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Dell Inspiron 13z Manual: Coin-cell Battery; Improving The Battery Performance

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Coin-Cell Battery

Coin-cell battery resides on the system board and provides power to
the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) chip while the
computer is turned off. The CMOS chip contains the time, date, and other
configuration settings and the coin-cell battery helps preserve these
settings while the computer is switched off.
The coin-cell battery can last for several years. The factors that affect
coin-cell battery life are type of system board, temperature, the time for
which the computer is powered off, and so on.

Improving the Battery Performance

The operating time of a battery, which is the time the battery can hold a
charge, varies depending on how you use your laptop computer.
The following activities significantly reduce the operating time of your
• Using optical drives.
• Using wireless communications devices, ExpressCards, media cards, or
USB devices.
• Using high-brightness display settings, 3D screen savers, or other
power-intensive programs like complex 3D graphics applications and
You may improve the battery performance by:
• Using the computer while connected to an electrical outlet when
possible. Battery life reduces with the number of times the battery is
discharged and recharged.
• Configuring the power management settings using Microsoft Windows
Power Options to optimize your computer's power usage (see
• Using the Sleep power state when you leave the computer unattended
for long periods of time.
The life of the battery decreases over time depending on how often the
battery is used and the conditions under which it is used. You may need
to purchase a new battery during the life of your computer.


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