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Bissell 9200 SERIES User Manual

Bissell user's guide vacuum cleaner 9400 series, 9200 series
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U S E R ' S G U I D E
9200, 9400 SERIES 220-240V
Safety Instructions
Product View / Accessories
Features / Operations
Consumer Services
Replacement Parts
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  • Page 1 U S E R ’ S G U I D E 9200, 9400 SERIES 220-240V Safety Instructions Product View / Accessories Assembly 7-18 Features / Operations 19-20 Troubleshooting Consumer Services 22-23 Replacement Parts Warranty ug310-5880_9200E_406.indd 1 ug310-5880_9200E_406.indd 1 6/9/06 4:25:27 PM 6/9/06 4:25:27 PM...
  • Page 2 BISSELL ProHeat 2X We’re glad you purchased a BISSELL ProHeat 2X heated formula deep cleaner. Everything we know about floor care went into the design and construction of this complete, high-tech home cleaning system. Your ProHeat 2X is well made, and we back it with a limited two-year warranty.
  • Page 3 ■ Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments ■ Use only cleaning products formulated by BISSELL for use in this appliance to prevent internal component damage ■ Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, etc. ■ Keep appliance on a level surface ■...
  • Page 4: Optional Accessories

    Power Switch Extra Long Power Cord Heat Indicator Light Tank Carry Handle Ready Tool ™ Dial 2-in-1 Water Tank Easy To Remove Nozzle Optional Accessories: These items are available for purchase. To order replacement parts, additional tools or formulas, please refer to page 22-23. 3”...
  • Page 5 Spray Trigger Upper Hose Rack TurboBrush ™ Storage (select models) Keep plenty of genuine BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formulas on hand so you can clean whenever it fits your schedule. Always use genuine BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formulas. Non-BISSELL cleaning formulas may harm the machine and void the warranty.
  • Page 6 Use this Guide This User’s Guide has been designed to help you get the utmost satisfaction from your BISSELL ProHeat 2X. You’ll find assembly and operating instructions, safety precautions, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting instructions. Please read this User's Guide thoroughly before assembling your Deep Cleaner.
  • Page 7: Special Features

    Features of Your BISSELL ProHeat 2X Your BISSELL ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner is a home cleaning system that uses the power of heat, brushes and cleaning formula to get the deep down dirt for a maximum clean. Not only does it come with a lot of unique features, it has been designed with you, the customer, in mind.
  • Page 8 Carpet protection applied at the mill typically wears down with heavy foot traffic over time and with everyday cleaning, including deep cleaning. To help restore this important protection, BISSELL offers deep cleaning formulas with Scotchgard protector and a post-applicator to apply Scotchgard protector with the same materials used by carpet mills.
  • Page 9: Before You Clean

    Plan activities to give your carpet time to dry. Move furniture to another area if cleaning an entire room (optional). Vacuum area with a dry vacuum cleaner thoroughly before deep cleaning. Plan your cleaning route to leave an exit path. It is best to begin cleaning in the corner farthest from your exit.
  • Page 10 Fill the formula tank. Fill up the formula tank by first unscrewing the cap and insert. Always use genuine BISSELL formulas to maximize cleaning and for the safety of your machine. Fill formula up to the line and replace the cap and insert. Place formula tank into the slot in the back of the machine for a snug fit.
  • Page 11: Machine Storage

    arpet Cleaning (Continued) Remove the tank from the base of the machine by lifting up on the tank carry handle. Carry like a bucket to a utility sink or outside where you will dispose of the dirty water. Unlatch the top of the tank from the bottom by lifting up on the tank latch which is located on the back of the tank.
  • Page 12: Machine Care

    fter Cleaning (Continued) Machine Care For best results, a few simple steps can assure your machine is well maintained after your cleaning is complete. Turn power and heater switches OFF (O). Unplug the machine and wrap the power cord. After emptying the 2-in-1 water tank, rinse it out at a faucet with running hand hot tap water, taking care to clean underneath the heavy duty bladder and all around it.
  • Page 13 Post-Treatment Scotchgard Protector* (Optional) Some models are equipped with a Scotchgard protector post-treatment applicator and cartridge. Using this, along with one of the BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formulas containing Scotchgard, to help retain the carpet cleanliness achieved with the ProHeat 2X machine. For best results, the post cleaning treatment should be applied while the carpet is still damp.
  • Page 14 leaning with Attachments Your ProHeat 2X machine comes equipped with a flex hose and at least one cleaning tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and more. Important! If using to clean upholstery, check upholstery tags. A. Check manufacturer’s tag before cleaning. “W” or “WS”...
  • Page 15 Formula Section Keep plenty of genuine BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formula and Scotchgard protector post-treatment cartridges on hand so you can clean and protect whenever it fits your schedule. Always use genuine BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formulas. 1.42 L 1.42 L 1.42 L...
  • Page 16 Move any furniture, if needed. Empty any carpet cleaning formula back into the BISSELL bottle if stored in the formula tank. Fill formula tank with BISSELL Hard Floor Solution Formula. Fill the 2-in-1 water tank with hand hot tap water and set aside.
  • Page 17 mall Belt Removal and Replacement Instructions Occasional replacement of one or both belts may become necessary. If that is needed, please follow the instructions below. Turn off the machine, and unplug it from the outlet. Remove both the 2-in-1 water tank and the formula tank.
  • Page 18 If you have any questions or are having trouble installing or replacing your belt(s) or brushes, please call BISSELL Consumer Services in the UK at 0870.225.0109, in Australia at 1.800.811.183 or in New Zealand at 0800.247.735.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Remedies 1. Fill heavy duty bladder with hand hot tap water. 2. Fill formula tank with BISSELL Deep Cleaning Formula for cleaning. 3. Turn power switch OFF ( O ). remove and reseat 2-in-1 water tank.
  • Page 20 roubleshooting (Continued) Cleaner not picking up solution Possible Causes 1. Ready Tools dial may be at wrong setting. 2. 2-in-1 water tank may not be seated properly. 3. 2-in-1 water tank may not be assembled properly. 4. Formula or 2-in-1 water tank is empty. 5.
  • Page 21 If your BISSELL product should require service: In the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, call BISSELL Consumer Services at the numbers below and we will give you the location of a BISSELL Authorized Service Center in your area. For all other countries, contact your local in country distributor for questions, service, or repair.
  • Page 22 Parts - BISSELL ProHeat 2X Replacement Parts* Below please find a list of common replacement parts. While not all of these parts may have come with your specific machine, all are available to you for purchase, if desired. Item Part No.
  • Page 23 Parts - BISSELL ProHeat 2X w w w . b i s s e l l . c o m ug310-5880_9200E_406.indd 23 ug310-5880_9200E_406.indd 23 6/9/06 4:25:48 PM 6/9/06 4:25:48 PM...
  • Page 24 Subject to the *EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS identified below, BISSELL Homecare, Inc., will replace (with new or remanufactured components), at BISSELL’s option, free of charge from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, for two years any defective or malfunctioning part do to manufacturers defect.