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Board Removal - Panasonic AY-PB2003 Operating Instructions Manual

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q Quit system operation, switch power off, and pull
out the power plug from the electrical outlet. Be
sure to read the Installation Manual for the Main Kit
(WJ-MX1000 and WJ-MX1200 series) for how to
quit system operation.
w Push down the hook button on the right and left
sides of the main unit and remove the front panel.
r Remove the input board
(the second one from the bottom).
e Loosen the screws and remove the
protection cover. (Be careful not to lose
the screws.)
w Push the hook button
down and remove the
front panel.
q Switch power off
and pull out the
power cable plug.
Front Panel
e Loosen the screws and remove the protective
cover. Be careful not to loose the screws.
r Remove the second board from the bottom (input
Note: Some models have a fan mounted on the protec-
tion board. Exercise good care about the wires
when removing the board.
Hook Button
Lock Lever
Pull the lever to
release the board.
Press the lever to
lock the board.