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Timers; Setting Sleep Timer; Setting Programme Timers; Confi Guring Date/Time Settings - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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To view Timers menu, press MENU button and select
Settings icon by using Left or Right button. Press OK
button to view Settings menu. Use Up or Down button
to highlight Timers and press OK to continue:

Setting Sleep Timer

The television can be set to turn itself Off after a
certain length of time.
Highlight Sleep Timer by using
Left or Right button to set. The timer can be
programmed between Off and 2.00 hours (120
minutes) in steps of 30 minutes.

Setting Programme Timers

This feature will set the television to go to a specifi c
channel at a certain time. It can be used to view
a particular programme, or by setting the mode
to daily or weekly, can be used to view a series of
Press Down button to set timers on an event.
Programme timer function buttons will be displayed
on the screen.
Adding a Timer
YELLOW button on the remote control to
add a timer. The following menu appears on the
Channel: Changes channel by using Left or Right.
Timer Type: This feature is unavailable to be set.
Date: Enter a date using the numeric buttons.
Start: Enter a starting time using the numeric
End: Enter an ending time using the numeric
Duration: Displays duration between the starting and
ending time.
Mode: Sets a timer to be repeated as Once, Daily
or Weekly. Use Left or Right buttons to select an
GREEN button to save the timer. Press RED
button to cancel.
Change/Delete: Controls parental settings on timers.
Editing a Timer
Select the timer you want to edit by pressing
Down button.
Setting Timers, Setting Date/Time
Up or Down
Up or
English - 25 -
GREEN button. Edit Timer menu screen will
be displayed.
When fi nished with editing, press
save. You can press MENU button to cancel.
Deleting a Timer
Select the timer you want to delete by pressing
or Down button.
RED button.
YES by using Left or Right buttons to delete
the timer. Select NO to cancel.
Confi guring Date/Time Settings
You can confi gure date/time preferences by using
this menu screen.
Date/Time in the Settings menu to confi gure
Date/Time settings. Press OK button.
Up or Down buttons to highlight Date/Time.
Date, Time, Time Settings Mode and Time Zone
Setting will be available.
Up or Down buttons to highlight the Time
Settings Mode. Time Settings Mode is set using
Left or Right buttons. It can be set to AUTO or
When AUTO is selected, Date/Time and Time
Zone options will not be available to be set. If
MANUAL option is selected as the Time Zone can
be altered:
• By pressing Up or Down buttons select Time Zone.
Use Left or Right buttons to change the Time Zone
between GMT-12 or GMT+12. Date/Time on the top
of the menu list will then change according to the
selected Time Zone.
Changes are automatically stored. Press
to exit.
GREEN button to
26.10.2010 11:00:11
26.10.2010 11:00:11

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