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Viewing Parental Control Menu; Menu Lock; Maturity Lock; Child Lock - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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Digital Settings - Parental Control, Menu Lock, Set PIN

Viewing Parental Control Menu

Press MENU button and select the Settings by using
Left or Right button. Press OK button to view Settings
menu. Use Up or Down button to highlight Parental
and press OK to continue:
Confi guration by using Up or Down button
and press OK.
Parental Control by using Up or Down
button and press OK.
A dialogue box asking for the lock key will be
displayed. The default key is set to 0000. Enter
If it is incorrect, "
Wrong Pin" OSD will be displayed.
If it is correct, the Parental Control menu will be

Menu Lock

In menu lock you can set locking for all menus, or the
Installation Menu to restrict access to these menus.
If the menu lock is disabled, there will be free access
to the menu system.
Up or Down buttons to go to Menu Lock
option. Use Left or Right buttons to choose Menu
Lock Mode.
DISABLED : All menus are unlocked.
ALL MENUS : All Menus are accessible only with
the correct lock key. So the user cannot add, delete,
rename, channels, cannot set timers.
INSTALLATION MENU : Installation menu is locked.
So the user can't add channels. Changes will be
updated after exiting 'Confi guration Menu'.
You can view or set parental preferences of your TV.
English - 18 -

Maturity Lock

When set, this option gets the maturity information
from the broadcast and if this maturity level is disabled,
disables access to the broadcast.

Child Lock

Child Lock disables the buttons on the television. All
buttons on the remote control can still be used.
In the
FEATURE menu, select Child Lock and
choose On or Off using Left or Right button.
Child Lock is On, a reminder will appear
when the buttons on the television are pressed. If the
standby button is pressed, the television will switch
off and can only be brought out of standby by using
the remote control.


Up or Down buttons to select Set PIN option.
Press OK to display the Set PIN window.
Use numeric buttons to enter new pin number. You
will need to input your new pin a second time for
verifi cation purposes.
After typing correct PIN numbers, PIN number will
be changed.
Note: The factory default pin number is 0000, if you
change the pin number make sure you write it down
and keep it safe.
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