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New Oven Odor; Oven Vent; Using Foil - Maytag 336125 Use And Care Manual

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OVEN LIGHT (Some Models)
The switch for this light is located on the control panel. See page
more information.
the oven. Rack positIons are
number 1. In general, when
used. When using two racks,
hen using cookie sheets, place them wtth the long side toward the front
of the oven and centered on the rack When using two cookre sheets at
the same time use rack positions No.2 and 4. The cookies on the lower
rack may be done l-2 minutes before the ones on the higher rack. You
may want to switch rack
Pans too close to each ot t
ositions when baking is halfway finished.
er, to oven walls or to the oven bottom block
!he free movement of air. Improper air movement causes uneven brown-
tng and cookmg.
Normally there should be 1% to 2 Inches of air space on all sides of each
pan In me oven. See Ups below.
When using a large flal pan lhal
covers most of the rack. center on
one rack
Sheel Cakes, Cookies.
The pan or pans using the least
amount of rack area should be
pEkzd on the lower of the two
Cake Layers, Pies
Casseroles. 3 oans
When baking a sponge or angel
food cake cenler on one rack in the
l&Jest posItIon
Angel Food
or Sponge Cake
two racks
several pang, stagger them so
is directly
anot er.
Cake Lavers. Pies
4 Pans (itaggered)
During the first baking and broiling cycles on your new oven, there may
be some odor. This is normal and is caused by the heating of new parts
and insulation. This odor will go away within a short time. A vent fan or
other ventilation will help to clear the air.
When the oven IS on, heated air moves through a vent in the cooktop.
On solid disk element models this vent is between the two rear elements,
on the cooktop. For open coil element models this vent IS below the right
rear cooktop elements. On the cooktop, this hot air may make pot handles
hot or melt plastic things left too near the vent.
The vent IS needed for proper air flow in the oven and good baking results.
Do not block this vent. Doing so may cause cooking failure,
fire or
damage to the range.
For Baking
To catch spillovers,
cut a piece of foil slightly larger than the pan and turn
up the edges. use two oven racks and put the foil on the lower oven rack
below the pan. Do not use alummum foil directly under2 pan on the same
oven rack The foil will reflect heat away from the pan.
Do not cover the oven bottom or an entire oven rack
with foil. The foil can block normal heat flow, cause
cooking failures,
and damage the oven interior.
For Roasting
For slow brownina. olace a foil "tent" loosely over the meat. This IS especial-
ly good on a large Turkey. The "tent" lets-oven heat circulate under the
foil Sealing the foil will tend to steam the meat.
To reduce spattering,
lightly crush loll and put It in the bottom of the pan
under the food
For Broiling
Do not cover the entire broiler
grid with foil. Poor
of hot fat may cause a broiler fire.
If a fire starts, close the oven door and turn controls
off. If fire contmues. throw baking soda on the fife. DO
nnt nllt water nr flour on the fire. Flour mav be exolosive.



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