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Digital Aerial Manual Search; Digital Cable Manual Search (*); Analogue Manual Search; Analogue Fine Tune - Toshiba 40BV700F Owner's Manual

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The television can be tuned-in manually using Manual Search feature.

Digital Aerial Manual Search

The feature is available for service engineers or
can be used for direct channel entry if the multiplex
channel is known.
Manual Search from the Installation menu
and press OK.
After selecting search type as
enter the multiplex or frequency number using the
numeric buttons and press OK button to search.
Enter the multiplex number using the numeric
buttons. The television will automatically search
for that multiplex. When the multiplex is found any
channels not currently on the programme list will be
added and the programme information at the top of
the screen will be updated.
Repeat as necessary.

Digital Cable Manual Search (*)

In cable manual scan, you can enter frequency,
modulation, symbol rate and network channel scan
options. After selecting search type as Digital Cable,
you can set the desired options and press OK button
to search.
(*) Only for 40BV700G model
Manual Tuning, Analogue Fine Tuning
Digital Aerial, you can
English - 13 -

Analogue Manual Search

The television can be tuned-in manually. For example:
if the television cannot be connected to a media
recorder/decoder with a SCART lead or to tune-in a
station on another System.
To allocate a programme position on the television
for a decoder and media recorder: turn the decoder
on, insert a pre-recorded fi lm into the media recorder
and press PLAY, then manually tune.
After selecting search type as analogue, you can use
Up or Down button to highlight an item and then press
Left or Right button to set an option.
Enter the channel number or frequency using the
numeric buttons. You can then press OK button
to search. When the channel is located, any new
channels that are not on the list will be stored.

Analogue Fine Tune

Analog Fine Tune from the Installation menu
by using Up or Down and OK buttons. Analog fi ne
tune screen will be displayed. Analog Fine Tune
feature will not be available if there are no analog
channels, digital channels and external sources
OK button to proceed. Use Left or Right
button to set Fine Tune. When fi nished, press OK
button again.
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