Miele KM 88-2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions
KM 88-2
M.-Nr. 03 999 470



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  • Page 1 Operating instructions Electro-Grill KM 88-2 @Q\ä} M.-Nr. 03 999 470...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Help to protect our environment........3 Description of the appliance .
  • Page 3: Help To Protect Our Environment

    Help to protect our environment Help to protect our environment Disposal of packaging Disposal of your old machine The transport and protective packing is Old machines contain materials which mostly manufactured from the following can be recycled. Please contact your re-usable materials: local authorities or scrap merchant about potential recycling schemes,...
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Description of the appliance...
  • Page 5 A grill plate (griddle) GP 88 can be pur- approx. 1.10 m long. chased from specialist dealers for use N.B. plug may vary according to with the KM 88-2 Electro-grill. country. Drain tap Control for the front heating element Indicator light...
  • Page 6: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Warning and Safety Instructions Warning and Safety Instructions Do not connect the appliance to the This appliance complies with all rele- mains electricity supply by an exten- vant legal safety requirements. Im- sion lead. Extension leads do not guaran- proper use of the appliance can, tee the required safety of the appliance.
  • Page 7 Warning and Safety Instructions Warning and Safety Instructions Do not leave the appliance unat- Keep these instructions in a safe tended when cooking with oils and place and pass them on to any future fats as these are fire hazards if over- user.
  • Page 8: Operation

    Operation Operation The grill is divided into two heating Grilling and keeping food warm areas. Each element is regulated by an The separate control of the two parts of energy control. When the controls are the grill makes it possible, . . . switched on the relevant indicator light .
  • Page 9: Grilling

    Grilling Grilling Grilling over lava rock Grilling over the water trough Before beginning to operate the grill, Before switching on the heating ele- remove the grill racks and raise the ments: heating elements. Take the lava rock remove the lava rock container from out of its bag and put it into the lava the grill interior.
  • Page 10 Grilling Grilling Cooking chart for grilling over lava rock / over the water trough Food Setting Time in mins* Fillet Steak (40Z) - On Elements 2 (Rare) 6 (Med.) - On Racks 4 (Rare) 10 (Med.) Pork Chop Pork Kebab Lamb Chop Spare Ribs Sausage...
  • Page 11: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and Care Cleaning and Care Grill racks Grill interior The grill racks can be washed . . . After grilling over the water trough, the . . . by hand, in a solution of washing- liquid is drained out of the grill interior up liquid or via the drain tap.
  • Page 12: After Sales Service

    In the event of any fault which you can- not correct yourself, or if the appliance is under guarantee, please contact: Your Miele Dealer The Miele Service Department The address of the nearest Service De- partment is given on the back page. When contacting the Service Depart- ment, please quote the Model and Ser- ial No.
  • Page 13: Electrical Connection And Technical Data

    E or by the earth symbol z or is given on the data plate. coloured green or green and yellow. For KM 88-2 connection should be The wire which is coloured blue must made by a fused plug (U.K. only) and be connected to the terminal which is switched socket.
  • Page 14 The correct fuse rating of the replace- ment fuses that are ASTA approved to BS 1362 should be fitted. Replace- ment fuse covers may be purchased from your local electrical suppliers, electricity showrooms, or Miele Service Agent.
  • Page 15: Appliance Dimensions

    Appliance dimensions Appliance dimensions...
  • Page 16: Instructions For Building-In

    Instructions for building-in Instructions for building-in These hobs are classified as ”Y“ class for heat protection. There may be a wall Width Depth at the rear and wall or tall units at one Dimen- side. On the other side, however, no sion B) unit or divider must stand higher than in mm...
  • Page 17 Instructions for building-in Instructions for building-in Stick the seal provided under the When building-in several Combiset edge of the hob. units, a spacer bar must be fitted be- tween the units. It is supplied with its own installation instructions. loosen tighten Appliance Tensioning screw...
  • Page 20 Alteration rights reserved / 22 / 002 AUS, GB, IRL,NZ, ZA - 4097...