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Stereo And Bilingual Transmissions; Displaying Subtitles; Viewing Main Menu; Controlling Volume And Muting Sound - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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Stereo and Bilingual Transmissions

For ATV broadcats
If stereo or dual language broadcasts are transmitted, the
word Stereo or Dual will appear on the screen each time posi-
tions are changed, disappearing after a few seconds. If the
broadcast is not in stereo, the word Mono will appear.
Stereo... Press LANG. to select Stereo or Mono.
Bilingual... Bilingual transmissions are rare. If they are
transmitted, the word Dual will be displayed. Choose the
required programme number, and if the word Dual appears,
press LANG. to select Dual 1, Dual 2 or Mono.
For DTV broadcasts
To view current language and for changing to an alternative
language (if available), press LANG. button. Available op-
tions will be listed.

Displaying Subtitles

In digital broadcasts, this feature will show subtitles
on the screen in the selected language provided they
are being broadcast.
SUBTTL button to activate available
SUBTTL button again to turn off subtitles.
General Operation
• Press "
time to view main menu.
• Press MENU button on the remote control to view main

Controlling Volume and Muting Sound

Press V+ or V- to adjust the volume.
Sound Mute
Press "
" once to turn the sound off and again to

Selecting Programme Positions

To select a programme position use the numbered
buttons on the remote control. Programme positions
can also be selected using P+ and P- .
Press INFO to display the on-screen information i.e.
programme position, stereo/mono signal and picture
format. To revert to the previous programme position
English - 14 -

Viewing Main Menu

"/ "
" buttons on the TV at the same
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