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Toshiba D-VR3SG Owner's Manual

Dvd recorder-vcr.
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Read this booklet first.
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2004 Toshiba Corporation


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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba D-VR3SG

  • Page 1

    DVD RECORDER-VCR D-VR3SG OWNER’S MANUAL Read this booklet first. ON/STANDBY DUBBING TO DVD TO VCR 2004 Toshiba Corporation...

  • Page 2: Warning

    • Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused by fires, natural disaster (such as thunder, earthquake, etc...) WARNING : To prevent damage which may result in fire...

  • Page 3

    Exemptions Disc Specifications • Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused by fires, natural disaster (such as thunder, earthquake, DVD-Video etc.), acts by third parties, accidents, owner's inten- tional or unintentional misuse, or uses in other improper conditions.

  • Page 4

    • This unit can play back DVD-R discs recorded and cut in out. finalised with a Toshiba DVD recorder. It may not • Playable bitrate range is from 56Kbps to 320Kbps. be able to play some DVD-R discs depending on •...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Preparing the Remote Control ..24 Contents Seting the Remote Control System Setup System Setup On-Screen Menu Navigation ..26 Plug & Auto Setup ....27 Getting Started Getting Started Setting the Date and Time .

  • Page 6: General Features

    Showview Extended ....78 Editing Scene for a Playlist Entry ..95 A. Playing a Desired Scene ....96 Watching the Images Being Recorded B.

  • Page 7: Before Reading The User's Manual

    You can change the DVD-RW format to anoth- manual may be reproduced or copied without the prior Note er format. It should be noted that the data of written permission of Toshiba Corporation. the disc may be lost when changing formats. 12 - English Step 3 There are two different recording methods: Direct Recording and Timer Recording.

  • Page 8: Description


  • Page 9: Tour Of The Remote Control

    Tour of the Remote Control 10. MENU Button Brings up the DVD Recorder-VCR’s setup menu. 11. TITLE LIST/DISC MENU Button Use this to enter the View Recoding list/disc menu. 12. OK/DIRECTION Buttons (UP/DOWN or LEFT/RIGHT Buttons) 13. RETURN Button 14. TV/VCR Button 15.

  • Page 10: Connecting The Scart Cable

    Plug the other end of the RF cable into the con- Step 1: Unpacking nector previously used for the aerial on the televi- sion. To obtain better quality pictures and sound on your television, you can also connect your Note Accessories DVD Recorder-VCR to the television via the SCART cable (see next page) if your televi-...

  • Page 11: Connecting The Video Cable

    1. AV2 IN: By means of 21-pin Scart Cable Step 4: Connecting the Plug the SCART Cable with satellite receiver or other equipment into the AV2 (DEC./EXT.) socket on the rear of the DVD Recorder-VCR. Video Cable After making this connection, select the source by pressing the INPUT SEL.

  • Page 12: Connecting To A Stereo Amplifier With Analog Input Jacks

    Method 3 : Connecting to an AV Method 2 : Connecting to a stereo amplifier with the digital input jack amplifier with analog input jacks If your AV amplifier only has a Dolby Digital or DTS If your stereo amplifier only has audio input jacks decoder and a digital input jack, use this connection.

  • Page 13: Preparing The Remote Control

    Step 7 : Preparing the Your DVD Recorder-VCR remote control will work with Remote Control Toshiba televisions and compatible brands. Install Batteries in the Remote Control • Open the battery cover on the back of the remote. • Insert two AA batteries. Make sure that the polarities (+ and -) are aligned correctly.

  • Page 14: System Setup

    On-Screen Menu System Setup Navigation The on-screen menus allow you to enable or disable various functions on your DVD Recorder-VCR. Use the following buttons to open and navigate through the on- screen menus. DVD-RAM(VR) Programme MENU Button Press this button on the remote control while the DVD or VCR is in Stop or Play mode to open the on-screen MAIN MENU.

  • Page 15: Setting The Date And Time

    Press Setting the Date month and year. and Time Press the value. • The day of the week is displayed automatically. • You can hold the Your DVD Recorder-VCR contains a 24-hour clock and more quickly through the values. calendar used to: •...

  • Page 16: Presetting The Stations Manually

    If you wish to cancel the auto scanning before the Select “Manual Setup” end, press the OK button. Move the selection bar to “Manual Setup”, using • The time and date are set automatically from the broadcast signal. If the signal is weak or select.

  • Page 17: Changing The Preset Manual Setup Table

    Press the buttons to select a PR number Changing the Preset as required then press or OK button to select. Manual Setup Table Edit Delete You can rearrange the Manual Setup Table and give dif- Swap ferent programme numbers to the manual setup listed according to your own preferences.

  • Page 18: Setting The Vcr Output Channel

    Select the required output channel (Ch21~Ch69) Setting the VCR Output by pressing the Select. Ch21 Channel Open “MENU” On completion, press RETURN button four times With the DVD in Stop press the MENU button. to exit the menu. Then tune your television again. Select “Setup”...

  • Page 19: Subtitle

    Subtitle Use the With the DVD in Stop mode, press the MENU button on the remote control. Programme Select “Setup” using buttons, then press or OK button. Select “Language” using buttons, then • Some discs may not contain the language press the or OK button.

  • Page 20: Setting Up The Audio Options

    On-Screen Menu Use the Language. With the DVD in Stop mode, press the MENU button on the remote control. Programme Select “Setup” using buttons, then press or OK button. Select “Language” using buttons, then press the or OK button. Language setup menu will be displayed. Press the •...

  • Page 21: Setting Up The Display(video) Options

    Use the Setting Up the Then press the Display(Video) Options Press the RETURN or the previous menu. Press the MENU button to Note exit the menu. This function allows you to setup the TV screen settings. Display(Video) Options With the DVD in Stop mode, press the MENU button on the remote control.

  • Page 22: About The Change Password

    About the Change Password; VCR Setting Select Change Password using buttons, then press the or OK button. • The ‘Enter the password.’ message will be displayed. If you want your VHS Video tapes to play automatically when you insert them, turn on Auto Play. Enter the 4-digit password using the 0 to 9 but- tons on the remote control.

  • Page 23: Intelligent Picture Control(ipc)

    Select “IPC” Intelligent Picture Using the to “IPC” then press Control (IPC) IPC option. • When intelligent picture control mode is ON, the sharpness of the image is adjusted automatically. The intelligent Picture Control Feature allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image automatically, accord- ing to your own preferences.

  • Page 24: Front Display

    Set “Front Display” Front Display Move the selection bar to “Front Display,” then press ing options: • Automatic – Front Panel Display will dim • Bright • Dim You can set the Front Panel Display to be bright all the time, dim all the time, dim during power off.

  • Page 25: Playback

    Before Playing Playback Read the following information before playing a disc. This section introduces basic functions of play- back by disc type. Region code (DVD-Video only) DIGITAL SOUND Both the DVD Recorder-VCR and the discs Dolby Digital Digital Audio are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order for the disc to play.

  • Page 26: Using The Search & Skip Functions

    Press the OPEN/CLOSE button. Do not move your DVD Recorder-VCR while playing, as this may cause damage to the CAUTION disc. Make sure to press the OPEN/CLOSE button Place a disc gently into the tray with the disc’s to open or close the disc tray. label facing up.

  • Page 27: About Quick

    DVD-R About QUICK Title/Chapter/Time/Audio/Repeat/Zoom The QUICK functions allows you to easily search for a desired scene by accessing title, chapter, track and time. You can also change the subtitle and audio settings and set some features including Repeat, Angle and Zoom. Press the QUICK button on the remote control during playback.

  • Page 28: Using The A-b Repeat Function

    Using the A-B Repeat Moving to a Scene Function Directly For DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/ DVD- You can find the desired scene easily using the QUICK function. RW/DVD-R Press the QUICK button during playback. Press the QUICK button during playback. to select Repeat and use button want to find the desired scene.

  • Page 29: Selecting The Audio Language

    Selecting the Audio language Changing the Camera Angle Press the QUICK button during playback. When a DVD contains multiple angles of a particular scene, you can select the Angle function. Press the QUICK button during playback. to select the desired angle. to select Audio and use buttons to select the desired audio language.

  • Page 30: Clearing A Bookmark

    Clearing a Bookmark Zooming-In Press the MARKER button. Press the QUICK button during playback. CLEAR Press buttons to select a marked scene you want to delete. Press CLEAR button to delete the selected press the OK button. bookmark. • will be displayed. Press want to enlarge.

  • Page 31: Playing Back An Audio Cd (cdda)

    Playing Back an Audio Audio CD (CDDA) Screen Elements CD (CDDA) Each disc has a variety of menu functions available. : Playback the selected track (song). Insert an audio CD (CDDA) into the disc tray. • The audio CD menu appears and the tracks (songs) are played back.

  • Page 32: To Program Tracks

    Select tracks in the order in which you want To Program Tracks them to play using the the OK button. You can register a maximum 30 tracks in the playlist. During Playback, press the QUICK button. Repeat Mode will be highlighted. Press the playback playlist.

  • Page 33: Playing Back An Mp3 Cd

    RETURN ( Playing back an MP3 Moves to the parent of the folder to which the current song belongs. ) button: Playbacks the next track. Insert an MP3 CD into the disc tray. • The MP3 menu is displayed and the tracks ) button: Returns to the beginning of the cur- (songs) are played back.

  • Page 34: Playing The Vcr

    Tracking Playing the VCR To play a standard VHS Video tape, videotape, just The Tracking adjustment removes the white lines that insert it into the VCR deck and press the PLAY button. sometimes appear during playback because of slight dif- You can turn on the Auto Play to enable the VCR deck ferences in recording decks.

  • Page 35: Variable Search System

    Not recordable finalised Other Company Recordable not finalised finalised Not recordable Toshiba Recordable (D-VR3) not finalised Not Recordable (Other Toshiba Models) finalised Not recordable Other Company not finalised Not recordable finalised Not recordable Recordable (D-VR3) Toshiba Not Recordable (Other not finalised...

  • Page 36: Recording Formats

    Finalise DVD-RW( Video mode)/DVD-R - This closes the DVD-RW/DVD-R so no Note additional recording can be done. Unfinalise • This mode automatically creates chapters at speci- - This allows additional recording on a fied intervals during finalisation. finalised DVD-RW disc. •...

  • Page 37: Making A One Touch Recording(otr)

    Using the ShowView Making a One Touch Feature Recording (OTR) DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R Before presetting your DVD Recorder-VCR: One-Touch Recording (OTR) allows you to add record- • Switch on both the television and your DVD Recorder-VCR ing time in 30-minute increments up to 9 hours at the •...

  • Page 38: Modifying Showview Programming

    Modifying ShowView Programming If you wish to correct the programme displayed or modify certain elements, such as the recording speed, refer to following instruction before pressing RETURN button. If you wish to... Then... • Select an input source other Press the buttons, until the PR selection mode.

  • Page 39: Editing Timer Programming Feature

    The Timer Programming time may differ from the set time depending on disc status and Note AUTO : Select when you want to set video quality auto- overall timer recording status (for example, matically. It depends on the remaining time on recording times overlapping, or when the pre- the DVD.

  • Page 40: Showview Extended

    Press the buttons to select “Delete”, and DVD-RAM(VR) then press the OK button. • You will be prompted with the delete confirm Playlist message such as ‘Do you want to delete ‘No.01’?’. Disc Manager Programme Press the buttons to select Yes, and then press the OK button.

  • Page 41: Recording Through A Dv Jack

    Recording through a DV Basic VCR Recording jack DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R 1. Check TV Programme and Antenna connections. 2. Check the remaining time on the tape. Follow these directions to record onto a disc the outputs of a camcorder that has a DV output jack. You can record a TV show in progress by inserting a blank tape and pressing the (REC) button.

  • Page 42: Copy To Dvd Or Vcr

    DVD-RAM(VR) Copy to DVD or VCR 01/JAN/2004 12:00 1 Scene 01/JAN/2004 12:00 DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R You can copy DVD to VCR or VCR to DVD. Press MENU button and select Copy. Select the Copylist, you want to copy using the DVD-RAM(VR) Copy To copy play list, select “Copy”.

  • Page 43: Editing

    Viewing the Menu Editing Functions for a Disc There are a variety of menu functions depending on the disc type. Press the MENU button. No Disc Programme DVD-VIDEO • Viewing the Menu Functions for a Disc 84 Programme • Viewing Title List ... . . 86 •...

  • Page 44: Viewing Title List

    Press the then press the Viewing Title List or press the TITLE LIST button on the remote control. • The Title List screen is displayed. DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R You can playback the recorded titles, edit a title name, edit record list entries and lock or unlock the record list. 01/JAN/2004 18:00 PR2 Insert the recorded disc.

  • Page 45: Renaming A Title List Entry

    Press the then press the OK button. Renaming a Title List • The Rename screen is displayed. Entry DVD-RAM(VR) 01/JAN/2004 12:00 PR5 DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R Follow these directions to rename a title list entry, i.e., to edit the title of a recorded program. Insert the recorded disc.

  • Page 46: Locking A Title List Entry

    Press the then press the OK button. Locking a Title List • You will be prompted with the confirmation message ‘Title Protection:’. Entry DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R Follow these directions to lock an entry if you want to protect it from unexpected deletions. 05/JAN/2004 12:00 PR5 05/JAN/2004 12:00...

  • Page 47: Creating A Playlist Entry

    Press the OK button at the end point. Creating a Playlist Entry The image and time at the end point are displayed the end point window. Follow these directions to create a new playlist entry from a recorded title. 02/JAN/2004 12:00 PR2 02/JAN/2004 12:00 00:02:08 Insert the recorded disc.

  • Page 48: Editing A Playlist Entry

    Press the use, and then press the OK button. Editing a Playlist Entry • Play: Playbacks the selected entry. • Rename: Renames the title of the selected • Edit Scene: Edits scenes of the selected entry. • Copy: Copies the selected entry to the VCR. DVD-RAM DVD-RW VR mode •...

  • Page 49: Playing A Desired Scene

    B. Modifying a Scene (Replacing Press the button to select Edit Scene, and then press the OK button. a Scene) • The Edit Scene screen is displayed. Press want to modify, and then press the OK button. Edit Scene Scene No. Playlist No.

  • Page 50: Deleting A Scene From The Playlist

    E. Deleting a Scene from the Press the buttons to select Start, and then press the OK button. Playlist • The image and time at the start point are displayed on the Start window. Press want to delete, and then press the OK button. Press the press the OK button.

  • Page 51: Disc Manager

    Press the buttons to select Delete, and then press the OK button. Disc Manager • You will be prompted with the delete confirma- tion message “Do you want to delete?”. Do you want to delete? Editing Disc Name Follow these directions to give a name to a disc 01/JAN/2004 12:00 Insert the disc.

  • Page 52: Formatting A Dvd-ram/dvd-rw Disc

    Formatting a DVD-RAM/DVD-RW Disc Press the press the OK button. • The disc is formatted. Use these instructions to format a disc. The cartridge write protect tab should be set to the unprotect position. DVD-RW The disc protection should also be cleared. You will be prompted with the confirmation message “Choose the recording format for DVD-RW”.

  • Page 53: Finalising A Disc

    Finalising a disc Once a disc is finalised, you cannot delete entries from the record list. DVD-RW DVD-R Note After being finalised, the DVD-R operates in the same manner as a DVD-Video. After you record titles onto a DVD-RW/DVD-R disc with your DVD Recorder-VCR, it needs to be finalised before Depending on the kind of disc, the displayed it can be played back on external devices.

  • Page 54: Reference

    Specifications ....110 106 - English Troubleshooting (DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD-R) If your product malfunctions, go through the check points below before contacting a Toshiba authorized service center, • Check whether the power cord is securely plugged into the power outlet. No power.

  • Page 55: Problems And Solutions (vcr)

    Other problems describing your problem, and follow the directions given. • Turn the unit off and on. • If your problem still persists, contact your nearest Toshiba service center. 108 - English Problems and Solutions (VCR) Before contacting a Toshiba authorized service center, perform the following simple checks.

  • Page 56: Specifications

    Specifications Power requirements AC 220 - 240V, 50Hz Power consumption 45 Watts General Weight 5,3 Kg Dimensions 430(W) x 321(D) x 84(H) Operating temp. +5°C to +35°C Other conditions Keep level when operating. Less than 75% operating humidity Video input (Rear) Euro Scart socket : 1.0Vp-p(unbalanced) 75Ω...

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