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Machine Storage; Machine Care - Bissell ProHeat 2X 8920 Series User Manual

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Machine storage

Once your cleaning is complete,
make sure the 2-in-1 water tank is
emptied, rinsed out, and dried before
the next use. The formula tank can
remain filled and ready to go.
Note: Store cleaner in a protected,
dry area. Since this product uses
water, it must not be stored where
there is a danger of freezing.
Freezing will damage internal
components and void the warranty.

Machine care

For best results, a few simple steps can
assure your machine is well maintained
after your cleaning is complete.
1. flush your machine of any remaining
residual solution.
a. fill the 2-in-1 clean water tank with
clean hot tap water.
b. plug your machine into a proper outlet
and set the custom clean dial to the
rinse setting. turn the power on by
pressing the power button.
c. Recline the handle and press the spray
trigger for 15 seconds while making
forward and backward passes on carpet.
Release the trigger to suction. Repeat for
another 15 seconds. continue without
pressing the trigger until there is no more
water being suctioned.
2. turn power and heater switches off (o).
unplug the machine and wrap the power
cord. empty the 2-in-1 water tank.
3. Rinse out 2-in-1 water tank, with running hot
tap water, taking care to clean underneath
the heavy duty bladder, and all around it.
4. the top half of the tank can be rinsed clean
through the nozzle area. also, pop out the
red filter underneath the top half of the tank
and rinse out. Replace before putting the
top and bottom halves of the tank together.
w w w . b i s s e l l . c o m
To reduce the risk of fire,
electric shock or injury
unplug from outlet before
let all parts dry com-
pletely before storing
3 & 4
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