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Fujitsu Inverter 9319356068 Operating Manual page 8

Compact wall mounted type
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● When AUTO CHANGEOVER operation ¿ rst selected, the fan will operate
at very low speed for about a few minutes, during which time the indoor
unit detects the room conditions and selects the proper operation mode.
Room temperature is higher than the de¿ ned temperature in temperature
setting o Cooling mode or dry mode
Room temperature is close to the defined temperature in temperature
setting o Determined by outdoor temperature
Room temperature is lower than the de¿ ned temperature in temperature
setting o Heating mode
● When the indoor unit has adjusted your room's temperature to near the
temperature setting, it will begin monitor operation. In the monitor opera-
tion mode, the fan will operate at low speed. If the room temperature sub-
sequently changes, the indoor unit will once again select the appropriate
operation (Heating, Cooling) to adjust the temperature to the value set in
the temperature.
● If the mode automatically selected by the indoor unit is not what you wish,
select one of the mode operation (HEAT, COOL, DRY, FAN).
About Mode Operation
Heating: ● Use to warm your room.
● When Heating mode is selected, the indoor unit will operate at very low
fan speed for about 3 to 5 minutes, after which it will switch to the selected
fan setting. This period of time is provided to allow the indoor unit to warm
up before begin full operation.
● When the outdoor temperature is very low, frost may form on the outdoor
unit, and its performance may be reduced. In order to remove such frost,
the air conditioner will automatically enter the defrost cycle from time to
time. During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION Indicator
Lamp will À ash, and the Heat operation will be interrupted.
● After the start of Heating operation, it takes some time before the room
gets warmer.
Cooling: ● Use to cool your room.
● Use for gently cooling while dehumidifying your room.
● You cannot heat the room during Dry mode.
● During Dry mode, the indoor unit will operate at low speed; in order to ad-
just room humidity, the indoor unit's fan may stop from time to time. Also,
the fan may operate at very low speed when adjusting room humidity.
● The fan speed cannot be changed manually when Dry mode has been
● Use to circulate the air throughout your room.
To Stop Operation
Press the START/STOP button
The OPERATION Indicator Lamp (green) will go out.
9319356068_OM_En.indd 7
Cooling or Dry
temperature in
Determined by
outdoor temperature
During Heating:
Set the
to a temperature set-
ting that is higher than the present room
temperature. The Heating mode will not
operate if the
than the actual room temperature.
During Cooling/Dry:
Set the
to a temperature
setting that is lower than the present room
temperature. The Cooling and Dry modes
will not operate if the
higher than the actual room temperature (in
Cooling mode, the fan alone will operate).
During Fan:
You can not use the indoor unit to heat and
cool your room.
is set lower
is set
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Table of Contents

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