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Haier HWM60-15P User Manual

Haier twin-tub washing machine user's manual
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Twin-tub Washing Machine
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carefully before using.
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User's manual



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HWM60-15P

  • Page 1 Twin-tub Washing Machine This manual is for HWM60-15P Please read this manual carefully before using. Retain it for future reference. User's manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Names of the parts Safety precautions Installation and adjustment Preparation before washing The musts in washing Usage of the detergent Washing sequence Disposal after washing Trouble-shooting *Answers to question Packing list *Specification...
  • Page 3: Names Of The Parts

    Names of the parts Buzzer Water-filling entrance Water inlet selector handle Wash selector Wash timer Control panel Overflow filter Wash water-filling entrance Water level adjusting lever Lint filter Pulsator Wash tub Base frame Drain hose Wash tub cover Meaning and description of the symbols Warning sign Forbidding sign Please check if the power receptacle has good earthing...
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Please insert the power cord into special receptacle with rated vol- tage.Be sure to use single-phase three pins receptacle.The earthing terminal of the receptacle must be earthed reliably.If possible,please adopt electric leakage protector. If the power cord is bad, to avoid risk it is required to replace it by the technicians of our special shop or the after-sale service department.
  • Page 5 Safety precautions Do not stretch hands into the working machine. It is dangerous even if the rotation is slow. Take special care of the children. Do not put any hot or heavy items ( such as the kettle with hot water ) on the washing machine.
  • Page 6: Installation And Adjustment

    It is very important to your security and correct operating the machine. Voltage change This washer is assembled for 220V, but can be changed from 220V to 127V. Check your electrical source and follow the diagram below to convert voltage. (1).
  • Page 7: How To Change The Direction Of The Drain Hoses

    4.If extra drain hose is needed , please make separate purchase. The inner diameter of the extra hose shall not less than 30mm, and the length shall not exceed 1.5m. If the extra hose is too long, cut it either at point A or B.
  • Page 8: Preparation Before Washing

    Preparation before washing Pay attention to followings before washing the laundries Check if Clear the the laundries pocket. Take has special out the coins, requirement sand, hairpins on washing etc. a. Check if the laundries are applicable for washing with machine. b.
  • Page 9: The Musts In Washing

    The musts in washing Usage of the detergent How to use the whitener Fill water to decided level. Dilute the whitener with container. Pour it slowly into the washing tub. Avoid using whitener on laun- dries with color or pattern as they are prone to lose color.
  • Page 10: Washing Sequence

    Washing sequence Wash timer Wash selector (To set to below 2 minute, (Standard current, first set to 6 minute then strong current) turn it back. it can increase the service life of the timer). STANDARD WASH TIMER WASH TIMER Wash 1.Water inlet selector (1) Set the water inlet selector at the "WASH"...
  • Page 11 Midway spinning 1.Put the laundries into the spin tub evenly and smoothly. 2.Spin (1) Put the gland in properly. Please put in the gland properly even if the laundries quantity is small. Push Gland Proper (2) Close the inner and outer cover of the spin tub. (3) Spin for 1-2 minutes.
  • Page 12: Rinse With Water-Filling

    Rinsing Rinse with water-filling 1.Put the laundries into the wash tub. Select suitable current according to the laundries. 2.Adjust the water level Set the water level with water level adjusting lever according to the laundries quantity. Then fill suitable water continuously. 3.Rinse Adjust the wash timer to 5-7 minutes to do rinsing.
  • Page 13 Spinning 1. Put the laundries into the spin tub evenly and smoothly. 2. Press the gland in the tub properly. Close the inner and outer cover of the spin tub. 3. Spin Select suitable spin time according to the laundries, and do spinning. During spinning, if there's abnormal sound, it is generally owing to slanting placement of the laundries.
  • Page 14: Disposal After Washing

    Disposal after washing After using, please clean the lint and foreign materials of the lint filter and overflow filter in time. Otherwise it may influence your using the machine. Please first pull off the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning. Cleaning the lint filter The lint filter must be used during washing.
  • Page 15: Cleaning The Overflow Filter

    Cleaning the overflow filter 2. Take off the corrugation pipe. Dismantle the upper part of the corrugation pipe inside overflow filter ( as indicated in Figure 1). 3. Cleaning the overflow filter Clean the lint around the filter and flush with tap water. 4.
  • Page 16: Trouble-Shooting Answers To Question

    Trouble-shooting Answers to question If the laundries fall to the outer side of the spin tub If the laundries fall to the outer side of the spin tub, please take them out immediately. 1.Dismantle As indicated in the figure, push the point marked with "...
  • Page 17 (If there's breakdown, please pull off the power plug before checking) The following phenomena are not breakdowns sometimes. Please confirm again before sending it to repair. If there are real breakdowns, please come to the special maintenance department or after-sale service department of our company. Do not repair it by yourself. Phenomena The machine does not act.
  • Page 18: Packing List

    Packing list Name User's manual Water inlet hose Lint filter Gland Water-filling jointer Twin-tub washing machine Specification Water level/Water quantity (about) Injection pressure(MPa) Rated washing / spinning capacity(kg) 6.0/5.0 (weight of standard dry cloth) Maximum/43L Medium/36L Minimum/30L 0.02 0.2 MADE IN CHINA Quantity One piece One piece...

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