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Initial Installation - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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Before switching on the television put your decoder and media recorder to Standby if they are connected
and ensure the aerial is connected to your television. To set up the television use the buttons on the remote
IMPORTANT: Ensure that the aerial or cable (*) is
connected and a Common Interface module is not
inserted before switching on the TV for the fi rst time
installation (Only for 40BV700G model).
Connect the mains plug and switch the TV into
standby using the side On/Off switch. Press
any numbered or standby button on the remote
control, then the language selection menu will be
displayed. This screen will appear the fi rst time
that the television is switched on and each time
the television is reset.
By pressing the
Up or Down buttons highlight the
language you want to set and press OK button.
The following message will be displayed next:
By pressing
Left or Right button, select the
country you want to set and press Down button
to highlight Teletext Language option. Use
Left or Right button to select desired Teletext
Down button after setting Teletext Language
option. Scan Encrypted will be then highlighted.
You can set Scan Encrypted as Yes if you want
to scan coded stations.
OK button on the remote control to continue
and the following message will be displayed on
the screen:

Initial Installation

control as detailed on page 5.
Select Yes by using
press OK to continue. Afterwards, the following
OSD will be displayed on the screen (*):
If you select
will be displayed (*) :
You can select frequency ranges from this
screen. For highlighting lines you see, use Up or
Down button. You can enter the frequency range
manually by using the numeric buttons on the
remote control. Set Start and Stop Frequency as
desired by using numeric buttons on the remote
control. After this operation, you can set Search
Step as 8000 KHz or 1000 KHz. If you select
1000 KHz, the Tv will perform search process in a
detailed way. Searching duration will thus increase
accordingly. (*) When fi nished, press OK button
to start automatic search.
If you select
screen, the television will search for broadcasts. (*)
(*) Only for 40BV700G model
The Auto tuning screen will appear and the
television will start to search for available stations.
The progress bar will move along the line. You
must allow the television to complete the search.
Tthe following OSD will be displayed on the
screen and the television will search for digital
English - 11 -
Left or Right buttons and
CABLE option, the following screen
AERIAL option from the Search Type
26.10.2010 11:00:08
26.10.2010 11:00:08

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