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Husqvarna LC48 Operator's Manual page 9

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Table of Contents
The engine should be switched off when moving over
ground that is not to be mowed. For example, gravel
paths, stone, shingle, asphalt, etc.
The brake handle must never be permanently anchored in
handle when the machine is running.
Follow the instructions above, but do not use a lawn mower in
a situation where you cannot call for help in case of an
Basic mowing technique
WARNING! Make sure that your hands and
feet do not come near the cutting
attachment when the engine is running.
Mowing slopes can be dangerous. Do not use the lawn
mower on very steep slopes.
The lawn mower should not be used on inclines greater
than 30 degrees.
On sloping ground you should work along the slope. It is
much easier to work along a slope than it is to work up and
down it.
Branches, twigs, stones, etc. should be removed from the
lawn before you start to mow.
Do not mow the lawn while walking backwards.
Never lift up the lawn mower or carry it around when the
engine is running. If you must lift the lawn mower, first
switch off the engine and disconnect the ignition lead from
the spark plug.
Make sure the cutter does not hit foreign objects such as
stones, roots or the like. This can make the cutter dull and
bend the engine shaft. A bent axle gives imbalance and
heavy vibration, which results in a great risk of the cutter
becoming loose.
If any foreign object is hit or if vibrations occur stop the
machine immediately. Disconnect the HT lead from the
spark plug. Check that the machine is not damaged.
Repair any damage.
Never mow more than 1/3 of the length of the grass. This
especially applies during dry periods. Mow first with the
cutting height set high. Then check the result and lower to
an appropriate height. If the grass is really long, drive
slowly and mow twice if necessary.
Never run with the machine when it is running. You should
always walk with the lawn mower.
Pay particular attention when pulling the machine towards
you during work.
Cutting height
Shut down the engine before changing the cutting height.
The cutting height can be adjusted in five different steps, mm.
Do not set the cutting height too low as there is a risk that the
cutters might hit ground with unevenness.
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Table of Contents

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