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Installation Overview; Installation Hints - Motorola HMVC3020 - Homesight Wired CMOS Camera Quick Start Manual

Wired camera
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Installation Overview

Installing your camera is a simple process.
Choose an appropriate location for the Wired Camera as described in the Installation Hints.
Plug the interface cable from the camera into the Wireless System Controller.
Your Wired Camera will automatically register with the homesight software when the Discovery process is started. Refer to your Wireless
System Controller documentation for information on device discovery.
Mount the module, using either the tabletop base, or by following the instructions for wall mounting.

Installation Hints

Please consider the following points when mounting the camera:
The camera must be aimed so that it does not directly face the sun or any bright light; otherwise, this may cause damage to the camera.
Avoid viewing areas where half of the area is in bright sunlight and the other half is dark. All types of cameras have difficulty seeing wide
variations of light.
The Motorola Wired Camera is constructed of UV-resistant ABS plastic. If installing the Wired Camera outside, it should be shielded from
the elements, such as underneath a porch roof. Do not install the camera where it is subjected directly to the elements.



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