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Panasonic AY-PB2003 Operating Instructions Manual page 3

Professional jog pad rom kit


The ROM in this package is for exclusive use with the
professional jog pad in the non-linear workstation WJ-
MX1000 and WJ-MX1200 series. Be sure to use the
application software version 4.2 or later version.
Before replacing the ROM, install the software of
Version 4.2 or higher.
Connect the professional jog pad after replacing the
If you do not have the professional jog pad AY-JP2000,
it is not necessary to replace the ROM.
• Before replacing the ROM, be sure to press the
power switch off and pull out the power plug
from the electrical outlet.
• Before handling the board, touch a metal part of
it with your hand to discharge static from your
body. Touching the board while you still have
static in your body may cause the board to fail.
It would be safer to wear an antistatic wrist
• When it is necessary to temporarily place the
board, put it on an antistatic mat or the like. Do
not let any metal part of the board contact the
metal parts of other boards.