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Installation And Adjustment - Haier HWM60-Z918 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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Installation and adjustment

Please install and adjust the machine according to the requirement of the manual. It is very important
to your security and correct operating the machine.
After you open the package, please lean
the washing machine gently down on soft
items (like the towel cloth, blanket, ect. ).
Install the bottom plate to the bottom of
the machine, then lift the machine up
gently. See to the figure:
Two claws at the bottom cover shall
be inserted in two bar-shaped holes
in the stand. Make sure the claws
are firmly in place.
Fasten the bottom plate to
base frame with one screw
The washing machine away from wall should be overrun 20mm. The largest allowable slope
of the shank base of the machine is 2°. The slanting or rough ground will result in unstable
running or stoppage of the machine. Please adjust it with following methods:
it's horizontal:
Hang the lead line to check if it is horizontal.
Adjust the adjustable foot:
To twist the adjustable foot, please fi rst lift up the side of the foot slightly, and then you
can twist the two adjustable feet. Please make sure to keep the washing machine
in balance.
Section I enlarging
The adjustable foot
Soft items
Bottom plate

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