Pioneer DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Manual

720-disc dvd library
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720-Disc DVD Library
Operating Instructions
Manual Version 1.2
Released 26-February-2004
Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc.


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  • Page 1 720-Disc DVD Library DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Manual Version 1.2 Released 26-February-2004 Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc.
  • Page 2 This Class A digital apparatus meets all requirements of the Canadian Interference-Causing Equipment Regulations. The Generation of Acoustical Noise is Less Than 70 dB. (ISO 7779/DIN45635 Copyright © 1999-2004 Pioneer Electronic Corporation, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Printed in the United States of America...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Table of Contents 1.0 FEATURES OF THE DRM-7000 DISC CHANGER ................1 ........................1 LEXIBLE ESIGN ......................1 YPES OF AGAZINES ........................1 ASE OF NSTALLATION ........................2 ECURITY EATURES LCD M ..................... 2 ARGE ESSAGE ISPLAY ....................
  • Page 4 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Remove............................35 Add............................... 35 5.2.6 Hyper Submode ......................... 36 5.2.7 Probe Submode ......................... 37 5.2.8 Door Submode........................38 6.0 OPTIONAL/ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS..................39 ........................... 39 DDING RIVES ........................43 XCHANGING RIVES 7.0 TROUBLESHOOTING........................46 8.0 SPECIFICATIONS ........................... 48...
  • Page 5: Features Of The Drm-7000 Disc Changer

    The Pioneer DRM-7000 provides easily, accessed bays on both the front and the back of the unit as well as a hyper-magazine bay on the front. The bays support drives and/or 50-disc magazines and are fitted with access panels for the installation or removal of individual components.
  • Page 6: Security Features

    Administrator handle these security-sensitive activities. Large LCD Message Display The Control Panel is fitted with a large 2-line, 16-character LCD that displays operation instructions. It is possible to perform a wide variety of operations on the DRM-7000 using just five keys. Expandability and Improvement...
  • Page 7: Handling Precautions

    • The Changer manages the physical discs but not the content on the discs • Use Pioneer-recommended discs when working with a DVD Writer (please note that data recorded on to these disc is not covered by the warranty) •...
  • Page 8: Managing Offline Media

    (refer to the configuration guide at the end of this manual). The SCSI board and SCSI cables supplied with the DRM-7000 are designed for use in the following system configuration:...
  • Page 9: Products Provided With The Drm-7000

    (which drive will be at the end of the SCSI chain thus has the termination switch turned The DRM-7000 is shipped with a single power supply which provides enough power for up to eight devices installed in the lower rear bays (bay 1 through bay 8). The maximum power supplied to the eight bays is 5V/12A or 12V/8A with no more than 5V/4A or 12V/4A over any single connector.
  • Page 10: Add-On Products

    • Operating Instructions • Warranty Information • Service Network Sheet Add-On Products The following components may be purchased separately for use with the Pioneer DRM-7000 Changer. • 50-Disc Locking Magazine (DRM-AL751) This magazine is designed to maximize security. The locking mechanism prevents removing a disc from a magazine through commands to the Changer.
  • Page 11: Discs

    Discs The types of discs compatible with the Pioneer DRM-7000 vary depending upon the types of installed drives. Refer to the User’s Guides provide with the drives. Some standard handling practices are listed below.
  • Page 12: Names And Functions Of Individual Parts

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Names and Functions of Individual Parts - 8 -...
  • Page 13 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions - 9 -...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Operating Instructions Installation Positioning the Changer The instructions below lead through the physical installation of the DRM-7000. 1. Attach the placement fixtures To stabilize the Changer further, attach the placement fixtures at the corners of the unit • Always be sure to attach the placement fixtures first •...
  • Page 15: Before Using The Changer For The First Time

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions 3. Lock all four legs/wheels into place 4. Connect the power cord to the Changer • Insert the power cord into the rear of the changer before inserting the plug into the wall socket Caution: Always be sure to use only a power cord designed for use in that country.
  • Page 16 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Loosen the shipping screws With the front access panel open, loosen the two screws located in the base • Screws are permanent to avoid becoming lost but must be loosened to operate the Changer • Tighten these screws before moving or transporting the Changer •...
  • Page 17: Changing The Scsi Id On Adrm-7000

    Powering the system back ON resets the SCSI bus to the host computer. The new SCSI ID for the DRM-7000 is maintained until the SCSI ID switches on the back of the unit are altered. Reading SCSI Drive IDs from the DRM-7000 If all drives have been assigned separate SCSI IDs, a buzzer sounds once.
  • Page 18: Connecting Scsi Cables

    • After connecting the cables, turn the Changer ON before turning the computer ON. • The Changer is unable to recognize faulty SCSI connections or SCSI ID assignment mistakes. • Reboot the DRM-7000 after installation new or replacement drives to ensure the system recognizes all existing drives. Examples of SCSI cable connections:...
  • Page 19: Inserting Disc Magazines

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Daisy-chain six internal readers and a Connect two readers and two recorders recorder then connect the Changer – then connect the Changer – requires requires a cable for four drives three separate SCSI controller cards Inserting Disc Magazines Please review the insertion methods listed below.
  • Page 20 Note: Turning the magazine upside-down with the locking mechanism disengaged may result in damage to the discs. 4. Insert the magazine onto the guide rails within the DRM-7000. * Hold the handle of the magazine while resting the unit on the guide rails.
  • Page 21: Inserting Discs Using A 20-Disc Hyper-Magazine

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions 5. Remove the magazine by flipping the handle out and pulling the unit towards you. Support the magazine so that it remains level as it slides off of the rails. 4.6.2 Inserting Discs Using a 20-Disc Hyper-Magazine Follow the directions below to insert discs in to a hyper-magazine then add the magazine to the Changer.
  • Page 22: Magazine Slot Assignments

    Note: Although slot numbers range up to 770, it may not be possible to insert a total of 770 discs simultaneously. Closing Changer Access Doors Before closing the access doors, verify that all components are mounted correctly and that all cables are firmly in place. Closing the access doors begins the initialization of the DRM-7000. - 18 -...
  • Page 23 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Once the initialization is complete, the following message appears in the LCD display: Robotics ready Drive1 no disc The first line of the message refers to the status of the disc changer mechanism. The second line indicates the disc number and registers any loaded discs. Drive numbers are assigned in sequence from the lowest to the highest number.
  • Page 24: Operation

    Operating Instructions Operation The DRM-7000 supports two modes, User and System Administrator. Separating the operations into two modes prevents interference, conflicts, or clashes from occurring between commands issued from the host computer and commands entered at the Changer’s Control Panel.
  • Page 25 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions When operating in the System Administrator Mode, the Changer shows the following message in the LCD display. (Inquiry) ID = 5 Revision 1.00 The System Administrator Mode is divided into four Information submodes and four Operation submodes.
  • Page 26: Inquiry Submode

    5.2.1 Inquiry Submode The Inquiry Submode displays general information about the DRM-7000 system. Issuing a SCSI INQUIRY command from the host computer provides the same information about the Changer. The data includes SCSI IDs and the unit’s serial number.
  • Page 27 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions To change the selected bay, use the up and down arrow buttons. Example: arrow button Bay # 5 & # 6 flip unit arrow button Bay # 9 no component arrow button Bay # 15 & # 16...
  • Page 28: Option Submode

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions If the locking record log is empty, the following message appears: Locked – state When there are records in the memory, the following message appears: Uncertain – state Example of Magazine Bay selection: Press the up arrow button while the hyper magazine information displays to show Magazine #1.
  • Page 29: Auto Probing Auto Probing When standard 50-disc and hyper magazines have discs added while outside of the DRM-7000, the system requires a slot check before accessing the new discs. An Auto Probe command checks all magazine slots in sequence to determine whether each slot is empty or full. The Controller software usually performs this check.
  • Page 30: Image Change

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions When the Auto Probing function is set to OFF, the following message appears: A u t o p r o b i n g i s p r o h i b i t e d To temporarily turn Auto Probe OFF, turn the key switch to the unlocked position and press the Escape button.
  • Page 31: Alert Buzzer

    ON, messages from the Changer appear on the LCD display. Alert Buzzer The DRM-7000 provides a buzzer on the control panel to indicate status and errors. The buzzer sounds at the following times: • When the rear door is opened...
  • Page 32: Hyper I/E

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions When the Alert Buzzer function is set to ON, the following message appears: A l e r t b u z z e r I s a c t i v a t e d Hyper I/E While hyper magazines are designed as 20-disc magazines, they may also be used as high-capacity mail slots.
  • Page 33: Auto Eject

    To maintain security, the Auto Eject command can be turned OFF thus sealing a disc or a hyper magazine within the DRM-7000 Chassis. To turn off the Auto Eject function, follow the steps below.
  • Page 34: Hot Start

    Before selecting the Hot Start function, choose the disc or discs that must remain in the drives. Activate the Hot Start command to retain frequently used discs in the drives upon powering ON the DRM-7000. H o t s t a r t ?
  • Page 35: Info Submode

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions 5.2.4 Info Submode The DRM-7000 stores data needed for daily maintenance in non-volitile memory. The Info Submode provides access to this information. (Info) Data browser Press the Enter button while this message is on the LCD display in order to select the type of data to retrieve.
  • Page 36: Contents

    Work-Time Sum Select PowerON time to show the total length of time that power has been ON for the DRM-7000. P o w e r O n - t i m e o r D r i v e w o r k - t i m e ?
  • Page 37 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Select Drive Work Time to reveal the total time each drive has been in opration. P o w e r O n - t i m e o r D r i v e w o r k - t i m e ?
  • Page 38: Mail Slot Submode

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions E l e v a t i o n d o n e * * * * * * t i m e s Press Down or Up arrow button L o a d / U n l o a d d o n e...
  • Page 39: Remove

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions If there is a disc in the specified slot, the disc is carried to the mail slot. The mail slot tray opens and the following message appears on the LCD display. R e p l a c e d i s c &...
  • Page 40: Hyper Submode

    5.2.6 Hyper Submode Use the Hyper submode to eject hyper magazines through the Changer’s control panel. The Enter button acts as an eject button when the DRM-7000 is in this mode. ( H y p e r ) E j e c t & I n j e c t Pressing the Enter button causes the Changer to check the drives for discs registered to a hyper magazine.
  • Page 41: Probe Submode

    M 1 ? Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow button to scroll to a magazine then press the Enter button to select the magazine. The DRM-7000 automatically scans the magazine slots in sequence for discs..
  • Page 42: Door Submode

    Press the Enter button to confirm your selection. Once a magazine is probed and it remains within the DRM-7000, the disc and slot information is logged. There is no need to perform the check again as long as the magazine is in the changer or is locked while outside of the changer.
  • Page 43: Optional/Additional Components

    Optional/Additional Components Adding Drives Any drive designed for use in the DRM-7000 may be easily added to this system. The power supply shipped with the unit is capable of supporting up to eight additional components. Install the devices in to the lower rear bays (bay 1 through bay 8). To add drives or other components to the remaining rear bays (bays 9 thought bay 16), install an additional power supply.
  • Page 44 Any drives disconnected during an earlier step, should be reconnected at this time. Enter the Config submode from the System Administrator mode. Verify that the DRM-7000 recognizes all drives before proceeding. Check the wiring monitor indicator on the back of each drive if necessary.
  • Page 45 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions B a y # 3 = D r i v e 3 DVDROM DVD-D7563 Press the Up arrow button B a y # 4 = D r i v e 4 DVD-R DVD-R7322 Press the Up arrow button B a y # 5 &...
  • Page 46 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions scsi ID = 2 TermOFF dev – ID = 00150360 Press Enter then the Up arrow B a y # 3 = D r i v e 3 DVDROM DVD-D7563 Press the Enter button scsi ID = 3 TermOFF dev –...
  • Page 47: Exchanging Drives

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions M a g a z i n e – b a y o r R e a r ( d r i v e ) – b a y ? Press the Escape button ( C o n f i g )
  • Page 48 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions 4. Enter the Config submode to select the rear bay. ( C o n f i g ) S e t u p b r o w s e r Press the Enter button M a g a z i n e - b a y o r R e a r ( d r i v e ) –...
  • Page 49 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions scsi ID = 3 TermOFF ******** dev – ID = Press the Escape button B a y # 3 = D r i v e 3 DVDROM DVD-D7563 Press the Escape button M a g a z i n e - b a y o r R e a r ( d r i v e ) –...
  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Troubleshooting Often setup mistakes and simple errors are misinterpreted as hardware failures. The following chart provides solutions to common errors or problems. If the error remains after taking the appropriate steps, repeat the actions. If it continues to fail, contact an authorized service representative for assistance.
  • Page 51 DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Problem Description Message Display Possible Cause Recommended Action The host computer fails to No Error Message SCSI cable is disconnected Make sure that the SCSI cables are recognize a drive although the connected properly Config submode lists the drive(s)
  • Page 52: Specifications

    DRM-7000 Operating Instructions Specifications - 48 -...

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