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Cleaning And Care - Miele KM 460 Operating Instructions Manual

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Do not use a steam cleaner to clean
this appliance. The steam could
reach electrical components and
cause a short circuit. Pressurised
steam could also cause permanent
damage to the surface and to
components, for which the
manufacturer cannot accept liability.
Do not use any sharp objects which
could damage the seal between the
ceramic surface and the
surrounding frame and between the
frame and the worktop.
Never use cleaners containing sand,
soda, alkalis, acids or chlorides,
oven sprays, dishwasher
detergents, nor steel wool, abrasive
cleaning agents, hard brushes,
scouring pads and cloths. You
should also avoid using sponges
etc. which have previously been
used with abrasive cleaning agents,
as this will damage the surface.
Do not use washing up liquid to
clean the ceramic surface as it can
leave a blue sheen which may be
difficult to remove.
A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available from
the Miele UK Spare Parts Department
which is suitable for cleaning surfaces
such as stainless steel, glass, plastic
and chrome without the use of

Cleaning and care

Clean the appliance regularly,
preferably after each use. Allow the hob
to cool down before cleaning.
To prevent the risk of spillages burning
on, remove any soiling as soon as
possible, and ensure that pan bases
are clean, dry and free of grease.
Most soiling can be wiped off using a
damp cloth. Stubborn soiling may need
to be removed with a shielded scraper
After cleaning, dry thoroughly with a
soft cloth to prevent a build-up of
limescale deposits
To remove any limescale deposits,
caused for example by water boiling
oven as well as metallic marks e.g. from
saucepan bases, the ceramic surface
can be cleaned using a proprietary
cleaning agent for ceramic surfaces.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions
on the packaging and apply using a
soft cloth or kitchen paper towel.
Finally, wipe the hob surface with a
damp cloth and then dry it with a clean
soft cloth. Ensure that every trace of
cleaner has been removed from the
surface. Any remaining trace could
have a corrosive effect on the hob
when it is next heated up.
Note that some cleaning agents contain
a protective additive designed to
prevent water marks and smears
adhering to the surface.

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