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How To Use Spot Blocks - ProSpot Fitness P-500 Owner's Manual

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Using Spot Blocks is quick and easy. Just follow these instructions:
To Use Spot Blocks as a Secondarv Lockinq Device
1. Before positioning Spot Blocks, place the barbell into the lowest position
for the exercise you will be performing.
2. Once barbell is placed in desired position, lower Spot Blocks so that they
are touching the top of the slider locking block (the black box with the
ProSpot Fitness @ logo on it). To move Spot Blocks, place your index and
middle fingers underneath the finger grip and your thumb on the push-
release lever. Push in the push-release lever with your thumb and move
into desired position. Release the push-release lever to lock the Spot lock
in place, then ensure they are securely locked before using barbell.
3. Once in place, the barbell cannot be lowered beyond the position of the
Soot Blocks.
To Use Spot Blocks as a Traininq Aid
1. Determine where your'sticking point' is for desired exercise. (The 'sticking
point' refers to the specific portion of the movement where you are the
weakest and struggle to move the barbell upward any further.)
2. Position the Spot Blocks at the beginning of your'sticking point'. (Refer to
f2 above on how to move Spot Blocks.)
3. Perform the desired exercise with Spot Blocks in place. You will not be
able to lower the bar below your'sticking point', causing your muscles to
work harder at this point. Using this technique will strengthen this area and
help to eliminate your 'sticking point'.

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