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Setting The Clock And Minute Timer - Frigidaire 316000635 Owner's Manual

Coil surface elements self-cleaning oven models
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Setting the Clock and
Minute Timer
For a silent control panel
(Figure 2 Only):
When choosing a function, a beep will be
heard each time a pad is pushed. If
desired, the controls can be programmed
for silent operation. Push and hold STOP
TIME. After 7 seconds, the control will
beep once. This will block the controls
from sounding when a pad is pushed. To
return the sound, push and hold STOP
TIME again for 7 seconds until 1 beep is
heard. Note: The control will return to
the audible mode after a power outage.
Figure 2 Only
To Set the Clock
(Figure 2 Only)
When the range is first plugged in, or when the power supply to the range has been
interrupted, the display will flash "12:00".
1. Push CLOCK.
2. Within 5 seconds, push and hold the UP or DOWN ARROW until the correct
time of day appears in the display.
Note: The clock cannot be changed during any timed bake or self-clean cycle.
To Set the Minute Timer
2. Push the UP ARROW to increase the time in one minute increments. Push and
hold the UP ARROW to increase the time in 10 minute increments. The timer
can be set for any amount of time from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes.
Note: If you push the DOWN ARROW first, the timer will advance to 11 hours
and 59 minutes.
3. The display shows the timer count down in minutes until one minute remains.
Then the display will count down in seconds.
4. When the set time has run out, the timer will beep 3 times. It will then continue
to beep 3 times every 60 seconds until TIMER ON/OFF is pushed.
Note: The minute timer does not start or stop cooking. It serves as an extra timer
in the kitchen that will beep when the set time has run out. The minute timer can
be used alone or during any of the other oven functions. When the minute timer is
in use with any other mode, the minute timer will be shown in the display. To view
other functions, push the function pad for that mode.
To Change the Minute Timer while it is in use:
While the timer is active and shows in the display, push and hold the UP or DOWN
ARROW to increase or decrease the time.
To Cancel the Minute Timer before the set time has run out:



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