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Problem Solving Guide - Miele KM 460 Operating Instructions Manual

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Installation work and repairs to
electrical components of this
appliance must only be carried out
by a suitably qualified and
competent person in accordance
with local and national safety
regulations. Repairs and other work
by unqualified persons could be
dangerous. The manufacturer
cannot be held liable for
unauthorised work.
What to do if ...
... the hob or cooking zones cannot
be switched on
Check whether
– the safety lock is activated.
If necessary, deactivate it (see
"Safety lock").
– the mains fuse has blown.
If none of the above is the case, then
disconnect the appliance from the
electricity supply for approx. 1 minute.
To do this:
– switch off at the isolator, or
– withdraw the mains fuse.
Reconnect to the mains supply and
switch the appliance on. If it still does
not heat up then contact a qualified
electrician or the Miele Service

Problem solving guide

... the hob switches off while it is in
use and a residual heat indicator H or
a flashing F appears in the display for
at least one of the cooking zones and
at the same time an audible tone
One of the cooking zones has probably
been on for too long, or one of the
sensors may have been covered over
(see "Safety switch-off").
... the heating switches on and off at
the highest setting on one of the
cooking zones
The overheating protection mechanism
has been triggered (see "Overheating
... the food in the pan hardly heats up
or does not heat up at all when the
Auto heat-up function is switched on
This could be because:
– the pan is not conducting heat
– there is too much food in the pan.
Select a higher continued cooking
setting next time or start cooking at the
highest setting and then turn down to a
lower setting manually later on.

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