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Confi Guring Source Settings; Input Selection; Confi Guring Other Settings - General; Operation - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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Confi guring Source Settings
You can enables or disable selected source
options. The TV will not switch to the disabled
source options when SOURCE button is pressed.
Sources in the Settings menu and press
OK button.
Up or Down buttons to select a source.
Left or Right button to enable or disable the
selected source. Changes are automatically stored.

Input Selection

Use the Input Selection window if the television
does not switch over to a connected source
• Press SOURCE button on your remote control for directly
changing sources. Or select Source option from the
main menu by using Left or Right button. Use then Up or
Down button to highlight an input and press Right
button to select.
Source Settings, Other Controls
You can confi gure the settings of your TV. Select
Confi guration from Setup menu and press OK to view
this menu. Press the BACK button on the remote
control to exit.
To view general confi guration preferences, select
Other Settings in the Settings menu and press OK
To set a specifi c display timeout for menu screens,
set a value for this option.
In the OTHER SETTINGS menu, select Menu
Timeout and choose 5 sec, 30 sec or 60 sec using
Left or Right button.
When this setting is on, search process will locate
the encrypted channels as well. If it is set as OFF
manually, encrypted channels will not be located
while in automatic search or manual search. Scan
Encrypted Channel feature will always be ON after
performing first time installation.
English - 26 -
Confi guring Other Settings - General


Up or Down buttons to select an item.
Left or Right button to set an option.
OK button to view a sub-menu.

Menu Timeout

Scan Encrypted

In the
CONFIGURATION menu, use Up or Down
buttons to select Scan Encrypted.
Left or Right button to set this function as
Yes or No.
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26.10.2010 11:00:11

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