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Dell Inspiron 13z Manual: Processor

Me and my dell.
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Processor is the part of the computer or another electronic device that
processes data and instructions to generate a desired output.
Processors are mainly classified based on:
• Number of processing cores present on the die
• Speed or frequency measured in GigaHertz (GHz) or MegaHertz (MHz)
• Onboard memory, also referred to as Cache
The performance of a processor is generally measured in number
of calculations it can perform in a second. The current generation
of processors have speeds of about 50,000 Million Instructions Per
Second (MIPS), or more for high-end models. The current generation
of processors are connected to the system board using a Land Grid
Array (LGA) or Pin Grid Array (PGA) connector. Some processors may be
integrated on the system board, however, these are mostly for handheld
Some of the current processor families are:
• Intel Pentium
• Intel Celeron
• Intel Core series
• Intel i series
• Intel Xeon
• AMD Athlon
• AMD Phenom
• AMD Sempron


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