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Changing The Oil; Drive And Gearbox - Husqvarna LC48 Operator's Manual

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Changing the oil

The engine oil should be changed each year and every 25
working hours.
When changing the oil proceed as follows::
Empty the fuel tank by running the machine until the tank
is empty.
Disconnect the HT lead from the spark plug.
Unscrew the oil filler cap.
Use the oil pump (accessory) to empty the oil tank.
Ask where you can dispose of surplus engine oil at your
local petrol station.
Fill with new engine oil of a good quality. See the Technical
data section.
Check the oil level with the dipstick on the oil filler cap.
The oil filler cap must be completely screwed down to give
a correct picture of the oil level. If the oil level is low, fill
using engine oil up to the upper level on the dipstick.
Screw on the oil filler cap.
Charge the battery LC 48VE, LC 148VE
The battery can be charged as follows:
Push the locking open and remove the battery cover.
14 –
Loosen the battery cable connections.
Connect the battery charger and charge the battery for
max. 24 hours.

Drive and gearbox

Ensure the wheels and wheel axles are clean and free
from leaves, grass, etc. It is also important to keep clean
around the drive gearbox.
LC 48VE, LC 148VE
Lift up the back shield and remove the container.
Remove the collector cover's 4 screws and lift off the
Remove the protective cover by unscrewing the screws.
Now guide the protective cover out and upwards.
Clean the gearbox with a brush. Also check that the drive
belt and belt pulley are undamaged, for example, no
24 h

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Table of Contents

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