Miele KM 410 Operating Instructions Manual

Electric grill
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Instructions for the
KM 410
Electric Grill
To prevent accidents and
machine damage,
read the Operating Manual
before installation or use.
M.-Nr. 05 060 910



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  Summary of Contents for Miele KM 410

  • Page 1 Operating Instructions for the KM 410 Electric Grill ]ö To prevent accidents and machine damage, read the Operating Manual before installation or use. M.-Nr. 05 060 910...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Description of the appliance ......... 3 Warning and safety instructions.
  • Page 3: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Description of the appliance Grate Heating element (can be raised up) Lava rocks Lava rock container Operating indicator lamp Drain valve Control knob Power cord Water trough...
  • Page 4: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Warning and safety instructions Warning and safety instructions Installation and connection Correct usage Do not operate the appliance until- When using your appliance, follow properly installed in the countertop. basic safety precautions including This appliance is intended for the following: residential use only.
  • Page 5 Warning and safety instructions In areas subject to infestation by Protection from damage cockroaches or other vermin, keep Do not use any type of aluminium the appliance and its surroundings products including pots, pans, and clean at all times. Any damage caused foil on the grill.
  • Page 6 Warning and safety instructions Extinguish flames immediately Protection from burns The appliance becomes very hot Replace the lava rocks regularly. when in use. Make sure that no Rocks saturated with oil or fat one comes in contact with it. The heat- catch fire easily.
  • Page 7 While the appliance is under war- nually “tripping” the circuit breaker. ranty repairs should only be per- Contact the Miele Technical Service De- formed by a Miele authorized service partment. technician. Otherwise the warranty is in- Do not use the appliance until it has validated.
  • Page 8 Warning and safety instructions Before discarding an old ap- Further safety notes pliance, remove the power cord When using a portable appliance and any doors to prevent it from be- make sure that its power cord coming a hazard. does not come into contact with the cooktop.
  • Page 9: Before Using For The First Time

    It should be placed in the space pro- vided at the back of this book. The address of the nearest Miele Tech- nical Service Department can be found on the back cover. If it becomes...
  • Page 10: Disposal Of Packing Materials

    Before using for the first time Disposal of packing materials Disposal of an old appliance The cardboard box and packing ma- Old appliances contain materials that terials protect the appliance during can be recycled. Please contact your shipping. They have been designed to local recycling center about the possi- be biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 11: Cleaning And Heating For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Metal components have a protective Cleaning and heating for the coating which may give off a slight first time smell the first time your new appliance Before using for the first time clean the is heated.
  • Page 12: Using The Appliance

    Using the appliance Using the appliance Turning on and off Before grilling The grill can be turned on or off by turn- The grill can be used with or without ing the control knob either clockwise or lava rocks. When cooking without lava counterclockwise.
  • Page 13: Grilling

    Using the appliance Correct procedure: Grilling Preheat the grill by setting it to "12" While grilling, watch the level of and allowing it to run for approxi- water in the trough. If necessary, mately 5 minutes. add more water. Grill meat for a few minutes at the highest setting to sear the outside Do not use aluminium dishes, pans, and seal in the juices.
  • Page 14 Using the appliance Tips on grilling Food Approximate – To minimize splattering, dry moist cooking time foods with paper towels before grill- (min.) ing. Meat and sausages – Salt meat after grilling to prevent it from drying out. Sausages 6 - 8 Cutlets 10 - 12 –...
  • Page 15: Overheating Protection

    Using the appliance Overheating protection After grilling An overheating protection switch auto- Correct procedure: matically switches the appliance off if the water level drops too low. Turn off the grill. Fill up with water. Clean the grill after each use while it is still warm (not hot)! See the “Clean- When the appliance has cooled down ing and care”...
  • Page 16: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Cleaning and care Grate, Lava rock container, Under no circumstances use a heating element steam cleaner to clean this ap- pliance. Pressurized steam could Allow the appliance to cool down. cause permanent damage to the Clean the rack and the lava rock con- surface and to components for tainer after each use with a solution of which the manufacturer cannot ac-...
  • Page 17: Water Trough

    Cleaning and care Remove or wipe clean any residues Water trough remaining in the reservoir. The heat- Let the water cool to a safe tempera- ing element can be raised to make ture to prevent burns. this easier. Place a container of a suitable size Fill the water trough with a mild solu- (a metal pot for example) under the tion of liqiud dish soap and warm...
  • Page 18: Problem Solving Guide

    Any repairs or maintenance per- necessary to call either an electrician formed by unqualified personnel or the Miele Technical Service Dept. could be dangerous. Some minor problems can be resolved as follows: What to do if...
  • Page 19: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection Electrical connection WARNING: All electrical work should be per- THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE formed by a qualified electrician in GROUNDED accordance with local and national codes. The appliance is provided with 3 leads; L1 (black), L2 (red) and GND (green). They must be connected to a dedi- cated line through the use of an ap- Note to the installer:...
  • Page 20: After Sales Service

    After sales service After sales service See the back page for the phone number of the nearest Miele Technical Service Department. Please have the model and serial number of the appliance available when contact- ing the Technical Service Department. Space for data label...
  • Page 24 Alteration rights reserved 01/2900 This paper is made from cellulose bleached without the use of chlorine.