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Maytag 336125 Use And Care Manual page 15

Drop-in self cleaning
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Control Panel
(some cooktops)
Pull knobs off (see page 15 for easy removal method) and
wash at sink In soap and water. Wash control panel wrth
soap and water,rrnse, then, dry with a paper towel. Important:
See page 15 for correct replacement
of knobs.
Wash wrth soap and water. For heavy SOII. cover with a damp
cloth and let soak 30 mrnutes. A chrome cleaner may be
used. To remove finger prints on brushed chrome, apply a
small amount of baby 011 or cooking 011 wrth a cloth or paper
Rub In the same direction as the brush marks on the
chrome. Do not rrnse chrome wrth vrnegar and water solution
Acrdic mrxtures may damage the chrome frnrsh.
Porcelarn enamel can crack or chip wrth misuse. It can Starr
rf acrd spillovers are not cleaned up qurckly. Wash with soap
and water. For heavy sorl, cover wrth a damp cloth and let
soak 30 minutes or use a plastic or nylon scouring pad.Rrnse,
See page 15 for instructrons on removing cookfop elements.
Do not put cooktop
into water to clean. They
clean themselves when heated during use. Wash cooktop
reflector bowls with soap and water after each spillover, us-
ing a plastic or nylon scounng pad If spills go below reflec-
tor bowls, Ilft the cooktop to clean below (see Burner Box,
Wash with a damp soapy cloth.Remove
stubborn so11 wrth
a paste of baking soda and water or ammonia and water.
Do not use abrasive materials. Before using an all-purpose
check the label to be sure it is recom-
Wash with soap and water, rrnse, then dry with a paper towel
Avoid cleaning powders or abrasives which may scratch
then dry with a paper towel. If you are not sure if a surface
is paint or porcelain,
follow the instructions
in the paint sec-
tion of this chart.
below). Wash the chrome tnm rings with soap and water rubb-
ing gently with a plastic or nylon scounng pad. Excessrve rubb-
rng may scratch the frnrsh. Soak stubborn soil with an ammonia
soaked paper towel. A chrome cleaner may be used Do not
try to clean chrome trim rings in the self-clean
mended for glass-some
will permanently
damage glass. To
help prevent a brown residue from formrng on the oven wrn-
dow the next time the oven is heated, rrnse the rnsrde wrndow
wrth vinegar and water, then dry
the surface
1 E%
Wash with soap and water then dry. Do not use abrasive
or caustrc cleaners.
Use soap, water and a scouring pad for touch up cleaning
between self-cleaning cycles. Give a final rinse with vinegar
and water. Avoid any contact with the oven door seal (see
below). Never use any oven cleaners.
Door Seal
Soak soiled area with hydrogen
peroxide (See page 12).
Oven Racks
Remove from oven (see rnstructrons on page 18) and wash
at srnk with soap, water and a scouring
Broil Pan
and Grid
Do not leave in range to cool. If you clean rmmedrately, the
detergent then cover wrth a wet cloth or paper towel and let soak.
so11 WIII steam loose while you are eating. Remove pan from
Later wash In soap and water
usrng a scouring
pad as
oven and remove fat and drippings.
Spnnkle pan with
Both the pan and grid are dishwasher
Storage Drawer
Wash with soap and water. Soak stubborn soil with damp
easrer cleanrng. (See page 16).
(some models)
cloth. Dry with paper towel. Drawer can be removed for



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