Toshiba D-VR3SU Owner's Manual

Toshiba D-VR3SU Owner's Manual

Dvd recorder-vcr
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Read this booklet first.
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2004 Toshiba Corporation


Table of Contents



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  • Page 1 DVD RECORDER-VCR D-VR3SU OWNER’S MANUAL Read this booklet first. ON/STANDBY DUBBING TO DVD TO VCR 2004 Toshiba Corporation...
  • Page 2: Warning

    This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to 2 - English • Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused by fires, Precaution natural disaster (such as thunder, earthquake, etc...)
  • Page 3 Plus+ system is manufatured under license from Gemstar Development Corporation. Exemptions • Toshiba is not liable for any damage caused by fires, natural disaster (such as thunder, earthquake, etc.), acts by third parties, accidents, owner's intentional or unintentional misuse, or uses in other improper con- ditions.
  • Page 4 Disc-protected: See page 89 “Disc Protection” - If a disc that has been recorded in Video mode by a dif- ferent manufacturer's recorder and other Toshiba model DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/DVD-R discs that are incom- but has not been finalized it cannot be played or addi- patible with the DVD-VIDEO format can not be tionally be recorded by this recorder.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Setting Up the Language Features ..29 Contents Setting Up the Audio Options ...30 Setting Up the Display (Video) Options ..31 Setting Up the Parental Control .
  • Page 6: General Features

    DVD-RAM/DVD-RW(VR mode) disc, you can edit recorded Creating DVD video title using DVD-RW/DVD-R disc images, create playlist, and edit images in specific sequence With D-VR3SU, D-VR3SC, create your own DVD video title according to your needs. on 4.7 GB DVD-RW/DVD-R discs.
  • Page 7: Front Panel

    Step 3 Recording Step 6 There are two different recording methods: Direct Recording and Timer Recording. Timer recording is classified as record- To play your DVD on other DVD components, finalizing may ing type : Once, Daily or Weekly or recording mode : XP be necessary.
  • Page 8: Rear Panel

  • Page 9: Connecting & Setting Up

    Quick Overview Connecting & Setting Up A Quick overview presented in this guide will give you enough information to start using the recorder. Step 1 : Unpacking ❷ Step 2 : Connecting the Antenna Cable ❷ Step 3 : Connecting the Video Cable ❷...
  • Page 10: Connecting The Video Cable

    Method 3 : Antenna + DVD • Compared to standard interlaced video, progressive scan Recorder-VCR + Cable box +TV : doubles the amount of video beam lines fed to your TV , Cable box with a few scrambled resulting in a more stable, flicker-free, and clear image than channels interlaced video.
  • Page 11: Connecting The Audio Cable

    Method 4 : Connecting to Step 4 : Connecting Component video input jacks(Y,C ) in 480p mode the Audio Cable Your TV must support progressive scan input to allow you to watch 480p video output. 1. Connect Component video cables(not supplied) between the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks on DVD Recorder- There are several ways to connect your DVD Recorder-VCR.
  • Page 12: Connecting External Devices

    Method 2 : Connecting a Step 5 : Connecting Camcorder to the LINE IN 2 jacks You can use the LINE IN 2 jacks on the front panel External Devices of the DVD Recorder-VCR. You can record from connected equipment. When an input source is inserted into LINE IN 2 while viewing TV , the input will be switched to LINE IN 2 automatically.
  • Page 13: System Setup

    Your DVD Recorder-VCR remote control will work with 1. Switch your television on. Toshiba televisions and compatible brands. 2. Point the remote control towards the television. 3. Hold down the TV button and enter the two-figure code corresponding to the brand of your television, by pressing the appropriate numeric buttons.
  • Page 14: Auto Clock Set

    Select Auto Clock Set using the Auto Clock Set press the No Disc This menu is used to set the current time. You need to set the time to use timer recording. With the unit in Stop mode, press the MENU button. No Disc You must have the antenna connected to set the Auto Clock.
  • Page 15: Channel Set

    Select “Channel Set” Set the Clock Using the Use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to select each of the “Channel Set”, then press ENTER to select. following options, then use the œ❷ buttons to set each option: • Month – Set the month •...
  • Page 16: Setting Up The Audio Options

    Use the Setting Up the Audio Then press the RIGHT or ENTER button. Options Press the RETURN or previous menu. Press the MENU button to exit the Note menu. If you set the player menu, disc menu, audio and subtitle language in advance, they will come up automatically every time you watch a movie.
  • Page 17: Setting Up The Parental Control

    Select Password ON/OFF using Setting Up the Parental tons. Control The Parental Control function works in conjunction with DVDs that have been assigned a rating - which helps you control the types of DVDs that your family watches. There are up to 8 rating levels on a disc. With the unit in Stop mode, press the MENU but- ton on the remote.
  • Page 18: Channel Add/Delete

    Select “Channel Add/Delete” Channel Add/Delete Move the selection bar to “Channel Add/Delete,” then press ENTER to select. Use this feature if Auto Channel Search missed a channel that you would like to add and delete a channel you wish to remove. Open “MENU”...
  • Page 19: Vcr Setting

    Select “Channel Set” VCR Setting œ❷ Using the buttons, move the selection bar to “Channel Set”, then press ENTER to select. Select “Guide Channel Setup” If you want your videotapes to play automatically when you Move the selection bar to “Guide Channel Setup”. insert them, turn on Auto Play.
  • Page 20: Front Display

    If you happen to experience and difficulty playing a DVD on a Toshiba DVD player, please feel free to call our contact listed in “How to Obtain Warranty Services.”...
  • Page 21: Playing A Disc

    Discs that cannot be played Playing a Disc •DVD-Video with a region number other than “1” or “ALL” •3.9 GB DVD-R Disc for Authoring. •DVD-RAM not recorded following the Video Recording Standard •Unfinalized DVD-R recorded on other equipment. •PAL discs •DVD-ROM/DVD+RW/PD/MV-Disc/DiVX Video Disc, etc •Video CD/CVD/SVCD/CD-ROM/CDV/CD-G/CD-I This DVD Recorder-VCR can only operate with...
  • Page 22: Using The Search & Skip Functions

    Using the Search & Slow Motion Play/ Skip Functions Step Motion Play Searching through a Chapter or Slow Motion Play Track (DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD RW/ DVD-R) During play, press the SEARCH ➛ ➛ or ❿ ❿ button on the remote control. The playback speed will change as During pause mode, press the SEARCH ➛...
  • Page 23: Repeat Play

    Using Repeat Play Repeat Play (For Audio CD/MP3) Press the QUICK button during playback. Repeat is highlighted. Using Repeat Play (For DVD-VIDEO/DVD-RAM/DVD- Press ENTER button. RW/DVD-R) (DVD-VIDEO only supports chapter repeat.) Press the you want to playback repeatedly. For MP3 discs, Press the QUICK button.
  • Page 24: Selecting The Subtitle & Audio Language

    If you want to move to a desired time, enter the time in the sequence of hour, minute, and second Selecting the Subtitle using the number buttons and then press the ENTER button. & Audio Language Audio languages and subtitle languages may not work depending on disc type.
  • Page 25: Using Bookmarks

    Bookmarking with DVD-RAM/ DVD- Using Bookmarks RW(VR) disc • The screen will display “Marker” in place of “Bookmark” if you are playing a DVD-RAM/DVD-RW(VR). • Up to 99 scenes can be marked. Set marks at scenes you want to see again so that you can •...
  • Page 26: Check Remaining Time

    Press the TOP MENU button to move to the title Check Remaining Time menu of the disc. • Use this button if the disc contains more than one title. Some discs may not support the title menu functionality. Press Info button on the remote control. For DVD-RAM/DVD-RW/ DVD-R Following information will be displayed.
  • Page 27: Play Option Mode

    • Intro : Play Option Mode • Playlist : Press the QUICK button during playback. Repeat mode will be highlighted. The same can be used with a Mp3 disc. Music Quick Quick Note 03_L.I.E 00 :52 01. TRACK 1 4:39 02.
  • Page 28: Photo Cd Playback

    Use the Photo CD Playback press the ENTER button. Insert a photo CD (JPEG) into the disc tray. The screen shown below will appear automatically. ❿ II (Press button to switch to slide show mode.) When using a combination MP3/JPEG disc If you want to listen to MP3 files, but you're currently in Photo mode, press STOP button twice and then press MENU button to bring up the Menu...
  • Page 29: Using Pip

    Deactivating PIP Using PIP Press the PIP button again. • PIP will be deactivated. The PIP function allows you to view a sub screen together with the main screen in DVD mode. You can watch both DVD and TV together. PIP does not work in VCR mode.
  • Page 30: Special Vcr Playback Features

    S-VHS Playback Special VCR Playback Features The DVD Recorder-VCR allows you to playback high quali- While a videotape is playing, you can enjoy a variety of spe- ty S-VHS tapes. cial playback features, including Still, Frame Advance, Skip, Slow motion, and more. Press the Play button again to resume normal playback.
  • Page 31: Recording

    PC cannot be unfinalized. - A DVD-RW disc that has been recorded in Video Mode of a different maker’ s recorder and other Toshiba model cannot be unfinalized. - A DVD-R disc cannot be unfinalized. Recording Formats When you insert an unused disc, the following message appears.
  • Page 32: Vcr Plus+ Record

    Press the REC button. Recording the current • / is displayed on the screen and recording begins. channel you are watching Press the STOP button to stop or finish a recording in progress. DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R • The message “Updating the information of disc. Please wait for a moment”.
  • Page 33: Making A Timer Recording

    • The Timer Recording screen is displayed. If you enter VCR Plus+ Code number correctly., Making a Timer Recording all recording informations will be set automatically. Scheduled Record List Edit No.01 Source 01:34 Date 01/04 1. Check the antenna cable is connected. Start 2.
  • Page 34: Editing Timer Record List

    Press the timer recording you want to edit, and then press the Editing Timer Record List ENTER or • The Edit and Delete items are displayed. DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R Follow these directions to edit the timer record list. Editing the settings for a timer recording Press the Press the MENU button.
  • Page 35: Watching The Images Being Recorded (Time Slip)

    Watching the Images Recording From Being Recorded (Time Slip) External Devices DVD-RAM Follow these directions to record onto a disc or a tape from External Devices. This function allows you to watch the recently recorded 10- second images on the PIP screen while a recording is in progress.
  • Page 36: Special Recording Features

    Special Recording Record Speed Features While a recording is in progress, you can watch a different You can slow down the recording speed from SP to SLP in channel, watch a different media, or add recording time in order to fit six hours of programming on a T-120 tape. 30-minute increments.
  • Page 37: Editing

    VCR to DVD Press Enter button to choose the list you want to copy. Select VCR --> DVD to copy VCR to DVD. DVD-RAM(VR) VCR --> DVD scene will be displayed. • Check the remaining time on the disc. DVD-RAM(VR) Copy 00:01:10 PLAY...
  • Page 38: Viewing Title List

    DVD-RW(VR) DVD-RW(VR) Setup Timer Rec. JPEG+MP3 DVD-R(V) DVD-R(V) Setup Timer Rec. Photo Music DVD-RAM(VR) Press the MENU button again to hide the menu screen. You can configure the settings on the Setup Note DVD-RAM(VR) Setup screen using the arrow and ENTER buttons. Timer Rec.
  • Page 39: Playing A Title List Entry

    Press the the ENTER button. Playing a Title List Entry • The selected entry (title) will be played back. You can also playback a recorded program by pressing the QUICK button and using the title, Note DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R chapter or time items. Follow these directions to playback an entry from the Title List.
  • Page 40: Deleting A Title List Entry

    Press the press the ENTER button. Deleting a Title List • DVD-RAM(VR), DVD-RW(VR mode): Since Playlist is present, the message “Do you want to Entry delete? (Related Playlist may be deleted.)” is dis- played. DVD-RW(Video mode), DVD-R: Since Playlist is not present, the message “Do you want to delete?”...
  • Page 41: Deleting A Section From A Title List Entry

    Press the the ENTER button. The Edit Program is displayed. Deleting a Section from Playback bar Playtime a Title List Entry Section deletion start point window and time Section deletion end point window and time DVD-RAM DVD-RW Follow these directions to delete a section from a Title List entry.
  • Page 42: Editing A Playlist Entry

    Select the start point of the section from which you Press the ENTER button to select END point. want to create a new scene using the playback relat- • The image and time at the end point are ed buttons, and then press the PAUSE button. displayed on the End window.
  • Page 43: Editing Scene For A Playlist Entry

    Renaming Playlist Entries Editing Scene for a Playlist Entry Follow these directions to rename a playlist entry, i.e., edit the title of a playlist entry. œ❷ Press the button to select Rename, and then press the ENTER button. Follow these directions to edit scenes for a playlist •...
  • Page 44 Press the ENTER button at the end point of the Press the arrow buttons to select the position where scene. you want to move the selected scene, and then press the ENTER button. • The selected scene is moved to the new position.
  • Page 45: Copying A Playlist Entry To The Vcr

    Copying a Playlist Entry Deleting a Playlist Entry to the VCR from the Playlist DVD-RAM DVD-RW VR mode Insert the recorded disc. Insert the recorded disc and the tape. Press the MENU button when the disc is stopped. Press the MENU button when the disc is stopped. œ❷...
  • Page 46 Press the arrow buttons to select Save, and then Press the then press the ENTER or press the ENTER button. • A disc name is given to the disc. Disc Manager Press the press the ENTER button. You may need to clear cartridge protection or unlock the protect before beginning editing.
  • Page 47 Delete All Title Lists Cartridge Protect Info (DVD-RAM) Disc Protect allows you to protect discs from disc formatting DVD-RAM DVD-RW DVD-R and program deletion due to unintended operations. The Follow these instructions to delete all title lists. cartridge write protect tab should be set to the unprotect position to be able to make a recording to a DVD-RAM disc.
  • Page 48: Reference

    ➛❿ Press the Unfinalizing a disc (V/VR mode) ENTER button. • The disc is unfinalized. DVD-RW Insert the finalized disc. • A DVD-RW can be finalized or unfinalized in Video mode. Press the MENU button with the disc stopped. Mark œ❷...
  • Page 49: Troubleshooting

    • Read the table of contents and then find and read the sections Other problems describing your problem, and follow the directions given. • Turn the unit off and on. • If your problem still persists, contact your nearest Toshiba service center. English - 97...
  • Page 50: Problems And Solutions (Vcr)

    Problems and Solutions (VCR) Before contacting a Toshiba authorized service center, perform the following simple checks. Problem Explanation/Solution No power Check that the power plug is connected to a wall outlet. Have you pressed the POWER button? You cannot insert a video cassette A video cassette can only be inserted with the window side up and the safety tab facing you.
  • Page 52 Instrucciones importantes de seguridad por el uso o imposibilidad de utilizar este producto. • Toshiba no se responsabilizará de los daños que resul- PRECAUCI : LEA Y OBSERVE TODAS LAS ADVERTEN- ten del incumplimiento de las instrucciones descritas en el manual del usuario.
  • Page 53 Limpie el disco en línea recta desde el interior al exterior. 104 - Español Almacenamiento del disco • Toshiba no compensará al usuario por el con- tenido que no se grabe o edite debido a un mal funcionamiento del producto o los discos Tenga cuidado para no estropear el disco, ya que sus durante su manejo, así...
  • Page 54 Especificaciones del disco Utilización de CD-R/RW • Utilice un disco CD-R/RW de 700MB (80 minutos). DVD-Vídeo En la medida de lo posible, no utilice discos de 800MB (90 minutos) o más, pues es posible que el disco no se • Un disco versátil digital (DVD) puede contener hasta lea en la unidad.
  • Page 55 Grabación y reproducción simultánea e Imagen dentro de Características imagen (PIP) Use la función Time Slip (Grabación y reproducción generales simultánea) para ver las imágenes grabadas mientras se real- iza la grabación (sólo en DVD-RAM). Use la función PIP para ver las pantallas de reproducción y de grabación simultáneamente.
  • Page 56 Introducción rápida Conexión e Instalación La introducción rápida de esta guía le ofrecerá información suficiente para empezar a utilizar el grabador. Paso 1: Desembalaje ❷ Paso 2: Conexión del cable de antena ❷ Paso 3: Conexión del cable del vídeo ❷...
  • Page 57 Método 3: Antena + grabador de • Comparado con el vídeo entrelazado estándar, el barrido progresivo duplica la cantidad de líneas de haces de vídeo DVD y vídeo + caja de conexiones alimentadas al TV , produciendo una imagen más estable, + TV: Caja de conexiones con sin parpadeos y clara que el vídeo entrelazado.
  • Page 58 Método 4: Conexión a clavijas de Paso 4: Conexión del entrada de vídeo de componente (Y,CB/TB,CR/PB) en el modo 480p cable de audio Su TV debe admitir la entrada de barrido progresivo para poder ver la salida de vídeo 480p. 1.
  • Page 59 Método 2: Conexión de una Paso 5: Conexión de videocámara a los jacks LINE IN 2 También puede utilizar los jacks LINE IN 2 del panel frontal dispositivos externos de la grabadora de DVD - VCR. Puede grabar desde el equipo conectado.
  • Page 60 3. Mantenga pulsado el botón TV y escriba el código de dos cifras correspondiente a la marca del televisor, pulsando los botones numéricos correspondientes. ON / STANDBY TV ON / STANDBTY Marca TOSHIBA RCA/GE SONY TV MUTE 100 + AUDIO...

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