steps I,ouisville, KY 40225 to tollow flu'ther help.

  • Page 4

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WABNING! For _our satety, ii]forn]atioi] in this manual must be followed to nfilfinfize risk of fire exl)losion, electric shock, or to prexent propert) dalnage personal iqjury or loss of life. IMPORTANT SAb fTY NO TICE • The California Safe Drinking...

  • Page 5

    SAbF, TY Pt 2CA U770NS • Do not leave children alone--children should • Place the oven rack in the desired position while the oven is cool. If racks must be handled left ahme or unattended in an area when hot, do not let pot holder contact tile where...

  • Page 6: Pan And Grid

    Features of Your Wall Oven I.l_lll Ove*_ ® Design inJbrmation ® ® (NO1 all /bal*_r_<s are o*z all modeL_. 4ppear_t_zce _a_, va_>) Feature Index Page Oven Racks with Stop-I,ocks 5, 16, 19, 20, Two additio_tal r_lcks m_ O' be o_Uered. Pub ,\'o. 3-A014 26, 27, 35, 37 Roasting Rack...

  • Page 7

    Oven Control, (;lock & Tinier I,Ddl Oven ooo 2oo Double oven control shown. (Appearance may vary.) k atures BAKE. Press to select tile bake flmction. COOKTIME. Use fl)r Tilned Bake, Tilned Convection Bake and Tilned Convection BROIL HIGH/LOW. Press to select tile yO_!lF O'UeTI...

  • Page 8

    Oven Control, (;lock & Tinier I,Dlll Oven (,'lock The c[od_ must be set/or the atttomatic oven limit_g" ./Unctions to work properly. time of day clock cmmot be changed during Delay Start. (It can be changed during a regular bake or broil operation.) 7b set 1 Press the CLOCK pad.

  • Page 9

    Using 1 Press tile TIMER ON/OFF pad. the timer Press tile nmnber pads to set tile time, @@@@(9@@@@@ example, to enter 2 hours 45 minutes, touch 2, 4 and 5 in that order. (/you make a mislake, press lhe 77MER ON/OFF at_d b_q'it_ ag'ai*_.

  • Page 10

    Special Features 14_lll Ore, Special }}*ur _ew touch Dad cot_trol has additiorml fi¢atures tailure, except fiw the Sabbath timttu'e, which will haxe to be reset. that you may choose to u,se. jeatures They remain in the control's memory until special teature modes onlx...

  • Page 11

    12-horn; _*ur control is ,set to use a 12-hour clock. (/you 24-hour would pr@,r 1o have a 24-hour military time dock bla_ k out the _loz k di@la), ./bllow the steps below. or clock Press the BAKE and BROIL HIGH/LOW blackout pads (on double...

  • Page 12

    Special Features I,l_d! Ove*_ t' threnheit _bur ove_ co*_lrol i,s ,set to u,se the t;?d_*vnkeit or Celsius temperature ,sele_lio_,s, but you may eha_g'e tki,s to u,se the ( e£iu,s ,se#ctio_,s. temperature 1 Press the BAKE and BROIL HIGH/LOW se&ction pads (on double oven models, use the upper...

  • Page 13

    Using the Sabbath Feature I.DIl! Ove*_ Desig_.ed for use on the Jewish Sabbath and Holidays. 77w Sabbalk flealu*e _at_ be used for bakinqiroasli,, g• N07_2: The ove_ l{q'ht _omes on atttomati_ ally (oa some mocM._ ) whea tlw door is opet_d aml g_*eso/J wkea tlu" otdy.

  • Page 14

    Using the Sabbath Feature _.DIll Ove*_ Sabbath Make ,sure the clock ,shows the correct lime o/day the ove_ i,s ()FF, f?ature: 1 Press and hold both the BAKE and BROIL to set jbr HIGH/LOW pads, at the same time, until timed baking the display...

  • Page 15

    to exit Touch the CLEAR/OFF pad. ® the Sabbath If the o_en is cooking, wait a rand(nn jeature delay period of al_proxinmtely 30 seconds 1 minute, until only D is in the displa). Press and hold both the BAKE and BROIL HIGH/LOW pads, at the same time, tmtil...

  • Page 16

    Baking or Roasting I,l?lll Oven Be/ore you 7b avoid po,vsible blvw,s, place ltze rack,s in begin... the de,sired posilion b{,fim, you lurn lke oven on. ® racks have stop-locks, so that when placed correctlx on the sui)ports, the) will stop ®...

  • Page 17

    Preheating Baking results will be better if baking pans are Preheat oven if the recipe calls it. To centered in the oven as much as possible. Pans preheat, set the oven at the correct temperature. and pan should not touch each other or the walls of the Preheating...

  • Page 18

    Broiling 1,1_1l!Oven How to set Place meat or fish on the broiler grid broiler pan. the oven jot broiling 2 Follow suggested rack positions in the Broiling Guide. I/your oven is connecled lo 208 rolls, rare sleaks be broiled by prehealing lhe broi#r posilioning"...

  • Page 19

    First Side Second Side Broiling guide Qumltity mid/ Rack Food or Thickness Position Conlnlenls Thne (mill.) Thne (mhl.) jot 27" ovens Gromld Beef 1 lb. (4 patties) Space evenl}: I p t*) S patties take SO)he 1/2 to 3/4" thick Well Done aboHt the same...

  • Page 20

    Broiling Wall Oven Broiling ,guide First Side Second Side Quantity and/ Rack Food or ThicMmss Posidon Colnlllents Thne (mhl.) Thne (mha.) jbr 30" ovens Ground Beef 1 lb. (4 patties) Space cvcnlT< l p to 8 patties take SO,re Well Done about the same time.

  • Page 21

    Timed Baking Wall Oven Using N07_: Foods that spoil east@ such as milk, eggs, On double oven models, you can use timed ,fish, stl!_fing:b poultry and pork, should not be baking in one oven while using sell:clean in the timed baking allowed to sit 7br more than l hour b_,7breor qfler other;...

  • Page 22

    Timed Baking Wall Oven How to set _bu can ,set lhe oven control lo delay-start lhe oven, cookJbr a SpeC!fic length o/lime and then turn (_/]] a delayed aulomalically. start and ®®®®®®®®®@ Make sure tile oxen clock shows tile correct automatic time of day.

  • Page 23

    Using the Probe Wall Oven 7kmperature For many fi)ods, especially roasts and poultry, internal food temperature is the best test fi)r probe Cable aloneness. The temperature probe takes Plug guesswork out of roasting by cooking fi)ods to the exact aloneness you want, of probes other...

  • Page 24

    Using the Probe Wall Oven After preparing the meat placing it on I)l'OpgT a trixet or on the broiler pan grid, tollow these placement directions for proper probe placement. of the probe I,ay the probe on the outside of the meat along or side...

  • Page 25

    to set Insert probe into meat. the oven Jbr Plug probe into outlet in the o'_en. roasting Make sm'e it is pushed all the way in. Close oxen door, when using Press PROBE pad. the probe Press nmnber pads to set the desired internal fi)od...

  • Page 26: Elements

    Using the Convection Oven Wall Oven Convection circulates hot air oxei; [I con_,ection o_,en, [i tiln under around food. .fitn This circulating hot air is evenly distributed throughout oven cavity. _s a result, fi)ods evenly cooked browned----often in less time with convection heat.

  • Page 27

    Cookware j ar Metal mad Glass Befin'e using your convection oven, check to see if vour cookware lea;'es rooln fi)I" air circulation convection Any type of cookware will work in your convection the oven. If you are baking with several pans, leave oven.

  • Page 28

    Using the Convection Oven 1,1_1llOve*_ How to set 7b avoid passible burt_s, place #w racks i, lt_e the ovenjar correct pasilio, b_,ibre you lu*v_o_ the ore,. convection Press the CONV BAI_]/1 RACK pad ®®@®®®®®®® (Convection Bake 1-Rack nlode) fi)r 1-rack baking convection baking.

  • Page 29

    to set CAUTION:To prevent possible burns, do not unplug the probe from the oven outlet the oven Jor until the oven has cooled. Do not store the convection probe in the oven. roasting when using For be,st result,s when roasting large turkeys the probe roast,s,...

  • Page 30

    Tinled Convection Baking 14_1ll Oven Using N07_: Foo& that spoil easily, such as milk, egg:% On double oven models, you can use timed timed .fish, stl{/fing:s, poldtry and pork, should not be baking or roasting in one oven while using allowed to sit fbr more than l hour b@re or qfler self:clean in the other;...

  • Page 31

    to set @0.@0.@ }_*u c(m s_'l the tn:ert (o_tlm[ to del_o_.staH the overt, .,o/@,,. . #,_.@ /..g.u,o/ti,,_ ..d u.._ t,._,_ o_f a delayed automatically. start and ®®®®®®®®®® Make sure oven clock shows correct automatic time of day. stop Press CONY BAKE/1 RACK (Convection...

  • Page 32

    Wanning I,l?lll Oven to set _,_arn/ keeps cooked foods warm fin" up to the oven 3 hours after the cooking flmction is finished, or it can be actiw_ted independently to keep warming already cooked too(Is warm. This teature is not designed to reheat cold tood.

  • Page 33

    Proofing 14?Ill Oven to set Tile I)r°°fing, feature mailmfins a warm the oven ei_virolm/ent usefill rising )east-leaxened products, jot proofing 1 Place the coxered dough in a dish in tile on rack B or C. NOTE: For bes: re.sul:s, cover :t_edough wi#_ a clo#z or wilh greased plastic wrap (lhe plaslic may need lo be ancho_:d underneath the _onlc,:iner ,so the oven...

  • Page 34

    Adjust the Oven Thermostat I.l?dl Oven Do it cooks that YO/I IllaV lind VO/II" new ()veil (lse thei'i//Ollleters, S/lch }is those f()/lil(1 difl'erentlv than tile one it replaced. Use your in groceI T stores, to check tile teniperattire yourself, weeks oven a lew becoi/le...

  • Page 35: Door

    Using the Self-Cleaning Oven Wall Oven 77_e oven door must be closed and all (Ohm, Is Be/oTe ® must be ,set _orre(lly,/br the _y(le to wod; properly. clean cycle X4e reconm_end venting your kitchen with open window or using a xentilation or hood din'ira* first...

  • Page 36

    Using the Self-Cleaning Oven Wall Oven ® Press tile SELF CLF.kN STD/LOW once fiw a 4-hour clean time or twice a 3-hour deh O' the clean time, start of @@@@@(9@@@@ A 3-hour sell=clean time is recommended cleaning use when cleaning small, contained spills,...

  • Page 37

    re and (;leaning 1,171l! Oven BE SUR£ EI.ECTRJCAL POWER IS OFF AND ALl. SURFACES AR£ COO1. BEFORJq CLEANING PART OF TIlE OVEN. Roastingrack 07Je72 ra('lgS All oven racks and the convection roasting rack mav be cleaned bv hand with an abrasive cleaner or steel wool.

  • Page 38

    re and Cleaning Wall Oven The door is very heavy. Be careful when removh_g Lo'i-o[f Slot mad lifthag the door. 07)e7l Do nol l!fl lhe door by lhe handh,. ([OOY_ To remove the door: removal 1 Fully open the door. 2 Pull the hinge locks down toward...

  • Page 39: Oven Floor

    To clean the inside of the door: Oven dooF • Because tile area inside tile gasket is cleaned duI'ing tile self:clean cycle, do not need to clean this by hand. • Tile area outside tile gasket tile fl'ont fimne be cleaned with a soai>filled steel...

  • Page 40

    re and (;leaning 1,1_1llOven 07J gTI N07_: 77wglass cover shouhl be removed only when Receptacle Socket cold. I,l_,aring latex gloves may (_[/;_r a belle*" g 'rip. light bulbs CAUTION: ,< bulb, disconnect electrical power to the oxen at the main fuse or circuit breaker...

  • Page 41: You Call For Service

    Before You Call For Service... Wall Ove_ Save time PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE & money! CLOCKAND TIMER • A filse in your home may be blown or the circuit breaker tripped. DO NOT WORK Replace the filse or reset the circuit breaker.

  • Page 42

    Befbre You (;all For Service... Wall Oven Trouble- PROBLF2d POSSIBLE CAUSE shooting tips OVEN DOORWILL • Tile oven is too hot. _Mlow tile oven to cool below locking temperature. OPEN A_TER A CLEAN CYCLE OVFaN NOT CLFAN • (-)\'en controls improperly set.

  • Page 43

    Notes _47111 Ov_n...

  • Page 44

    Notes _47111 Ov_n...

  • Page 45

    ,tm,aodtu _(_zpoz E_ZlN uoo .us#o I d.nisao lanpoa d aoumsuo saoue!lddV39 II I II Place 1st Class I+etter Stamp t lere General Electric Company Warranty Registration Department P.O. Box 32150 Louisville, KY 40232-2150...

  • Page 46: Registration

    Consumer Product Ownership Registration Dear (]uston]er: Thank for Imrchasing, product thank for placing, v(mr, c(mfidence in us. We are pi'oud ha'_e vo[I CtlstoIlleI "_ . Follow these three steps to protect your appliance investment: Read your Owuer's Complete mad mall After compledug this Manual carefully.

  • Page 47

    800.444.1845 In Canada: 888. 880.3030 For Customers GE ofli_rs, fi'ee of charge, a broclmre to assist in planning a barriet_free kitchen tin" persons with limited mobility. With Special Needs... Consmners with impaired...

  • Page 48

    Warranty ( onvet:lion 1,1_111 Ovet_ YOUR MONOGRAM WALL OVEN WARRANTY Staple sales slip or cancelled chech here. Proof of original purchase date is needed to obtain service under warranty. WHAT FULL ONE-YI_LM/WARRANTY COVERED For one xear from date of original purchase, we will proxide, free of charge,,...

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