Ceramic Hobs; Cooking Zones - Miele H 250 Operating Instructions Manual

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When switched on the cooking
areas heat up. A residual heat indi-
cator shows whether a cooking zone is
In the event of any breakages or
cracks occurring in the ceramic
hob it must be switched off immediately
and disconnected from the electricity
Contact the Service Department.
Do not use the hob until the damaged
ceramic plate has been replaced.
Continued use would be dangerous as
liquids etc. boiling over could penetrate
to the electrical components through
any crack.
Do not use the hob as a resting
place for any other objects. This
could lead to a danger of the article
catching fire or melting if there is any re-
sidual heat or the hob is switched on in-
Do not use plastic or aluminium foil
containers. These melt at high tem-
peratures. Additionally, they could dam-
age a ceramic hob as they melt.
Do not allow either solid or liquid
sugar or pieces of plastic or alu-
mium foil to get on to the cooking
zones when they are hot. If this is
allowed to cool before the hob has
been cleaned, the ceramic surface will
be susceptible to pitting or even crack-
Switch the cooking zones off and while
the hob is still warm, scrape all the
sugar, plastic or aluminium remains
from the hob with a shielded blade
scraper taking care not to burn yourself.
Do not drop anything on the ce-
ramic hob.
Even a light object such as an egg
cup, could cause damage in certain cir-
Do not use any pots or pans on the
ceramic hob with bases with pro-
nounced edges or ridges, or which are
poorly enamelled.
These could scratch or scour the hob
surface permanently.
There is a seal between the hob
frame and worktop and between
the frame and the ceramic plate. Do
not use any sharp pointed object, such
as a knife, to clean these seals as they
could become damaged.

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