Toshiba D-VR3SU Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
R AM4.7
Read this booklet first.
2004 Toshiba Corporation
i I


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 TOSHIBA R/RW DIGITALAUDIO R AM4.7 DVD RECORDER-VCR D-VR3SU OWNER'S MANUAL DIGITAL Read this booklet first. 2004 Toshiba Corporation ii!!iiiiiiii!!ili::; ¸ '_!,i_i_!i!iii!_:i,...
  • Page 2 Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits an" designed to Warning provide reasonable protection against fiarmhfl interference m a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio fn'quency enerD" and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interkmnce to radio communications.
  • Page 3: Precaution

    | Important Safety Instructions ty to use of this product. !!iiiiiii_ ¸ • Toshiba is not liable fnr any damage caused by neglect CAUTION : PLEA_,EREAD AND OBSERVEALLVv_kRN- of the instructions described in the owner's manual. INGS AND INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THIS •...
  • Page 4 ADDITIONAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS | Maintenance of Cabinet 15) When you use headphones, keep the volume at a mod- For safety reasons, he sure to disconnect the power cord from the ;','all outlet. erate level. Ifyou use the headphones continuously with •...
  • Page 5 Toshiba does trot cornpensate for content which was U.S, patents other intellectual property rights not recorded/edited because of some malfunction of owned by Macrovision Corporation other...
  • Page 6 | Disc Specifications • Use a 700MB(80 minutes) CD-WRW disc. DVD-Video If possible, do not use a 800MB(90 minutes) or ahove disc, as the disc may not play hack. • If the CD-R!RW disc was not recorded as a closed ses- •...
  • Page 7 Protection • DVD-RW- (VR mode) This DVD Recorder-VCR - This is a format that is used for recording data on a DVD-_M or DVD-R\V disc. 5kin can repeat recording, alloy, you to protect the con- editing, deleting, partial deletion, creation of playlist, tents of your discs, as and etc.
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Setting Up the Language Features ..Contents Setting Up the Audio Options ... Setting Up tile Display (Video) Options ..31 Setting Up the Parental Control ..Auto Channel Memory ....ii,7+ Getting Started Channel Add/Delete ....V, Sarning ......=ilii1,iii= RF Output Channel ....
  • Page 9 Viewing Title Photo CD Pla?q)ack ....List ..... Pla}ing b ack MP3 CD ....Playing a Title List Entry ....Using P iP ......Renaming a Title List Entry .... i_,,, a *VCR Playback Deleting a Title List Entry ....Pla?qng the VCR.....
  • Page 10: Generalfeatures

    Time Slip and Picture In Picture (PIP) GeneralFeatures Use the Time Slip function to playback the recouled images while a recording is proceeding (DVD-tL_M only). Use the PlP function to view the playback and recording scwens at the same time. _W,_¸...
  • Page 11: How To Use The Dvd Recordcr-Vcr

    (See page's 96~98) tbrmatting is complete, y oucan recordon the disc.Youcan play thi_typeofdiscon xuriousDVDcomponeatsonlywhen thW havebeen finalized. ©2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved: No part or whole of this userg mmmal may be reproduced or copied without tile prior er format. It should be noted that the data of ;vritten permission...
  • Page 12 There are txvo different recording nlethods: Direct Recording and Tinier Recording. Tinier recording is classified as record- Toplay your DVDon other DVDconlponents,finalizing nlay ing type : ©nce, Daft} or _'el,:ly or recording nlode : XP benecessu3: First.finisfiall editingand recordingopera- (high qualit} nlode), SP (standan/quality nlode), LP (long...
  • Page 13: Front Panel

  • Page 14: Rear Panel

  • Page 15: Tour Of The Remote Control

    Use this to access various mtdio timctions on a 16-- disc (DVD mode). 17-- This operates as sound mute. (TV mode) 21. TV Button TOSHIBA Press this to operate TV 22. INPUT Button Select line input sigual in external input mode(Tuner or Line input) 23. EADV/SKIP Button 1.
  • Page 16: Connecting The Antenna Cable

    ecting & A Quick oxerxiew presented in this guide will gi',e you enough information to start using the recorder. €,_ step 2: Connecting the Antenna Cable Step3 : Connecting t heVideoCable Step 4 :Connecting theAudio Cable Step 5:Connecting External Devices Step6 :Connecting t he PowerCord Step 7: Preparing the Remote Control •...
  • Page 17 ] Method1 : Antenna + DVD Recorder- VCR + TV : No Cable box _kau can record non-scrambled channels by selecting channel on the DVD RecorderWCR. Also use this Method }rot watch channels without cable box. | Accessories Check for the supplied accessories below •...
  • Page 18 II Method 3 : Antenna + DVD Compared to standard interlaced video, progrea,_ivescan Recorder-VCR + Cable box +TV : doubles the amount of video beam lines fed to your TV, Cable box with a few scrambled resulting in a more stable, flicker-Ire, e, and clear image than channels interlaced video.
  • Page 19 | Method 2 : Connecting to an S-video Method 3 : Connecting to Component ,nput jack video input jacks(Y, CB/TB,CR/PB) in 480i mode Connect all S-video cable(not supplied) between the S- VIDEO OUT jack on DVD Recorder-VCR and S-VIDEO IN 1.
  • Page 20 | Method 4 : Connecting to Component video input jacks(Y,CB/'I'B,CR/PB) i n 480p mode Your TV must support progressive scan input to allow you to watch 480p vi&,o output. 1. Connect Component video cabh's(not supplit'd) bctwe.e.n the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jack'; on DVD Recorder- There are several ways to connect your DVD Recorder-VCR.
  • Page 21 | Method 2 : Connecting to a stereo Method 3 : Connecting to an AV amplifier with the digital input jack amplifier with analog input jacks If your AV amplifier only has a Dolby Digital or DTS If),our stereo amplifier only has audio input jacks decoder and a digital input...
  • Page 22 | Method 2 : Connecting a Camcorder to the LINE IN 2 jacks You can use the LINE IN 2 jacks on the front pam'l of the DVDRecorder-VCR. You can record from connected equipment. When an input sonrce is inserted into LINE IN 2 while xiewing T\<...
  • Page 23 Stel ; ,' I thePowerCord Install Batteries in the Remote Control After all connections are complete, plug the power cord in the ,,,,'all outlet. • Open the hattery cover on the back of the remote. • Inserttwo AA hatteries. Make sun' that the polarities "AUTO"...
  • Page 24 To determine whether your television is compatible, Setting the Remote Control follow the instructions below. _k_ur DVD Recorder-VCR remote control will work with 1. _witch your television Toshiba telexisions and compatible brands. 2. Point the n'mote control towanls the television. 3. Hold down...
  • Page 25: On-Screen Menu Navigation

    Setup The on-screen menus allow you to enable or disable ",ari- ous functions oll your DVD Recorder&ZCR. Use tile follow- ing buttons to open and navigate through the on-screen nlentls. MENU Button Press this button on the remote control while the DVD or VCR is ill Stop or Play mode to open the on-screen MAIN MENU.
  • Page 26 Auto ClockSet pn- sth,, Select Amo clock Setusing the • • but/ons, then I_ or ENTERbu/ton. This nc_,d lncnu is used to set c//rrcnt time. to set lllnc 1o use tilncr wcording. With the unit in Stop mode, preK_ the MENU button. •...
  • Page 27 Time ZONE Select the time zone of your area using the • • hut- tons then press the _ or ENTER button. Select Automatic to set the tittle zone automatically !i i) If Auto Setup fails to set the DVD RecoMer-VCRE internal clock by locating a local TV station, follo,`v these steps to set the date and time manually NOTE: For accurate Timer Recording, your DVD Re, c order-...
  • Page 28: Channel Set

    Set the Clock Select "Channel Set" Use tile LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select each of tile Using the • • bnttons, moxe the selection bar to "ChannelSet", then press ENTER to select. following options, then use tile • • buttons to set each option: •...
  • Page 29 ttingUpthe then press the _- or ENTER button. Language If you set the plav(.r menu. disc audi anti subtitl_ lnenu, language m advanc(, tile" will come nF automatically _'ver time you watch a movie. With the unit in Stop mode, press the MENU but- ton on the remote.
  • Page 30 Use the • • buttons to select the desired item. Then prea_ the RIGHT or ENTER button. inenu. If you set tbe player menu, disc menu, audio subtitle lauguage in adxance, they will come up automatically exery time you watch a movie.
  • Page 31: Settingupthedisplay (Video)Options

    Setting Upthe Use the • • buttons to select the desired item. Then pre_ the RIGHT or ENTER button. Display(Video) Options This hmction allo;vs yon to setup the TV screen settings. inenu. | Display(Video) Options With the unit in Stop mode, press the MENU hut- toll on tile remote.
  • Page 32: Settingupthe Parental Control

    Select Password ON/OFF nsmg I_ and • • hnt- SettingUpthe Parental tOlls. Control The Parental Control tunction works in COl1 unction with DVDs thai have heen aa_ignccl a raung - which helps control the types ot DVDs that your family watches.
  • Page 33: Auto Channel Memory

    Select "Channel Set" II About the Change Password; Using the • • buttons, move the selection har to 'Channel Set", then press ENTER to select. Select Change Password using • • buttons, then press the _ or ENTER button. DVD=VIDEO Channel Set •...
  • Page 34: Channel Add/Delete

    Channel A dd/Delete Select "Channel Add/Delete" Move the selection bar to "Channel AddlDelete," then press ENTER to select. DVD-VIDEO Use this k'atur_" if Auto Channel Search mJs_,eu a channel mat ' >tt would like t( add and delete a channel yon \VIS[1 Fe[nove+ Open "MENU"...
  • Page 35: Rf Output Channel

    Select "RF Output Channel" Move the selection bar to "RF output Channel", then press right to change. ! i ¸¸ L ;;;: Change "RF Output CH" Select elrunnel 3 or 4 using tire • • button. < i_i _ Then press ENTER to change. \Vhen you connect tire DVD Recorder-VCR to TV with RE Antenna Cable, follow the steps below to set the...
  • Page 36: Guide Channel Setup

    Select "Channel Set" VCR Setting Using tile • • buttons, move tile selection bar to "Channel Set", then pre_ ENTER to select. Select "Guide Channel Setup" Move tire selection bar to "Guide Channel Setup". If you want your videotapes to play" automatically when you insert them turn on Auto Play DVD-VIDEO...
  • Page 37: Videoinput

    Select "VCR" Select "Auto Repeat" Using the • • buttons, move the selection bar to Move the selection bar to " Auto Repeat". It sets the "VCR", then press ENTER to select. VCR to play a tape repeatedly [unless a tape control is activated (Stop, Fast Forward or Rcwind)].
  • Page 38: Front Display

    Select "Setup" Select "System" Use tile • • buttons to highlight "System" then Using tile • • buttons, move the selection bar to preaa the ENTER hutton. "Setup" then press ENTER to select. DVD-VIDEO System Setup Select "System " Select "Video Input"...
  • Page 39: Playback

    • Special VCR Playback Features .. 58 patibilities arc veU ram. If yon happen to experience difficulty playing a DVD on a Toshiba DVD player, please • S-VFIS Playback ....feel free to call our contact listed in "How to Obtain •...
  • Page 40 • DVD-E4_ivl/R/RVv7discs may not be able to play on some DVD players, depending on the player, disc and the condition of the recording. DISPLAY TVIVCR SUBTITLE NEC$_ED • Discs with PAL programs recorded on them cannot be recorded using this product. TOSHIBA SE R0152 40 - English...
  • Page 41 Press the OPEN/CLOSE hutton. • Make sure to prea_,the OPEN/CLOSE huttou to open or close the disc tray Place a disc gently into the tray,with the discb label • Do not push the disc tray' while it is being opened facing up.
  • Page 42 | Searching through a Chapter or | Slow Motion Play Track (DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD RW/ DVD-R) During play; press tile SEARCH _ or _ button on the remote control. Tile playback speed will change as follows. During pause mode, press tile SEARCH _ button on the remote for more than 1 second.
  • Page 43 DVD-R About Q UICK Title!Chapt er/Thne/A udio/Repeat/Zoo The QUI(K functions allows you to easuv search for a desired scene by accessing title, chapter, track and time. You can also chang_ the subtitle and audio settings and set some features including Repeat, Angle an_t Zoom Preas the QUICK button on the remote control during play- back.
  • Page 44: Repeat Play

    | Using Repeat Play (For Audio CD/MP3) Press the QUICK button during playhack. Repeat is highlighted. | Using Repeat Play (For DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD- Press ENTER hutton. RW/DVD-R) (DVD-VIDEO only supports chapter rcp_'at.) Press the • • button to select the Track or Disc you want to playback repeatedl'_ For MP3 discs, _,,ou can select "l_rack Folder or [)isc.
  • Page 45 Using the peat Moving to a Sce,e Function Directly "_u can find the dcsin,d scene casily nsing tilt, QUICK func- II For DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD- tion. RW/DVD-R Press the QUICK button during playback. Press the QUICK bntton during playback. Use • • to select Repeat and use I_"button Use •...
  • Page 46 If you want to move to a desired time, enter the time in the sequence of hour, minute, and second Selecting theSubtitle using tile nmnber lmttons and then press the ENTER hutton. & Audio Language Audio languages and subtitle languages may not work lcpen_ung on _usc type.
  • Page 47 | Selecting the Audio language Changing theCamera Angle Preas the QUICK button during playback. When a DVD contains tnultiple angles of a particular scene you can select tile Angle function. Press the Q))UICK button when the Angle is shown oll mc screen _turnlg playback. Use •...
  • Page 48 | Bookmarking wRh DVD-RAM/DVD- RW(VR) disc • The screen will tlisplay "Markcff' m place of "Bookmark" if you are playing a DVD-_iVl/DVD-RW(VR). • Up to 99 ++cents_-anbe marked. Set marks at scenes you want to see again so that you can •...
  • Page 49 | Clearing a Bookmark Zooming-In Pre_'_ the MARKER button. Press the QUICK button during playback DVD-VIDEO {{!iij MOVE }!!;!_iC_ANGE Press 411_- buttons to select a marked scene _i .._ii_!_ '*¸_¸ youwant to delete. Use • • buttons to select Zoom, and then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 50 Press the TOP MENU button to move to tile title menu of the disc. • Use this button if the disc contains more than title. Some discs may not support tile title menu functioualit_: Pre_ _,Info button on the remote control. | For DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD-R Following reformation ;','ill be displayed.
  • Page 51 | Audio CD (CDDA) Screen Elements • • : Select a track (song). Each disc has a variety of menu functions availahle. I_ : Playback the selected track (song). Insert an audio CD (CDDA) into the disc tray • The audio CD menu appears and tile tracks ENTER(C_) button: Playbackthe selectedtrack (song).
  • Page 52 The filst 10 seconds of each track is • [ntro : Pla, played. If you Dvss tile I_ll button during Intro play',Normal Play will be performed from the track cur- rently playing. Wften Intro Play is completed, Normal Play is per- fomled.
  • Page 53 Press tile ENTER button. The Playlist screen ;','ill appear. Select tracks in tile order in wbicb you want them to play using the AI_' buttons. Press tile ! i ¸¸ i I¸ ii ii ¸¸ i ii iiii¸;¸ _ !_!_!_i_iiii_i!!i_i!i!iii_i_!!_!!!ii!_, ....
  • Page 54: Photo Cd Pla?Q)Ack

    Use tile 411_ buttons to select clips menu and then Photo CDPlayback press tile ENTER button. Returns to the Album screen. The unit enters slide show mode. Before the slide show can begin, the photo interval (slide show speed) mnst he set N: : Each title the ENTER button is speed, the picture rotates 90 degree clockwise.
  • Page 55: Return Button

    RETURN ( @ ) button: Playing a, Moves to tlIe parent of ttie folcler to wlricli tlie cnr- rent song belongs. (1_1) button: Playbacks tlie next track. hIsert an MP3 CD into tlIe disc tray •TlIe MP3 nienn is displayed and tile tracks (songs) are played back.
  • Page 56 | Deactivating Press the PIP button again. • PIP will be deactivated. PIP function allows you to "dew a sub screen together with the mare screen in DVD mode. You can watch both DVD and TV together. Press the PiP button. •...
  • Page 57: Tracking

    Tracking Tile Tracking adjustment removes alnlost the white lines To play a staudard VHS videotape, just insert it into the that sometmleS appear during playback because of slight dif- VCR deck and press the PLkY buttou. You cai1turn on the fcrellces in recording decks.
  • Page 58 Tile DVD Recorder-VCR allows you to playback higtl quali- While a videotape is playing, yon can enjoy a variety of spe- cial playback features, including Still, Frame Advance, Skip, ty S-VHS tapes. Slow motion, and mort'. Pn'ss the Play button again to resume normal playback.
  • Page 59: Variable Search System

    End search VariableSearch Use this feature when you want to search for a blank position to record a program on a cassette. While a cassette is stopped, press the QUICK button. The ystem VCR will fast turward, seanhing for a blank position, and then automatically stop at that position.
  • Page 60: Before Recording

    • Special Recording Features ..O _erConDny notfinafized Notrecordable • Record finaltzed Notrecoldable Speed ....DVD-R Vb,,Iode Toshiba Recordable (D-VR3) DVD or VCR • ..notfinaltzedNotRecoldable (Othel Toshiba M odels) finalized Notrecoldable Other C omDny 60 - English notfinaltzed Notrecoldable...
  • Page 61 - A DVD-R\Vdisc that has heen recorded by DAO m a PC cannot be unfinalized. DVD-RW(VRmode)/-RAM - A DVD-R\Vdisc that has heen recorded in Video Mode of a different makerg recorder and other Toshiba model cannot he unfinalized. • This mode involves multiple editing functions (such as - A DVD-Rdisc cannot he unfinalized.
  • Page 62 Press the REC hutton. • e/• is displayed on the screen and recording begins. Press tile STOP button to stop or finish a recording in progress. • The mesa_ge 'Updating the information of disc. Please wait for a moment'. 1. Check the antenna cahle is connected. 2.
  • Page 63 Making Recording (OTR) 1. Check the antenna cable is connected. One-Toucfi Recording (OTR) allows you to add recording time in 30-minute increments up to 4 hours at the touch of 2. Check the remaining time of the disc. a button. 3.
  • Page 64 • Tile Timer RecoMmg screen is displayed. If you enter VCR Plus+ Code number correctl}:, al( recording informations ,,;'ill be set automatically 1. ( fieck the antenna cable is connected. 2. Check the remaining time of the disc. 3. Check the date and time are correct. Make sure the Clock has been set (Setup - System Setting) before you proceed with a timer recording.
  • Page 65 Press the ENTER button. Set timer recording option. • (_ will appear on the front panel. It means that a • The Timer Reconling screen is displayed. Fill tile timer recording is registered. input items using the arrow buttons. If you make a mistake 41 _ : Moves to the previous/next item,...
  • Page 66 Press the • • button to select tile number of the timer recording you want to edit, and then press the Editing T imer R ecord L ist ENTER or I_" button. • The Edit and Delete items are displayed. Follow these directions to edit the timer record list.
  • Page 67: Press The Menu Button

    Press tile • • button to select Delete, then press the ENTER button. • _m will be prompted with the delete confirm me_sage such as 'Do you want to delete No.02?. Press the 411_" buttons to select _'s, and then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 68: Pre_'_ The

    Recording F rom External Devic Being Recorded ( Ti e Slip) Follow these directions to record onto a disc or a tape from External Devices. This function allows yon to watch the recently recorded second images on the PIP screen while a recording is ill...
  • Page 69: Basicvcrrecording

    BasicVCRRecording Recording through a DV i,p,t o Follow these directions to record 01110 a disc or tape tlle outputs of a camcorder that has a DV output .jack. Before starting 1. Check TV channel and Antenna connections. 2. Check the remaining time on the tape.
  • Page 70 SpecialR While a recording is in progress, you can watch a difli, rent "ibu can slow down tile recording speed from SP to SLP m channel, watch a different media, or add recording time in order to fit six hours of programmhrg on a T-120 tape.
  • Page 71: Copy T Odvd Orvcr

    Copy t oDVD orVCR YoucancopyDVD to VCR orVCR toDVD+ Press MENU butlon and sdect Copy: copySelect the Copylist, you want to using the • • bultons and then press _ butlon. To copy play list, scbc! "Copy". | DVD to VCR to VCR.
  • Page 72 | VCR to DVD Press Enter button to choose list you want to copy. Select VCR -> DVD to copy VCR to DVD. VCR --> D\rD scene will be displayed. • Check the remaining time on the disc. Copy To copy Copylist, select "Copy".
  • Page 73: Viewing The Menu Functions For A Disc

    View!ng the Menu Fu nctions for a DISc There are a variety of metal functions depending on the disc type. Pre_s the MENU button. jj No Disc Setup Timer Rec. JJDVD-VIDEO Setup • Viewingthe Me_lu Fmlctions f or a Disc 73 Timer Rec.
  • Page 74 | CD | DVD-RW(VR) RW(VR) Setup Timer Rec. Setup Copy Timer Rec. Title List Playlist Disc Manager | JPEG+MP3 | DVD-R(V) JPEG+MP3 Setup Setup Setup Timer Rec. Timer Rec. Copy Photo Title List Music Disc Manager | DVD-RAM(VR) RAM(VR) Setup screen using the arrow and ENTER buttons.
  • Page 75: Viewingtitle List

    Press the • • button to select Title List, and then press the ENTER or I_"hutton, ViewingTitle List or press the TITLE button on the remote control. • Tile Title List screen is displayed. ® "_bucan playback tile recorded titles edit a title name, edit record list entries and lock or unlock the record list.
  • Page 76 Press • • button to select Pla}: and then press the ENTER button. Playinga • The selected entry (title) will be played back. chapter or time items. Follow these directions to playback arl ent_ _from the Title List. Insert the disc. Press the MENU button.
  • Page 77 Press the • • button to select Rename, and then press the ENTER button. • The Rename screen is displayed. Folio,,',' these directions to rename a title list entt T, i.e., to edit the title of a recorded program. Insert the recorded disc. Press the MENU button.
  • Page 78: Deletinga Titlelist Entry

    Pwss • • hutton to select Delete, then pre_; the ENTER button. Deletinga TitleList • DVD-RAM(VR), DVD-RW(VR mode): Smcc Playlist is present, the meaqage you want Entry delete? (Related Playlist may be deleted.) is dis- played. DVD-RVvT(Video mode), DVD-R: Since Playlist present, the rneagage...
  • Page 79 Press • • button to select Protection, and then press the ENTER button. • _bu will be prompted with the confirmation mes- sage Title Protection:'. Vollow these directions to lock an entQ" if you want to pro- tect it from unexpectecl deletions.
  • Page 80 Press • • button to select Edit, then press the ENTER button. The Edit Program is displayed. Q) Playback (_) Playtime a TitleList Entry (_) Section deletion start point window time (_) Section deletion end point window time Follow these directions to delete a section...
  • Page 81: Creating A Playlistentry

    Press the ENTER button at the end point. Creating a PlaylistEntry image arrd time at the end point displayed the end point wmdov< VR mode playlist Follow these dircctions to create a new cntQ" from recorded title. Insert the recorded disc.
  • Page 82 Select tile start point of tile section from which you Pn'ss tile ENTER button to select point. want to create a new scene using tile pla}q)ack relat- • The image tittle at the end point ed buttons, and then pres_; the PAUSE button. displayed on tile End window.
  • Page 83 Press tile • • button to select a function to use, and tben press tile ENTER button. • Play: Playbacks the selected eut¢: • Rename: Renames tile title of the selected ent_: Functiouality is the same as the Rename item in tbe Edit Record List. •...
  • Page 84 | Renaming Playlist Entries Folio;',' these directions to rename a playlist entr}; i.e., edit the title ofa playlist entr}_ VR mode Press the • • button to select Rename, and then press the ENTER button. Folio;',' these directions to edit scenes for a playlist •...
  • Page 85 | B. Modifying a Scene (Replacing Press • • button to select Edit Scene, arrd then press the ENTER button a Scene) • The Edit Scene screen is displayed. DVD-RW(VR) Press the arrow buttons to select tire scene you want to modi_', then pre_...
  • Page 86 Press the arrow buttons to select the positinn where Press tile ENTER button at the end point of the scene. you want tn move the selected scene, arrd then press the ENTER button. • The selected sc_'ne is moved to the new position.
  • Page 87 | E. Deleting a Scene from the Press tile • • button to select Start, and then press tile ENTER button. Playlist • The image and time at the start pomt are displayed on the Start windo,a: Press the arrow buttons to select the scene you "-,','ant to delete, and then press tilt, ENTER button.
  • Page 88: Enter Or I_"Button

    Cop i Deleting tothe VCR ... fromtheelayl VR mode VR mode Insert tht' recorded disc. Insert the recorded disc and tile tape. Press the MENU button when the disc is stopped. Press the MENU button when the disc is stopped. Pre_'_ the •...
  • Page 89: Discmanager

    Press • • button to select Delete, then press the ENTER button. DiscManager • You will he prompted with the delete confirmation message Do you ;,,'ant to delete?'. DVD-RW(VR) Edit Playlist | Editing Disc Name Follow these directions to give a name to a disc: Insert the disc.
  • Page 90 Press the arrow buttons to select Save, and then Press then press • • tile ENTER button to select or _- button. Disc: Protection, press the ENTER button. • A disc name is given to the disc. DVD-RW(VR) Press • •...
  • Page 91: Dvd-Rw Dvd-R

    II Formatting a DVD-RAM/DVD-RW Disc Press the _ _" buttons to select _'s, and then press fiat, ENTER button. • The disc is formatted. Use these instructions to fornlat a disc. The cartridge ;','rite DVD-RW protect tab should be set to the unprotect position.
  • Page 92 I Delete All Title Lists I Cartridge Protect Info (DVD-RAM) Disc Protect allows you to pl_tect discs from disc formatting and program deletion to unintended operations. Follow these instructions to delete all title lists. cartridge write protect tab should be set to the unprotect position to be able to make a recording...
  • Page 93 | Finalizing a disc • Once a disc is finalize'd, you _annot dek't_' entrit, s )5i[i from the record list. • After being finalized, the DVD-R operates in the same manner as a DVD-Video. After you record titles onto a DVD-R',,V/DVD-R disc with },our DVD Recorder-VCR, it needs to be finalized before it •...
  • Page 94: Dvd-Rw(Vr)

    Press tile _1 I_" buttons to select _i,s, ancl then pre_; | Unfinalizing a disc (V/VR mode) ENTER button. • The disc: is unfinalized. • A DVD-RW carl be finalized or unfinalized in Video mode. Insert tile finalized disc. Press the MENU button with the disc stopped. Finalize Un[inalize Mark...
  • Page 95: Specifications

    eference (DVD.VIDEO/DVD_RAM/DVD_RW/DVD_ Problems a ndSolutions ( VCR) LIMITEDWARRANTY TO ORIGINAL PURCHASER • Troubleshooti_lg (DYD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM! DVD-RW/DYD-R) ..... • Troubleshooting ..... • Problemsand Solutions (VCR) ..• Specifications ....English - 95...
  • Page 96 Toshiba dealer. No power. • Check whether the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet. • Did you press the power button of your DVD Recorder-VCR.
  • Page 97 • Read the tahlc of contents and then find and read the sections Other problems dcscribmg your problem, and follow the directions given. • Turn the unit off and on. • If your problem still persists, contact your nearest Toshiba service center. English - 97...
  • Page 98 If you are unable to solve the problem after reading the above instructions, note: • The model and serial number on the rear of your DVD Recorder-VCR The warranty information • A clear description of the problem Then contact nearest Toshiba authorized service center. iiii iiii_ ( 98 - English...
  • Page 99 120V AC, 60Hz Power requirements 45 \Vatts Power consumption 9.03 lb General \\i'ight Dimensions 16.9 in(\V) x 10.6 m(D) x 3.1 m(H) +41°F to +95°F Operating temp. Other conditions Keep level _ hen operating. Less than 75% operating humidity Video 1.0 V p-p at 75f2 load, sync negative S-Video input (Y: 1.0Vp-p,...
  • Page 100 Limited Warranty DVD PLAYER/RECORDER Toshiba America Consumer Products, EL.C,. ("TACP") makes the following limited warranties to original con- sumers in the United States. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PUR- CHASER OR ANY PERSON RECEIVING THIS DVD PLAYER/RECORDER...
  • Page 101 DVD PLAYER/RECORDER to the Service Station. For additional information, visit TACP's web site: Time for Taking Action ALL WARRANTIES IMPLIED BY THE LAW OF ANY STATE OF THE U.S.A., INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES...
  • Page 102 NOTA FCC (para EE.UU.): Este equipo ha sido probado y se ha certificado como com- patible con los ltmites para dispositivos digitales de Clase B conforme a la Parte 15 de las Normas FCC. Dichos limites est_indiseflados para facilitar una protecci6n razonable [r_'nte a interft.rencias dafiinas en una instalaci6n residencial.
  • Page 103 • Toshiba nose responsabilizara de losdafios causados Precaucion porincendios, desasU'cs naturah's (como rayos, terre- motos, etc.), acdonDs deterceros, accidentes, uso inde- bido m tencionado onoporparle d dusuario ydmn,_s usos mdebidos. • Toshiba nose responsabilizara delos daflos adicionales (como pdrdida debenefidos...
  • Page 104 INSTRUCCIONES DE SEGURIDAD | Maintenance of Cabinet ADICIONALES For safety reasons, be sure to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. 15) Cuando utilice auriculares, mantenga el volumen a un • Do not use benzene, thinner, or other solvents for nivel moderado.
  • Page 105 Excepciones ......................................"-VCR Plus+ y PlusCode son marcas registradas de Gemstar Development Corporation. E1 sistema VCR ] • Toshiba no sc rcsponsabilizara, de los danos causados Plus+ est_i fabricado ba]o lk:encia de Gemstar por incendios, desastres naturales (como rayos, terre- motos, etc.), acciones de terceros, accidentes, uso...
  • Page 106 | Especificaciones del disco • Utilice un disco CD-R/RV¢de 700MB (80 minutos). DVD-Video En la medida de 1o posible, no utilice discos de 800MB (90 mmutos) o m_+_s, pues es posible que el disco no se lea en la unidad. •...
  • Page 107 • DVD-RW- (modo - Se trata de un formato utilizado para grabar datos en un disco DVD-RAM o DVD-RV< Puede repetir • Numerosos discos de DVDestan codificados con pro- grabacion, edicion, eliminacion partial, creacion de lis- tecciou de copia. Por clio, s01o debe conectar el tas de reproduccion, etc.
  • Page 108 Grabacion y reproduccion simuhmwa e hnagen dentro de Caractm • imagen (PIP) Use la fuucidn Time Slip (Grabaciou y rcproducciou simulta.uea) para ver las imageues grabadas mientras se real- iza la gmbaciou (s61o en DVD-RAM). Use la fuuciou PlP para ver las pantallas de reproducciou y de grabaci6n simult;ineamente.
  • Page 109 Antes manualdel ..Compruebe los siguientes puntos antes de leer el marmal del usuario. Estaunidadpuede grabaren lossiguientestiposde discos. _,i&sea seguirgrabandoerrel mismodisco o&sea editarel discotrasla grabacion,seleccioneun tipo dedisco regrabable ..............t ..................................................... DVD-RW o DVD-P_4M Si&sea guardarla grabacionsin lcono T('rmino Definicion nioguncambio,elijaun DVD-R no rcgrabable.
  • Page 110 • onexlon e ..¸ ? nstalacion La introduccidn rapida de esta guia le o[recera infomlacidn suficiente para empezar a utilizar el grabador. Paso 1:Desembalaje Paso 2: Conexion delcabledeantena Paso 3:Conexion del cabledel video Paso 5:Conexion d edispositivos externos Paso 6:Conexion d elcabledealimentacion Paso 7: Preparacion d el mando a distancia •...
  • Page 111 I Metodo 1: Antena + grabador de DVD y video + TV: Sin caja de conexiones Put&' grabar canal_,sno codificados sclcccionando ('l canal en el grabador de DVDy video. Use este m_'todo tambien si v_,canales sm ca.jade conexiones..| Accesorios Compruebe los signientes accesorios suministrados.
  • Page 112 Comparado con el video entrelazado estandar, el barrido | Metodo 3: Antena + grabador de progn'sivo duplica la cantidad de lmeas de haces de video DVD y video + caja de conexiones alimentadas al TV,produciendo una imagen mfisestable, + TV: Caja de conexiones con sin parpadeos y clara clue el vkleo entrelazado.
  • Page 113 | Metodo 2: Conexion a una clavija | Metodo 3: Conexion a clavijas de de entrada de S-video entrada de video de componente (Y,CB/'I'B,CR/PB)en el modo 480i Conecte nn cable de S-video (no suministrado) entre la clav- ija de _,ALIDA de S-VIDEO del grabador de DVD y video y la 1.
  • Page 114 | Metodo 4: Conexion a clavijas de Paso 4:Conexi6n d el entrada de video de componente (Y,CB/'I'B,CR/PB) en el modo 480p cable de audio Su TV debe admitir la entrada de barrido progresivo para poder ver la salida de video 480p. 1.
  • Page 115 | Metodo 2: Conexion a un amplifi- Metodo 3: Conexion con un amplifi- cador estereo con clavijas de cador AV que tiene clavija de entra- da digital entrada analogica Si su amplificador AV solo tiene un descodificador Dolfiy Si su amplificador est_'reo solo tiene clavijas...
  • Page 116 II Metodo 2: Conexion de una Paso5: Conexi6n de videocfimara a los jacks LINE IN 2 Tambimapu_<lcutilizar losjacks LINE IN 2 del panel frontal dispositivos el de la grabadora de DVD - VCR. Puede grabar desde el equipo conectado. A1insertar una tnente tie entrada en LINE IN 2 mientras ve la television, [aentrada cambia autom_iticamente a LINE IN 2.
  • Page 117 Paso6:Con.exion del paracz6n ldo a dl incia cablede alimenihc,6n Tras COlnpletar todas las conexiones, enchu{c el cable de ali- Instale las pilas en el mando a distancia mentaci6n toma. • Abra la tapa de las pilas en la parte posterior del mando a distancia.
  • Page 118 3. Mantenga pulsado el boton TV y escriba el codigo de dos ci[ras correspondiente a la marca del televisor, pulsando los botones num('ricos correspondientes. Ma_va Codigo Ma_va Codigo TOSHIBA SHARP NE\_ 7 08, 13 RCA/G E SAN YO SONY MAGNAVOX...
  • Page 119 TOSHIBA Printed in Korea BY634781 (02)

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