Controlling The Lcd Monitor Via Lan Control; Connecting To A Network; Network Setting By Using An Http Browser - NEC MultiSync P403 User Manual

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Controlling the LCD monitor via LAN Control

Connecting to a Network

Using a LAN cable allows you to specify the Network Settings and the Alert Mail Settings by using an HTTP server function.
To use a LAN connection, you are required to assign an IP address.
Example of LAN connection:

Network Setting by Using an HTTP Browser

Connecting the monitor to a network allows for monitor control from a computer via the network.
To perform the monitor control from a web browser, you must have an exclusive application installed on your computer.
The IP address and subnet mask of the monitor can be set on the Network Setting screen of the web browser by using an HTTP
server function. Please be sure to use "Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0" or a higher version for the web browser.
(This device uses "JavaScript" and "Cookies" and the browser should be set to accept these functions. The setting method will
vary depending on the version of browser. Please refer to the help fi les and the other information provided in your software.)
Access is gained to the HTTP server function by starting the Web browser on the computer via the network connected to the
monitor and entering the following URL.
Network Setting
http://<the Monitor's IP address>/index.html
The default IP address is assigned automatically to the monitor.
The exclusive application can be downloaded from our website.
If the MONITOR NETWORK SETTINGS screen does not appear in the web browser, press the Ctrl+F5 keys to
refresh your web browser (or clear the cache).
The display or button's response can be slowed down or operation may not be accepted depending the settings of
your network. Should this happen, consult your network administrator.
The LCD monitor may not respond if its buttons are repeatedly pressed in rapid intervals. Should this happen, wait a
moment and repeat. If you still can't get a response, turn the monitor off and then back on.
To control a monitor please use the control command. See "Control command diagram" ( page 33).
NOTE: Use a category 5 or higher LAN cable.
LAN cable
(not supplied)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents