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To Connect A Usb Disk; Usb Memory Connection - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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Connecting a Computer
To use a PC, set the monitor output resolution on the PC
before connecting it to the television. To display the optimum
picture, use the PC setting feature.
The PC audio input terminal on the television is
shared with the YPbPr terminal.
Some PC models cannot be connected to this
television. An adaptor is not needed for computers
with a compatible mini D-sub15-pin terminal.
Depending on the DVD's title and the specifi cations
of the PC on which you are playing the DVD-Video,
some scenes may be skipped or you may not be
able to pause during multiangle scenes.
Connecting a USB Disk

To Connect a USB Disk

You can connect a USB disk to your TV by using
the USB input of the TV. This feature allows you to
display/play music, photo or video fi les stored in a
USB stick.
It is possible that certain types of USB devices (e.g.
MP3 Players) may not be compatible with this TV.
You may back up your fi les before making any
connections to the TV set in order to avoid any
possible data loss. Note that manufacturer will not
be responsible for any fi le damage or data loss.
The TV supports only FAT32 disk formatting. NTFS
format is not supported. If you connect a USB disk
with NTFS format, "usb is unformatted" osd will
be displayed.
Do not pull out USB module while playing a fi le.
CAUTION: Quickly plugging and unplugging USB
devices, is a very hazardous operation. Especially,
do not repeatedly quickly plug and unplug the drive.
This may cause physical damage to the USB player
and especially the USB device itself .

USB Memory Connection

Plug your USB device to the USB input of the TV.
IMPORTANT: The TV supports only FAT32 disk
formatting. NTFS format is not supported.
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