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Stain Removal - Bissell ProHeat 2X 8920 Series User Manual

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Stain removal

Do Not Delay! Attending to an
accident soon after it occurs ensures
the most optimal clean. Leaving it
for an extended period of time may
cause it to set and become
1. blot up liquids with an absorbent cloth or
paper towels. White materials are recom-
mended because certain dyes may bleed
and make the stain worse.
2. gently scrape up any semi-solids with a
spoon or spatula. do not use a knife or other
utensil with sharp edges because it could
damage the carpet or upholstery.
3. if the area has already dried, separate
and remove from the carpet whatever semi-
solids and residue that can be accessed
before deep cleaning.
4. be sure to test any spot removal formulas
in an inconspicuous area first. this is
important as some dyes and materials
could be damaged or discolored by
cleaning solvents. if such a change should
occur, try a different solution or call a pro-
5. if cleaning on berber carpeting, gently
run your machine over a hidden area. if
no fuzzing occurs, continue cleaning in
soiled area.
6. using the bissell tough stain precleaner,
spray evenly over soiled area. do not
overwet. Wait 3-5 minutes. gently work
the solution by blotting area with a clean,
damp, color safe cloth.
7. clean using either the FLOOR
CLEANING, or TOOLS setting on the
Readytools dial.
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