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Weekly Maintenance; Adjusting The Clutch Wire; Daily Maintenance - Husqvarna LC48 Operator's Manual

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Cleaning cutting cover
Connect a water hose to the cutting cover connection.
Start the engine and let the blade rotate for a while. The
water is thrown out and cleaning the cutting cover.

Adjusting the clutch wire

The clutch wire is adjusted by turning the adjustment screw.
Below you will find some general maintenance

Daily maintenance

1 Check that the engine brake handle works safely.
2 Brush leaves, grass and the like off of the lawn mower.
3 Check the oil level.
4 Clean the air intake on the starter. Check the starter and
starter cord.
5 Check that nuts and screws are tight.
6 Check the cutting attachment. Never use blades that are
dull, cracked or damaged.

Weekly maintenance

1 Clean the air filter. Replace if necessary.
2 Clean the spark plug. Check that the electrode gap is 0.51
3 Clean the cooling fins on the cylinder.
At least once a year
1 Carry out annually service at authorised dealer (at least
once a year or every 30 hours).
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Table of Contents

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