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Backlight; Power Save Mode; Blue Background; Software Upgrade - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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This setting controls the backlight level.
Select Backlight by pressing Up or Down button.
Press Left or Right button to set Backlight to Auto,
Medium, Maximum or Minimum.
Note: Backlight adjustment is not available when
Power Save mode is switched ON. Please see page
9 of this manual for explanation.

Power Save Mode

Use Up or Down button to select Power Save Mode.
Press Left or Right button to set Power Save Mode
as On or Off.
See the section, "Environmental Information" in
this manual for further information on Power Save
Note : Backlight function will be invisible if Power Save
Mode is set to on.

Blue Background

If the signal is weak or absent, the TV will automatically
change to a blue screen. To enable this, set Blue
Background to On .
In the
OTHER SETTINGS menu, select Blue
Background and choose On or Off using Left or
Right button.

Software Upgrade

This feature helps to keep your TV updated. It works
automatically and searches for new information
when available. Note that this setting is inactive to
be modifi ed.
To ensure that your TV always has the most update
information, you can use this setting. In order for the
proper operation, please ensure that the TV is set to
standby mode.
You can enable or disable automatic upgrade by
setting Automatic Scanning option.
You can manually search for new software by
selecting Scan for upgrade.
Other Controls
If the broadcaster enables any special signal
concerning the audio, you can set this setting as On
to receive such signals.
Up or Down button to select Hard of Hearing
and then press Left or Right button to set this setting
as On or Off.
Audio description refers to an additional narration
track for blind and visually impaired viewers of
visual media, including television and movies. The
description narrator talks through the presentation,
describing what is happening on the screen during the
natural pauses in the audio (and sometimes during
dialogue, if deemed necessary). You can use this
feature, only if the broadcaster supports that additional
narration track.
Audio Description by pressing Up or
Down buttons.
Left or Right buttons to set.
You can set the timeout value of auto off feature.After
the timeout value is reached and the Tv is not operated
for selected time , the TV will go off.
When you set the desired broadcast type by using "
" or " " button, the TV will display the related channel
list. If the related source has does not include any
stored channels, "No channels for this type have been
found." message will be displayed on the screen.
(*) This setting is visible only when the Country option
is set to Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
If the Standby Search is set to On, when the TV is
in standby mode, the TV will look for any changes in
the saved channels.
Up or Down button to select Standby Search
and then press Left or Right button to set this setting
as On or Off.
In the
FEATURE menu, select Menu Background.
Left or Right button to set the transparency
English - 27 -

Hard of Hearing

Audio Description

Auto TV Off

Broadcast Type

Standby Search (*)

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