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Installation Overview; Installing Your Camera - Motorola HMVC3075 Quick Start Manual

Wireless camera
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Installation Overview

Installing your camera is a simple process.
Choose an appropriate location for the Wireless Motion Sensor Camera as described in the Installation
Plug the AC adapter into the wall and the module.
Register your camera with your Wireless System:
In the homesight software, click System Settings.
Select "Device Discovery" from the menu.
Select "Start Discovery."
After a few seconds, the System Controller will automatically find and register your camera and
details of the device will appear on the screen.
Mount the module, using either the tabletop base, or by following the instructions for wall mounting. If
using the table mount, slide the power switch on the base to On.
Installation Hints
Please consider the following points when mounting the camera:
The camera must be aimed so that it does not directly face the sun or any bright light; otherwise, this
may cause damage to the camera.
Avoid viewing areas where half of the area is in bright sunlight and the other half is dark. All types of
cameras have difficulty seeing wide variations of light.
The Motorola Wireless Motion Sensor Camera is constructed of UV-resistant ABS plastic. Do not install
the camera where it is subjected directly to the elements.
This device's communication range is up to 60 feet (18 m) from the Wireless System Controller in a
typical home, depending on the number of obstacles. These can include metal framing, thick walls, and
other wireless devices operating at 2.4 GHz. It is recommended that different positions be tried.

Installing Your Camera

Your camera can either be mounted on a wall or just sit on a level surface.
Wall Mount Your Wireless Camera
Make sure the power adapter cord is long enough to reach your mounting location. Also, be sure the AC
outlet cannot be switched on and off with a wall switch.
Warning: When mounting near a window, drilling too close to the glass could break the glass, possibly cause
it to shatter, and cause injury. The window extends deeper into the frame than can be seen; therefore, ensure
your screw is beyond the glass before drilling.
Using the holes on the drilling template found later in this guide, mark the position of the holes
to be drilled.
For drywall or other composite surfaces, use a 7/32" drill bit. Drill a hole for each of the
mounting screws and insert a plastic wall anchor into each hole.
For solid surfaces, use a 1/16" drill bit. Drill a pilot hole for each of the mounting screws.

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