Residual Heat Indicator; Extended Area; Enclosed Hotplates - Miele H 250 Operating Instructions Manual

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The cooking zones are clearly marked
on the hob. Only the zone that is
switched on heats up. The surround
remains relatively cool.
There is a display field with a residual
heat indicator for each zone.
Once the zone is switched on, the indi-
cator light comes on when a certain
temperature is reached.
After switching off, the residual heat in-
dicator light stays on as long as the
cooking zone remains hot.
Do not touch these cooking zones
or place any heat sensitive objects
on them. Danger of burning.
Only applicable to zones with this func-
The relvant cooking zone control is also
used to switch on the extended area.
Turn the control in a clockwise direc-
tion until a resistance is felt. Other-
wise the control can be damaged.
Turn the control in a clockwise direc-
tion only to the symbol "n".
Then select the setting required.
Turning the zone control back to "0"
switches off:
– the cooking zone, and
– the extended area.
On hobs with enclosed hotplates, there
are two different sizes and perfor-
mance levels of hotplate.

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