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Maintenance Program; Maintenance Of Prospotfitness Product - ProSpot Fitness P-100 Owner's Manual

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Maintenance of ProSpoty'fzessrM Product
Intro: Our products are made ofdurable materials and have been factory tested to assure proper function
and reliability. Along with our Equipment Warranty, this gives the owner of our product the
confidence of a long lasting relationship with ProSpot/nessrM Inc. Our systems are designed in a
way to allow easy replacement ofparts both mechanical and electtical if the need should ever arise.
Ifyou are a new owner ofa ProSpoflnessrM system, three important things need to be done to
assure prompt service under the warranty:
l. Fill out and fax or mail to us your Product Warranty Registration Card along with a copy of
your sales receipt (proof of purchase) ifthis has not been done by your dealer at time ol
2. Your system needs to be set up properly according to the assembly manual.
3. Follow user instructions on how to properly use the system.
Maintenance Program
Our products are recommended for climate controlled environments. Outdoor use is not
recommended and will void the warranty.
Carefully inspect machine before each use to determine that it is
free from defects.
Do NOT use machine if you find:
l. A loose, broken or frayed cable (needs to be replaced)
2. A loose, broken or frayed power cord - (needs to be replaced)
3. Any broken, cracked, torn, frayed or defective parl ofthe machine - (needs to be replaced)
4. check all fasteners to make sure none have loosened with use. Tighten any loose fasteners.
5. Check for free movement ofall cable pulleys. Adjust ifnecessary.
6. Make sure guide rods and upright guide posts are free of dirt, adhesive residue or moisture.
Standard silicone lubricant (purchased from fitness dealers) is recommended for the lubrication
ofthese oarts.
Warning: Never perform any maintenance on the unit while the power supply is
plugged into the wall.
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