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Board Mounting - Panasonic AY-PB2003 Operating Instructions Manual

Professional jog pad rom kit


y Place a new ROM in the socket. Check the direc-
tion of the mark for pin 1 so that the ROM will be
inserted in the correct direction, keep the ROM
level, apply an even force on the ROM taking care
not to bend the pins, and insert it fully till it clicks.
Mark for pin 1


u Pull the board tabs toward yourself and insert the
removed board into its original position. Push the
tabs to fasten the board. Be sure to push the tabs
all the way.
i Fasten the protective cover with the screws.
o Push down the hook buttons on the right and left
sides of the main unit.
!0 Hold the front panel where it should be, then mount
it back. The hook buttons come up to fasten the
front panel.
!1 Make sure that the front panel is securely fastened.
!2 Insert the power plug back into the electrical outlet,
and switch power on. Check that the system is
Be sure to read the Installation Manual for the Main
Kit (WJ-MX1000 and WJ-MX1200 series) for how to
start the system.