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Panasonic AY-PB2003 Operating Instructions Manual page 5

Professional jog pad rom kit


Replacing the ROM
t With the shielding plate down, place the removed
input board on an antistatic mat or the like, and
remove the ROM from the input board.
Caution: Insert the hooks at the ends of the remover all
the way in, then pull out the ROM.
Fig. 1
There is the danger of damaging the ROM if the
remover is not fully inserted.
[How to Use Remover]
Insert the hooks at the ends of the remover into the two
diagonally located holes in the ROM socket as shown in
Figure 1, and grip the remover as shown in Figure 2.
* Never forcibly pull the remover upwards.
The ROM can be removed by lifting it out of the socket.
Mark the removed ROM with red ink, for example, so it
will not be mistaken for a new ROM.
Fig. 2